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  1. It has been awhile, but NCL usually has smoking section Port side by pool.
  2. It has been about 18 months since we were there. We had ncl bus there so no worry about bag checkin. We got there around 10-10:30. People still coming out of terminal. Bag checkin outside had large line. Got inside, they were just opening checkin downstairs. Got through, went upstairs which is nice. Had to checkin again with Haven staff using tablets. Have a nice time.
  3. Yes, I've noticed the serious inflation with NCL prices which is under their control as their computers come up with the prices.
  4. The confusion has been going on since 2015 when there were actually no written restrictions just staff making things up on the ship which varied night to night, venue by venue. Then there were written restrictions which also would vary at the time of sitting down. There are some here who report ordering whatever you want and they get the extra sides or apps waived yet they then on other threads will yell thief when someone gets a drink for someone without a plan (which I agree with the last part).
  5. We'll they've done a few big ones. The 'feel free' TV ads after startup are long gone. Weekly mailings have also gone way down which is good.
  6. That would check the box of 'sail and sustain' for environmental reasons.
  7. Welcome to CC. That is a pretty common promo.
  8. Hard to say until you are there and see what weather is. We did more northerly in September and Vibe never saw one person in there due to weather. Pretty much same for Prima outside Haven.
  9. I would not pay any extra. Our last trip we even skipped one included specialty. For lunch though we did dine around.
  10. When the Galaxy thing was going on they were all over it with info in cabins, in FSD, and info for crew we saw in the BTS tour. Lately seems less in your face.
  11. In Reykjavik I don't know the name but same one NCL has been using. When we sailed we actually docked at pier not right by little tourist building so they bused you two minutes or you could walk along a special path. The V picked you up right by the tourist building. All sailings l've seen this year have been by the building.
  12. Luckily dw is RN and she deals with non-compliant patients all day long only to return home to surly dh. Her dad was a dentist and she will point out anyone with a chipped tooth or misalignment. However, on vacation for a splurge, if no peanut mms, she not happy means I get fallout. I always pack one of those big bags just in case. I keep her in the 'inner circle' to sustain that I've never been invited. So amongst our over eating on normal day, we normally go this way. DW chips and mms. DS sandwiches and fruit. DD fruit maybe a cookie. Me, sandwiches and gummies. Again, we've never had more than three on one day unless you include the bowl of fruit. If I have it right, you have three more cruises this year so shouldn't you be arranging things rather than trolling the boards? I did actually check Cunard and under things to pack, you pick US or Europe. Since Cunard owned by Carny it must redirect to the Carny dress code. Prices very good for those ten day trips but think this year we staycation.
  13. Bird said it best that subjective and can also vary table to table night to night. Our Prima Los Lobos was lackluster at best. We have several places around home much better. I will say the churro tower pretty good. I'd go one for Food Republic. Usually not busy, service and food good. I'm guessing it will be discontinued.
  14. People have very different opinions of what is chilly. We have people at work running heaters in summer and others too hot. As far as Sun, there is a large front lounge, the great outdoors behind buffet, buffet is tiny, place to eat b and l port side of buffet. LA Cucina, while not free is nice to eat at.
  15. As David said above, service varies widely. We've handed small lists numerous times to butler to get very little followed. Seems they like to pump out mush on dry toast. Actually our last was best with the Incredible Gary who actually paid attention and asked what we liked and he nailed it on the Prima. Gary's assistant, who I sadly forgot name, was also very good.
  16. You continue to post these pics but even if asked, that is not normal.
  17. Rubber boats? If only they had some good 'ole NCL marketing they'd call them zodiacs but there might be trademark issues.
  18. Over thought. Just hand butler note first day. Even then, you'll get mixed results on what happens.
  19. Although oldest in fleet, Spirit is one of our faves. Reno even better. Spirit has mostly been doing Asian cruises and or French Poly and future.
  20. If you are there who was taking pictures of ships in Miami?
  21. Sorry for the confusion, I'm not Donna, I think her handle is dmh.... From Texas. She has stayed in that room at least twice but not recently. We were two rooms over.
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