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  1. A very tight window. You would need to be off ship @ 7am, processed, travel to Sydney Airport in heavy traffic, always heavy traffic to and from airport and be there by 9am at the very latest. I would not attempt it, but some might. Good luck.
  2. Fray Bentos products like canned corned beef were also manufactured in Argentina. Not sure if the tinned pies were.
  3. 'No worries' a good Aussie term. You have probably realised by now, some of us on here are a 'little cuckoo.' 🤣
  4. Perhaps they were in flight mode, a very modern ship is ye olde Sea Princess.🤣
  5. I don't think the Islanders come on board the circling cruise ships anymore, diseases and all that.
  6. Many go to the Sailaway to redeem their complimentary sparking wine voucher, issued to those at the appropriate loyalty level, as we do and to have a good time. We often purchase another drink whilst at the Sailaway.
  7. I hope they did not play 'The Dambusters' theme. I heard/saw that played one time on P&O with the Ents staff running around with their arms stretched out playing 'aeroplanes.' That would be a bit OTT at Warnemunde or if alongside Mein Schiff. WW2 endeth.
  8. As long as they do not lick the tops. 😮
  9. She could even be made an honorary Aussie or Kiwi for the duration of her trip. If she rips into the Vegemite, meat pies and Kiwi Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that is.
  10. Thanks Brian, got some nice colour in it.
  11. That was Grey Kangaroo's video. No further comment.😮
  12. We have done half a dozen Trafalgar coach tours in Europe, inc UK, Western and Eastern Europe. Yes you are advised pre tour of the tipping required per day for driver/tour director, paid at the end. Suffice to say more than a few Aussies did not open their wallets, whilst the North Americans did and probably doubled the suggested gratuity. We had a couple of 20 something South African girls on one tour and they were aghast at the tipping because of the SA Rand being worth next to nothing.
  13. But I bet the 'hat' still gets passed around on your coach, with contented pax throwing in a dollar or three.
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