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  1. Just keep in mind that '3 hour window' of airport transit time - check in - baggage, immigration, security etc and you will be fine. So say 0900 leave the ship, gives you one hour to go through bag collection/immigration/customs and half hour to travel by taxi from Circular Quay to Sydney Airport. Above all enjoy.
  2. NSWP

    Booking with a TA

    We always book direct with Princess and have got many 'refares.'
  3. NSWP

    Staying logged In.

    I would not dare mate, off topic here and we never go off topic do we? lol.
  4. I have neighbours with kids who often do cruises on Carnival Spirit, they tell me these days just about anything goes re dress codes, real casual. A big change from our one and only Carnival cruise on Spirit, Hawaii/Alaska in 2006. She was an 'American ship then, 95% North American pax, formal nights in MDR it was Tuxedo time for just about everybody. None of that rubbish on top of the ship like waterslides etc back then. But they still had singing/dancing waiters and a sea day was designated a 'Fun Day at Sea.'
  5. NSWP

    Priority embarkation

    Yes priority boarding, Suite/Elite/Platinum with Princess, anytime boarding within the check in time window of course, not 1 minute before sailing !!! You will find these days, many have priority boarding, so many Elites/Platinums, in fact the majority of pax on many Princess cruises. Above all, enjoy and 'Come Back New.'
  6. NSWP

    Staying logged In.

    Same here keep getting logged out of my tower Aldi puter. It is not the Germans it is the Russians you know.
  7. Re Jetstar Honolulu to Melbourne. We booked business class on Jetstar Dreamliner, Honolulu to Sydney in May, using Qantas FF points, booked through Qantas. However were able to secure seat allocation via JetStar site.
  8. Had kippers on P&O UK and Cunard, very nice too, plenty of butter on them.🍽️
  9. NSWP

    Site needs a cleanup

    Payback time for having a go at them for being rude.
  10. Sure is, been through twice, magical. Thanks for posting Leigh.
  11. NSWP

    Mid North Coast Meet up

    Lubbly Jubbly.🍷🥃
  12. Glutton, surely you mean gluten intolerance? Perhaps both, lol.
  13. Yes mate, that is the starter, lol.
  14. NSWP

    Mid North Coast Meet up

    Never mind, another day perhaps. I have been slack and need to make the effort to go over to Canberra to join Mic and his band of merry men and women at ye olde Yacht Club.
  15. 50% discount for CC members and a complimentary sick bag.