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  1. I will see if I can find out and let you know..... Bob
  2. I just did this on my aft (wake view) balcony with the door closed. The speed seems faster that what the readings were. I have not yet ran a test inside the ship..... Bob
  3. Good morning. We showed up around 1045 ish and were onboard within 20-25 minutes after walking into the terminal. The downside to this is we couldn't get into our rooms until 1300. This was pretty much true throughout the ship. If you do not want to schlep all of your carryons around for a couple of hours, I would suggest arriving a little later than I did to minimize the time you are kepy out of your stateroom..... Bob
  4. An early good morning (0632 local time) from the Ruby Princess. TOday is our first of two sea days for this voyage. I just got back from the IC for my daily Americano with an extra shot. After I got my coffee, I walked around the ship a little taking some pictures. I am still getting reacquainted with a Crown Class ship and trying to remember the way the Ruby looked back in 2011. I'm sure they've updated/refreshed things. So far, I like what I see. One thing I did notice, unless my mind is playing tricks on me, is there seems to be darker woods throughout the ship that gives a more nautical feel. Last night, Holli & I, along with her DS and DS's hubby enjoyed dinner in the Crown Grill. Three of us had the fillet while one had the porterhouse. All selections were quite good. The onion soup was, as always, fantastic. Our waiter was also very attentive. Holli & I plan to try the suite breakfast in the Crown Grill at 0900. I'm very much looking forward to it. Today, is our first formal night. A little later, I plan to try on my rental Tux (Cruiselineformalwear) to make sure it fits. Holli has a hair appointment later in the Lotus Spa that she always enjoys. We also plan to do a little window shopping after breakfast. That's all for now. I'll post a wake view sunrise picture a little later when it's lighter outside. Hope all are well..... Bob
  5. Good afternoon from the Ruby Princess. We were finally able to get to our cabin at 1300pst. Holli & I are in an aft facing Vista Suite (E733). We are still waiting on our luggage to arrive. Interesting thing about the Muster Drill. While it is still a half hour before we sail (1530) it is not called "Muster Drill" anymore. It is now known as the "Guest Safety Assembly." Our muster station is in Club Fusion. Right now I'm sitting on our balcony as I type this. While the internet speed is not as good as inside the ship, it is still reasonable as I am now able to connect without having to prop our cabin door open to allow a signal to get to the balcony. I just returned from taking some dockside pictures from around the ship as I reacquainted myself with a Crown Class ship. I know that a lot of Princess are very similar in nature, but I haven't been on a Crown Class ship since 2011. I forgot about the bigger Vines and IC areas. As I stated earlier, we plan on dining at the CG this evening. We probably won't go tot he production show tonight which is "Magic to Do" in the Princess Theater (1830/2030). As far as MUTS goes, the movies scheduled for this week are Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Rich Asians, First Man, Green Book, Instant Family, The Old Man & the Gun, The Greatest Showman, Johnny English Strikes Again, Christopher Robin, and Mama Mia Here We Go Again. The Ship's Officers are as follows: Giorgio Pomata - Commodore Valerio Esposito - Staff Captain Andrea Scantamburlo - Chief Engineer Officer Riccardo Capraro - Hotel general Manager James Eaton - Customer Services Director Andrea Baiardo - Food & Beverage Director Dr. Cornelis Oosthuizen - Senior Doctor Richard Joseph - Entertainment Director Gary Golding - Cruise Director Carmine Malebra - Staf Engineer Giorgio Lacchini - Chief Electrical Officer Davor Pelicaric - Environmental Officer Lorena Ferrini - Executive Housekeeper Giancarlo Semeraro - Executive Chef Giorgio Pisano - Maitre d'Hotel That's all for now. I'll check in a little later..... Bob
  6. Greetings all from the Ruby Princess with a quick check in. We got onboard very quickly. Embarkation was a breeze. Only downer is we can’t get into our cabin yet to drop off our carryons. I was able to sign in/ register for Medallion Net with no problems. Only thing that confuses me is it says I have 150 minutes re: my Platinum/Elite perk. I’m not sure what is covered by the package I purchased prior to boarding. I’ll head down later and ask the internet manager a couple of questions. We also made our reservations for our suite perk dinner at the CG. One great thing I’ve already confirmed is the expanded beer selection menu is in fact onboard the Ruby. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for this to actually happen. That’s all for now. I’ll check in later once we are able to get into our cabin..... Bob
  7. Will do. Soon as we get settled in, I’ll grab today’s Patter and post the information..... Bob
  8. Appreciate the kind words. I thoroughly enjoy doing the Live Froms and taking everyone along with me...... Bob
  9. I can't wait to be onboard and start reporting on our adventure..... Bob
  10. Thanks Ann. Holli & I are really looking forward to having a great time. I hope the Ruby's casino is a little friendlier than the Star's from this past November..... Bob
  11. Good evening all. Holli & I just returned to our room after a wonderful dinner at the 22nd St. Landing with several other roll call members. The food and company were outstanding. I just finished putting our luggage tags on all of our bags. Getting ready to turn in to get some rest. Tomorrow our adventure begins. It will be great to finally be onboard after waiting for this cruise since booking it last summer. Hope all are well..... Bob
  12. The weather was just a tad cool this morning when I was out walking due to some wind. No fog this morning as well. As far as excursions go, the only thing I could think of is checking your cruise personalizer to see if Princess offers anything. Otherwise, you might consider Uber to take you to a specific place/event you want to go to..... Bob
  13. I was out a little earlier and snapped a picture of the NCL Star sailing in. I wish I had my bigger lens with me so I could have taken a better picture. Small little mishap though in taking this in a hurry. I pulled off my lens cap and it went sailing out of my hand and, yup you guessed it, into the water; ooops. Hope all are well..... Bob
  14. I previously purchased my internet access awhile ago. The only option was for $59.00 (Medallion Net) for the entire 7 day voyage. I’m not sure if the price was adjusted due my Elite loyalty level. I am very much looking forward to the faster internet speed as reported by recent passengers. I will definitely report on it as soon as I board..... Bob
  15. I’m not sure. I know the “Bogo” went away awhile back but I thought I read/heard somewhere of its return. I will check into it when I board and advise...... Bob
  16. An early good morning to everyone from the Hilton Doubletree in San Pedro. I turned in early hence my early rise. Last night was fairly low key. We dined en suite because Holli was a little tired. Before dinner, I met up with an old High School buddy who lives close to the hotel. It was nice to reconnect. As as far as today goes, I’m going to venture out a little later to wander around and take some pictures. After that I need to head to the local CVS to pick up something that awesome forgot to bring. The rest of the day we’ll play by ear. Tonight we are meeting up with several other roll call members for dinner at the 22 St. Landing. We both love this place and try and dine here every time we pre-cruise in San Pedro. That’s all for now. Hope all are well..... Bob
  17. Good afternoon everyone from the Hilton Doubletree in San Pedro. We’ve been here for about 45 minutes. Traffic (405 to my sister’s house) was brutal. The 110 from the 405 was much better. It’s currently a windy 57 degrees. Not too much on tap for tonight. We’ll probably eat dinner in the restaurant around 1900. Before that, I’ll try and get ahold of a high school buddy that lives in SP to see if he wants to join me for an adult beverage or two once the bar opens at 1700. Take Care All..... Bob
  18. Thanks for taking the time to post your review..... Bob
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