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  1. I am looking for some more travel insurance now I am going on Arcadia to UK, following Majestic, Syd-Sing and a stay in Singa. I just ran a dummy quote through on Cota, $1200. Almost double that of NRMA/Covermore which was $693 with the discounts. That is for a month's travel insurance to tie in with the NRMA one already purchased for period 12.2.20 - 4.3.20. Might go with NRMA gain, Allianz credit card insurance (ANZ Bank Premium Card) decline to insure me, because of existing condition.
  2. Good point, and me, although being a mean Aussie, might still throw a few quid at deserving souls on Arcadia, despite copping a big fare price hike due to 'included gratuities.'
  3. Sure do Brian, security concerns maybe?
  4. Aft on D deck is ok, life boats are forward a bit, so it is clear down the side of the hull to the sea. We have D142 which looks ok.
  5. I have not been on here for a while, but I am sure it is now 1 litre bottle of spirits or a bottle of wine pp. A bit inbalanced that rule. Soft drinks can be taken on board. The Alcohol Police might seize your vodka and limes from Tesco.
  6. Same with the 2020 cruise, we are booked on Arcadia the Singapore - Southampton Sector. 9 sea days in a row inc Suez Canal. Maybe they are in a hurry to get home to merry olde England !! I do like plenty of sea days though.
  7. Exactly what Holland America have done. Formal nights now called Gala nights and no jacket and tie required, just long trousers and a collared shirt. I am on Noordam Sunday, no jacket and tie in the case.
  8. Indeed, more sensible, formal and casual, no more jacket nights. Although I noted on casual nights, some gents still wore a suit and tie. Old habits die hard I suppose.
  9. But from May 2019, Automatic daily gratuities are no longer, now included in cruise fare and non negotiable, right? So there should be no more tipping threads. Staff will be paid from the P&O coffers.
  10. Many thanks young David, happy Easter to you as well.
  11. Having just today booked an Arcadia cruise for next March, I can assure you the daily pricing has increased to cover the automatic gratuities included in the cruise fare. From May 2019, I believe. Too many pax removing them I suppose, hence the change, now non negotiable. Will certainly decrease the work load for the purser's staff !! All those forms gone !! P&O Australia and Princess Australia implemented the same change a couple of years ago.
  12. With Princess here in OZ you can get a refare if a price drop, up to final payment, done it a few times. I recently tried with HAL, no luck. I just booked Arcadia for next year through P&O Australia as we cannot book direct with P&O UK, God only knows why !! if a price drop will have a go at a refare.
  13. Auto tips are finished from May. Now included in cruise fare and non negotiable. Probably because may pax removed them.
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