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  1. About right. A good mixed grill at ye olde Kangy Angy roadhouse stop on the odd occasion. I took a lot of loads up to the power station construction sites up your way too, 1970 ish, too.
  2. The Ruby Princess disaster is still ringing in their ears. No one in government wants to sign off on it.
  3. Not wrong there mate, that is what puts me off.
  4. May be it was me out front Mr Gut, lol. More like the top pic, minis when I did the loads, early 70's to early 90's. But the odd one done on the motorcycle.
  5. Yes Gut, some houses were given away and new owner just paid the moving costs, mstly fibros on piers. I knew a lot of people in the house moving industry, several from the Central coast, back then.
  6. Good work, some donuts, not baked many lately with the big numbers around.
  7. Unusual, must be a Canadian thing. Hot chips or mash potato with pies, nothing else, well sauce of course or mushy peas or gravy.
  8. Try this one, I often eat it, rice macaroni, tasty, from Woolworths.
  9. Most were fibro/tile homes from the 50's and 60's. The land gets sold, the old house gets sold and moved to rural area and the new land owner builds a mansion.
  10. Not much house relocating these days due to traffic conditions around Sydney and more stringent rules and regulation. A costly exercise, low loaders with all sorts of equipment, 2 company escorts, 2 police escorts, from memory, going back to early 1990's it was about $40,000 to move a house say from Sutherland Shire out to say back of far western Sydney somewhere, a 6 hour trip.
  11. When we did our Inside passage cruise in May, 2005 on Pacific Princess it was early season, but still 3 or 4 big ships in at places like Ketchikan and Skagway. In the height of the season, July/August often 7 or 8 big ships in at those towns, overwhelming, teeming with pax, not nice, take my advice go in May.
  12. It mazing. I recollect in August 2007, visiting my son in Lima, Peru. Sitting down having lunch, hear the big rumble , like a squadron of tanks coming up the streets, next thing the seismic wave hit, the wooden block floor rises, I kid you not a foot high, under our feet, house shudders, evacuate out to the park opposite we go, we stay there for 24 hrs due to big after shocks from the big 8 quake south of Lima, killed hundreds of people. Yes, scary things, lying in bed after the big one with big aftershocks hitting the house, glad to get out of there on an aeroplane to LA and onto ye olde Regal Princess to sail home. Adventure plus that trip.
  13. House relocation in Australia has been common for many years, yes they disconnect everything, often cut them in half, depending on size and away they go on the low loaders, some have rear end steering. Often the cost of cutting, moving and rejoining the house is more than than the cost of the house. I escorted many such wide loads in my working days, we went at night.👮‍♂️ I used to issue the overdimensional load permits to travel and we got paid overtime to escort the loads, mainly around the outskirts of Sydney.
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