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  1. Yes, it is 5cl....got that wrong!
  2. That is not the case, in our experience, it is definitely plastic bags and doesn't have to be only one bag.
  3. Yep, nice call.....the 'big reason' is the island is not yet ready to have passengers invade! 😉
  4. You got it in one! TBF, English is probably not SVs' first language...but his use of language is excellent.
  5. I was referring to hand luggage only, in response to a comment about the weight in a job lot of those little bottles into hold luggage! Again, it was all tongue in cheek. 😉 Unfortunately for you SC champagne is not available in those 5ml miniatures. 🤣
  6. Never seen it happen for at least a decade....however, my tongue in cheek scenario let's everyone see the extent of the stash and copious amounts might be confiscated at security!
  7. If you think about it, these bottles hold only 5ml of liquid and can be placed in plastic bags and carried through the airport!! Guess the only limitation would be the fact that normally only 1 litre of spirits per person is allowed. That would equate to 20 of those little bottles, in x number of plastic bags....
  8. Given the problems cruise ships cause on a good day travelling into Venice i.e. waves of water dispersed, then yes I suggest you should worry! The local authorities may prevent ships from coming into Venice, so an alternative port may be the way MSC go....being an Italian line, they should have some kudos with the powers that be, and secure an alternative at short notice.
  9. But which year....2019, 2020, 2021.....thanksgiving, I believe, is an annual event in the US? 😉
  10. Did we really need another thread about Ocean Cay??
  11. To the OP.....you need to calm down, no-one is gonna die because of this!! 😉
  12. Obviously too late for Bea, but my advice in this scenario would be talk to the Head Butler and request a short briefing with the YC Sommelier and Restaurant Manager 'off-line'.....making it clear that you want to select and try many of the higher end wines by the glass as is your entitlement with the Premium+ package. That way you avoid the unwanted attention Bea experienced initially. The reason I suggest this is, because on the Preziosa earlier this year we had at least one couple with P+....he took it upon himself the first few nights in the YC to loudly make a real song and dance about wine choices, which was embarrassing for all (except him and DW apparently)....not least his fellow YC guests!! The YC Director was called along by a disgruntled fellow guest on the 3rd or 4th night, dealt with the situation and all was relatively calm thereafter.
  13. If you do that, just keep an eye out on the bar staff when your drinks are being poured........😉
  14. Not quite true...the gratuities are now included in UK prices, and will reflect the daily amount....you just don't see any reference to gratuities on the invoice or booking confirmation.
  15. They didn't actually say the island would be ready for a stop on November 15th! Rather, what they said was that the 'next scheduled launch' of Ocean Cay was 15th November on the Seaside.....a very carefully chosen use of language. 😉
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