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  1. Of course, NSW - The Premier State is the founding home of that game we love...Rugby League Football.
  2. It would not surprise me that when Qld does open up the border with NSW, they will restrict NSW postcodes, i.e. SW Sydney and perhaps even my area, NSW South Coast, following the visit of the taxi driver to Milton/Ulladulla, Batemans Bay etc. I hope no positive results pop up here out of that visit.
  3. And the score is 1 all, Qld and NSW had one positive overnight. Time to open that border up north.
  4. I am thinking Spain...Alicante ?
  5. Yes were there in Sept or Oct in 2015 on Aurora, that is the time the time of year the ships visit that east coast of North America. Great itinerary, NY then head north up the coast, Boston, Quebec, Halifax, St Johns etc.
  6. You win Mic, well done old son, a toughie, Air Canada tickets in business class, Syd-Vancouver on the way. Yes, steeped in history is Halifax, that museum is great, heaps of maritime stuff, as you said Titanic, also the Halifax explosion. We visited Halifax on P&O 'Aurora, East Coast of USA/Canada, ex Southampton in 2015. Yep, Tim Hortons is on the waterfront.
  7. OK, clue re the big pic...it is in North America, somewhere. Here is the pic again....
  8. Sorry young Don, no not Legloland.🤣 If it is not answered correct by 1030 after smoko, there will be a clue.☕
  9. No worries, here is another pic of same place, bit larger. Uncle Les has been there.
  10. I don't want to waste everybody's megabytes, gigabytes, whatever on their i phone or smart phone, whatever.
  11. OK, here is the new pic in the quiz, bit of a toughie for a change, no clues at this stage, there are some smart cookies out there in CC Land.
  12. Thank you Mic, ye Vienna Snittie, I could have eaten that, a mere snack. Vienna is wonderful, went there on a Trafalgar Tour, way back in 1997. Standby for another pic, my last one of HK was way too easy, get a tougher one for you mob.
  13. Put the Royal Australian Navy in there as a Fleet base and use the Garden Island RAN base as a cruise terminal. They could put a Harry's at White Bay for the sailors.
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