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  1. Balsam, any sign of your refund yet?
  2. I had to hand my Glock 17 Automatic pistola back to the armoury in 2003 mate. Prior to that I had ye olde Smith & Wesson, Model 10 .38 revolver, preferred that one. I like the Boss, 'Streets of Philadelphia' is great. I play it on Youtube nearly every day, as Bruce walks the city streets.
  3. I bet the Victorian Govt will eventually back down and let the tennis players and officials here for the big tennis carnival go and do what they want. The poor little snowflakes have to stay in their room and cannot get food from Uber, how sad, welcome to the real world.
  4. It would be worth their while for the cruise lines to move a few of their big ships here to do coastals, they would be well patronised. The difficult issue is one of the state borders opening and closing. These Covid flare ups are going to happen some time and they will cause border closures, thus the ships will be unable to call at the ports in those states, that in itself may be too much of a risk factor for the cruiselines. I did the Australian circumnavigation on Sun Princess in 2009, it was great and would do it again, but it would only take a border closure or two to cancel
  5. At the end of the day, the tennis entourage should not have been allowed to enter Australia for the big tennis carnival. The risks were there, now look what has happened. The Vic and federal govts should show some intestinal fortitude and send them all back to LAX.
  6. Same here, 10 houses in my street, 4 have $70,000 caravans, the only time they move is when it grass mowing time. What a waste of money. ** I just returned from Temora after 3 nights, any of you heading out that way don't go past the SkyLodges at the Temora Aviation Museum, fantastico.
  7. No colonial powers were really kind to the natives, whether they be Spanish, Portugeuse, French, British or whoever. But just remember what the conquistadores did to South and Central America, the Incas and Aztecs, juist about wiped them out. At least the Australian Aborigines survived, albeit a little battered.
  8. Most of the people in USA would not know the name of our PM, so why the heck does our media and much of our population dwell so much on the Trump/Biden election and inauguration? The only part of it worth watching - entertainment wise would be Bruce Springsteen and the baton twirling marching girls, if they appear.
  9. The Victorian Govt should have never agreed to allow those tennis players and officials in. As far as I am concerned, put them all back on their chartered flights and set a course for LAX, whence they came. Pack of prima donnas, like they don't like being quarantined, tough. One wonders how many $$$ Tennis Australia forked out to the Vic Govt. Absolute disgrace permitting the big tennis carnival.
  10. Thanks, makes a mockery of our border policies relative to Covid. Sports stars exempt, prima donna tennis players at that.🥵 Sounds like the hierarchy of Australian Tennis are running Australian Border Force now and the Victorian Health Authorities. I am flabbergasted. STOP PRESS: Another media report states the aircraft with Sandgren turned back to LAX terminal before it left the runway, so now we don't know if he took off in it enroute to Melbourne, or was taken off it because of intervention.
  11. Driving around NSW in circles, supporting the local economy and spending $$$$$ on motels/hotels, mixed grills, big brekkies, red wine and petroleum. All good. More of the same early tomorrow for 3 nights, out to Temora/Cootamundra and district. To tell the truth, I don't really miss cruising on the big ships.
  12. Thanks Lissie, good review and photos. Glad you enjoyed it and no rough weather.
  13. What's this rumour a Covid positive tennis US player has been allowed to travel to OZ for the Strayan open, hope it is fake news.
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