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  1. Just looking at some fire works from our Canada Day celebration.
  2. Looks like I'll miss another today, have things to do in town at that time.
  3. Once again I got too busy & missed sail in. Not a nice day to be a tourist in Juneau, it's raining as hard here as it is there.
  4. Will be looking forward to this on our Rotterdam cruise in 3 weeks.
  5. I'll be out of town so will miss today for sure. Wonder how long it will be before Juneau puts restrictions on how many cruise ships can be in port on any one day.
  6. I hope to finally make a sail in, missed the last couple.
  7. Missed it again, busy doing yard work.
  8. Happy Birthday to all of our American friends. Hope you have a great day celebrating with family & friends.
  9. Another early one today, hope to make this one.
  10. Looks like she was really early, missed her sail in.
  11. The point of this post is that the poster had a bad cruise & did not enjoy the experience. It doesn't matter what we think. It is a holiday that the family will not have fond memories of.
  12. That has to be the worst cruise review I've ever read. Sounds like the cruise from hell. I do not blame you for never cruising with HAL again. I hope some one from HAL does contact you & listens to your side of the story. Hope you have better luck with another cruise line.
  13. I've missed the last couple so I hope I'll be here for this one.
  14. I'll try to be back in time to watch your sail in, have a great Canada day.
  15. Happy 157th Birthday Canada. Wishing every one has a great day celebrating with family & friends.
  16. Aug 3-17 Britain-Scotland- Ireland on the Rotterdam; return Rotterdam. It's a mother, daughter, great grand daughter cruise to get in touch with their Irish roots. They are letting me tag along to carry the suit cases. Allan, Marlane, Lynne & Alexis .
  17. I'm also one of those that use a TA. I use the HAL web site, find a cruise we want to do & then contact our TA and she does all the rest, never a problem. Have never had a problem printing our luggage tags or boarding pass. Hope you get what ever problems there are sorted out and enjoy your cruise.
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