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  1. Wud appreciate a link to some serious document like annual report confirming changing of lease into actual transfer of deed (purchase). To best of my information (which can be outdated), it is still a lease.
  2. Do you remember people felt same way post 9/11 about taking off shoes and being patted down? Lets hope nothing will be required for us to change/adept. Hopefully, this will magically go away. After all it is not worse than flu and quite likely a hoax by the left any way. We already have "beautiful" tests available for almost 6 weeks now for anyone to get it on demand. We should never do any testing. Our number would have been zero if no test were performed.
  3. Do you really think beaches are close down for THAT reason? or was it because social distancing was not adhered? You cannot infect neighbors and people other than household members when you are inside. Zero transmission. We walk outside every day, just making sure that there is no one in 8 ft perimeter (which is easily possible for most of us in suburban/rural area) Because of the mist and wind, was told that beach is lot more riskier than your backyard park.
  4. Agree. Cruising is no where near the must-have-for-life things.
  5. Masks do not eliminate risk. Only reduces them. What society really needs is a quick test for infection (similar to flu test). Masks will become nice to have precaution. Some asian countries have been using them wisely for decades.
  6. If you live in area where when you go out and can maintain safe 10 feet perimeter , certainly no need to wear mask. But imagine urban area where outside walking does not ensure safe perimeter. If you are continuously jogging 8 feet behind someone, you are putting yourself at risk (if the other person is a carrier). In that scenario, it is better to increase distance or move to the other side. This is not flu. Lot more contagious than flu. What worked for flu will not be enough.
  7. Agree (or take Asian cruise where people tend to be more civilized on this matter)
  8. where have you been last several weeks? Dr Fauci was technically right that for ordinary people not trained in putting on N95 masks, those masks do not eliminate risk of getting virus. But any mask covering reduces chances by some extent for obvious reasons in a way that a regular shirt is not enough protection in winter but is better than being naked. You should also by now know the objective behind those statements. They were desperately trying to prevent run on masks needed by actual medical people. The current suggestion of wearing masks (cov
  9. Why would you assume that? Do you really think CDC has any jurisdiction or even desire? Instead of calling out executives when they are totally immorally wrong, why try to create lies just to find something to defend them. Executives signed same CDC documents weeks later is clear acknowledgement of their bad faith.
  10. And some of us to complain about deck chairs and buffet lines. RCL does NOT own island they call Coco Cay. Its on lease. By the way, legally speaking, Coco cay does not even exist. Its a name used by RCL.
  11. Easy. Posters on CC threads do not like management of these company criticized. I had two posters kept arguing nonstop that CDC was trying to force these executives to regulate crew AFTER they reach their home countries!!!
  12. From what I gather, initial reaction from many is "never". But once temper cools down and desperation of practical life kicks in , I am sure many will have no choice but to return. For crew who has been with RCL for multiple contracts, process can be expedited (if needed) but there are still many factors (such as visa) out of control of the cruise companies. Earlier experts were talking about second wave to be around end of the year or early next year. Because of this ill-advised rush to reopen, most ID experts are now call it third wave with second wave expected in summer. Ho
  13. Big price staff from Philippines have to pay for RCL executives taking weeks to sign the unchanged CDC documents which they could have signed weeks ago. But no point in singling out RCL, all cruise companies treat non-white staff as if they are running 18th century plantation.
  14. Agree. This elevator thread made some interesting time pass but you are right. Elevators operation would be way down on the list to think/reconfigure/adjust/adopt for guests or for the cruise industry. Cruising will not survive if ability to prevent boarding of asymptomatic carriers is not developed. Once that is available, need for social distancing largely goes away. We can go back to worry about norovirus and rotovirus.
  15. No, only until we develop fast (one hour results) and accurate (both sensitive and specific) to detect those infected before boarding. Similar to temperature check except that we all know that temperature check is insufficient filter for this disease. Think about security measures we put it after 9/11. ("You mean I cant drop my mom to the gate?"; What do you mean take off my shoes?", Where are you touching, man!!) Similarly, we wil be adopting some simple sensible (but unpopular) preventive measures. Most of social distancing need will naturally go away once we have r
  16. Are you staying home because of some talking head on TV? Advisable to change your TV channel then. Staying home is neither a cure nor a permanent avoidance. It is simply to allow poorly resourced healthcare system to handle the cases (flattening the curve). It is extra hard for us now because we have to pay for the sin of drinking "its a hoax" and "it will go away by itself" coolaid. We could have adopted WHO tests on timely fashion and would be in same place as Germany or Korea. Water under the bridge. Lets be more sensible for the futur
  17. Dont know if you really believe what you typed or kidding. But if serious, it might be useful to change source of information/news to be ANYTHING other than what is being used.
  18. Endangering yourself is certainly your right. Endangering others is certainly not. - could be a crime depending on the context. Look, we have gone over this line of arguments many times in our lifetime. Right to throw beer bottle out of my pickup in 50's to recent, my right to smoke. Eventually, when only basis of argument is "liberty" and the opposite side has "greater good for all", the latter crowd usually end up winning the argument. If and when cruising returns, some "inconvenient" rules are inevitable. Millions of people obediently take
  19. Strongly support you in that. Problem with COVID is that harmful impacts of one's bad choices ("preferences") are NOT limited to that person. Many innocent, rules abiding people, will become victims of irresponsible "freedom" crowd. I sincerely wish that RCL make policies even more stricter (and make them public upfront very loudly) to deter people like you to wait out until things are "normal again". Sincerely hope that you remain strong in your conviction and do not come aboard a cruise ship until things change enough for you to really feel free. Good
  20. You are missing the most expensive component. You cant have 1/3 of the ship. Bond payment on ship does not get reduced just because ship is full only 1/3. You are talking about 1/3 of costs which are peanuts compared to huge fixed costs that can not be reduced by taking 1/3 passengers.
  21. AFTER they disembarked in U-S-A. CDC doesn't give a damn what happens to crew for example when they get off board in Barbados to take a charter flight home from there. But they do care when disembarkation takes place in Port of Miami for charter flight home from Miami. There is no confusion within any cruise line at any level (low level legal staff to CEO) about this. Everyone in these three companies have enough common sense to understand that much.
  22. Exactly. CDC has NEVER asked for enforcement outside USA from cruise lines executives.
  23. OMG. Penalty clause has been the main point of argument. (real reason was financial) But your interpretation that CDC was looking for enforcement beyond US borders is the part I have been challenging. I think we have already taken up too much of space on this board on this topic.
  24. Troubling aspect is not journalism. But tendency to cherry pick most ridiculous item and then argue what some may consider not plausible. You really believed CDC was arguing for weeks for enforcement beyond US borders? Really? By the way, the Guardian article does not say that CDC was looking for beyond border enforcement. You chose to interpret that way.
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