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  1. You know Wendy Wu China Tours, she is the Asian Tour Guru.
  2. Crikey Lyle, a Clamato is more like a meal in a glass.
  3. Not unknown for Aussies to drop a few ice cubes in their glass of the amber fluid. In the summer i put my red wine in the fridge and put a couple of ice cubes in my chilled white wine if I am outdoors out of the a/c.
  4. More like trying to unload crew due to the unacceptable delays re same at Manila. KL is decent hub to fly out of. Malaysian Airlines needs the money, they have had a rough ride the last few years.
  5. I agree, Florida virus cases have really exploded these past weeks, it is the retirement State of USA, a lot of vunerable people and cruisers. Many other Americans and people from other parts of the world would not go near Florida right now.
  6. I reckon you would eat that serving on your old son, with a couple of tubes of Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max.. Your Fur Baby Max would eat any left overs. Do you get that sweet and sour sauce or bbq sauce in the little sachets these days?
  7. Now Maccas has those stupid machines where you press all the buttons for a design your own burger.
  8. This was the McDonalds, NZ Georgie pie, alas no longer. Maccas NZ had them for a few years after Georgies closed. Looks like cheese in them and god only knows what else.
  9. Talking about fast food now..up in Queensland they have some mad names for takeaway chicken places..like 'Big Chook, Fat Chook, Super Rooster, King of the Wings etc, probably a few more. When I lived in the southern suburbs of Sydney we had a Greek takeaway shop we christened 'The Greasy Spoon' or 'Cockroach Corner' work it out.😁
  10. And the complimentary seniors coffee or tea if you buy something. Do they still have that promo?
  11. I understand, open up a Maccas on the pie site, zoned by council, so existing use rights, etc, etc. That's Maccas, no mercy for the little guys.
  12. What is wrong with Tim Hortons, Lyle? Do they have In n' Out burgers in Canada, like in the 'Land of the Free?'
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