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  1. Good luck with Smokee's medical problems. Your travel insurance would not cover cancellation because of pet illness would it?
  2. Food and Beverage staff do the booze enforcement/confiscation. All about the ship's F&B mob reaching their sales targets.
  3. And remember the P&O Alcohol Police read these boards to detect the tricks. When you pay thousands of dollars for a cruise, the cost of a beer or two and a glass of wine or two is miniscule.
  4. We always go for traditional dining on Princess, table of 6 or 8, 2nd sitting. We like the social atmosphere, never, ever had a table for two. Even brekkie and lunch, no issues with sharing. After all I am at a table for two every night at home !! On board, breakfast is buffet if on a shorex or MDR if sea day. Lunch is normally Buffet, but sometimes MDR. Dinner always MDR. Re Majestic, on her for first time on Feb 12, Sydney-Singapore, but I know the class of ship, having been on her sister - Royal Princess last year in Europe, OK but not great, miss that walk around prom deck and too many pax.
  5. Still expensive wine to us AU$42, what is it? $8 in Dan Murphys?
  6. I have never seen a thread hijack on ANZ Cruisers. Just the odd slight transgression.🤣
  7. ''Existing Relationship' = Commission.'
  8. And a better ship would be more attractive, not ye olde Sea Princess. It is beyond belief that a couple can pay 80K+(for 2) for a decent cabin on it, plus grog and shorex = 100K plus.
  9. Fake news, it was young Corporal Adolf Hitler that shot the Baron down. Well known that Adolf was a SpecSavers customer, back then, even in WW1.🤣
  10. The full refund' is that in obc to be spent on the free 7 day cruise offered, or real money in your pocket ? Big difference. Sarah ICAT on here said she the refund was in obc.
  11. Forget 'Come Back New.' Change it to 'Come Back Fat.' Great pics thank you and enjoy. By the way who 'gutsed most of the pinnaple?' Needs a top up.
  12. Please do not reveal your secret, the Princess Alcohol Police are watching.😮👮‍♂️
  13. Was the Baron Elite ? Must have been, he got more than 15 allied aircraft, did he not? I think the British gave him a good send off.
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