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  1. San Pedro in LA - Princess home port, will be jammed with idle ships.
  2. Correct. But I reckon the Federal Govt will pass $$$ under the counter to the State Premiers re the hotel bills. We won't know about it but.
  3. Right on, you cannot get blood out of a stone. Many will not pay the infringement notices, go to court and plead stupidity or insanity and get off with a slap on the wrist. Seen plenty of that.
  4. Well the NSW Govt stuffed re Ruby now they have to cop the aftermath. $$$$ galore. 5000 hotel rooms secured, minimum 4 star. The hotels are happy. Imagine the room service food bills too, 3 meals per diem, Lobster please.
  5. My son hopes to have his chartered LATAM aircraft in the air from Lima - Peru and Montevideo - Uruguay by Sunday/Monday, bringing 500 odd Aussies home from Antarctic and land travel. They have been told they will have to quarantine in hotels here. A couple of other Tour Operators also involved in these charters. Qantas were prepared to do the airlift but wanted to charge double what LATAM is charging.
  6. Sure is Leigh. They won't get my 'business.' I might have join up with Costco in Canberra and purchase in pallet loads like Mic and others from NATCAP do. With NSW number plates though, they might not let me past Queanbeyan.😁 Let alone into the Costo car park. No worries, my son had to come down here from Sydney today as my wife is really suffering now with her terminal illness. He bought some TP and masks down for us. But I have a mask, sanitiser and gloves as I do work with Meals and Wheels a couple of days a week, albeit we have modified our delivery methods, drop and run. Have a good day.
  7. These clowns should be locked up. On another note Timbertop is where our future King of Australia, Charlie Boy schooled for a while, as they do.
  8. Except some of them who push the boundaries and demand to be put on the tenders. Tender crews should be more forceful, but they don't want confrontation.
  9. That is what Just Cuts charge. How much in Canberra Mic. Bring back the $5 haircuts at Gowings 30/40 yrs ago. Gone to Gowings !!! Lowes is still around, but they don't do haircuts. .
  10. HAL was always known as the 'Floating Nursing Home.' That term could now be levelled at many lines including Princess. The Aust/NZ cruises like the one Ruby was doing are very popular for the dinosaurs as there are no flights, likewise the 'Island Cruises.'
  11. I understand what you meant, examination not the go, testing has to be done. No worries.
  12. I get mine done once a month at Just Cuts @ $27. They have now all closed Australia wide - decision of Just Cuts CEO. Many other haircutters are still going though. BTW Gut, how the hell do you cut your own mop?
  13. Indeed our Regional Seniors Travel Card loaded with $250 courtesy of NSW Govt will last years. A tank of go juice will last me 6 months.
  14. Well test the 250 then !! Make MSC pay for it !!
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