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  1. Yes, I'd guess it's about a mile...and difficult to pick out, it doesn't immediately look like a train station from outside. We always use it when Athens is on an itinerary, great mode of transport.
  2. Excellent news, for those of us who sometimes have to traverse through this area!!! 😂
  3. Yes, thoroughly, thank you! And I also forecast more than once that the cruise would ultimately be cancelled. 😙
  4. Did you actually read the letter? Following extract is the reason it happened, nothing to do with you or 'everyone' standing up etc. 😉 Due to growing concerns regarding coronavirus in Asia, the ports we planned to visit in Vietnam are no longer open to accepting cruise ships. As omitting Vietnam would substantially change the planned itinerary with no viable replacement, we are forced to cancel the Norwegian Jade sailing
  5. Many people these days like to do more 'n more cruises! 😉
  6. I would say NCL are being very fair with their offer, given that there is no illness on board the ship....most probably because of NCLs' duty of care in applying very strict protocols. Incidentally those $15 shots of vodka you mention are covered in the 'free at sea package'. 😏 My comments, I know, will not sit well with you or others because it doesn't fit your agendas....fair enough, you are entitled to opinions different from mine although the persistent accounts of emails and social media are as helpful as the NCL mantra that many have criticised....me included. I do not believe that NCL should bow to pressure from those not willing to forfeit their cruise and flight fares because of a fear of picking up an illness....that is totally unreasonable, and the remedy for those who do not wish to travel (or are truly afraid to) is clear! That said, I firmly believe NCL will end up cancelling the next cruise because of the fact ports in Vietnam and other countries in the region have no option but to follow their government directions, despite Harry Sommers' considered and fair response to yet another email....watch this space.
  7. But, would you then go on to say....'Clearly, safety is their number one concern.'..as you said of Princess? 😉
  8. What would you say if NCL cancelled Jade 2 days before cruise sailing, with the same compensation.....??
  9. Why do you describe their response as 'unhelpful and irresponsible'? It seems to me to be both helpful and responsible....the opportunity to purchase appropriate insurance for all is readily available. If anyone chooses not to avail themselves, then....
  10. Exactly, it's discriminatory at best and designed to protect USA residents only.....actually that makes the policy racist IMHO!
  11. Who said you did, certainly not me! When I encouraged you to be consistent, that was to be consistently smart...as opposed to consistently (on reflection I'm not gonna write it, my post would be removed)....but others will know roughly what I really wanted to write!😉
  12. Why would you be touching thongs...😲
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