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  1. Perhaps the Auckland Harbour Master needs a bit more training to coordinate the shipping.
  2. Good work. The Australia Day festivities will be on at Corrigans Resort, Batehaven. A decent brekkie will be served by Rotary, Lions and the Firies. Not this big, but egg & bacon rolls.
  3. Indeed Mic, we need the Canberra dollars and the nice visitors.
  4. 'Garbage Can Junkies.? I resemble that remark, please explain. As for Port Botany I actually lived near there at Matraville in the mid-late 1960's when Port Botany Container Terminal was being developed, the landscape is blighted already, so why not throw in a cruise terminal? Now could this be Uncle Les escorting a wide load to Port Botany in ye olde days?
  5. Welcome to CC, do not be afraid, we are mad but harmless on here. Above all enjoy.
  6. Woollies ran out of bottled water down here during the fires, supplied heaps to the fire fighters and town water was a bit dodgy, ok now.
  7. I am shocked, call the ambos and the sparky.😅
  8. Good grief, is there real coconut therein?
  9. They fall back on billions of reserves. I have had 2 claims paid out by NRMA/Covermore in the past 2 months, cancelled cruises/flights/hotels and food spoilage claim due to fires and no power down here for 10 days, all paid out promptly.
  10. Canberra sure did get hammered yesterday arvo, we copped a little bit of it here on the South Coast, but not much. Hope all the ACT cruisers did not incur too much grief. You could have docked a few cruise ships in the streets of Canberra yesterday.
  11. And 3 million do. So I do declare the 'do's' the winners, by a long neck.
  12. When you look around those lounges, holy moly there are a lot of Elite pax these days. They must get their black cards out of a cornflake packet now. When we got our black card in 2009, you felt important.
  13. Ye Gods, the Carnival and P&O Mob have infiltrated my beloved Princess Cruise Line. But did they 'Come Back New.?'
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