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  1. We took the credit that Regent was offering and booked ourselves with Emirates for less money. Emirates includes all your transfers with your fare. On the stopover they included a short hotel stay so you could rest and shower. We had an Uber drive us around as we had never been to Dubai. We wanted to try Emirates so that was the reason we decided to go with them.
  2. We were on the holiday cruise Cape Town to Cape Town a year ago and did the pre-cruise safari at Bayethe in Shamwari. LOVED IT! It was a great experience. We saw lots of animals up close. We saw an elephant herd and I could have reached out and touched them when they walked by. We say giraffes, hippo's and rhino's. So many other animals. The lodge is lovely. We loved the tents. They are not really tents. They were great! Our guide was fantastic. I highly recommend it.
  3. One more comment about the boots. We were on an Antarctic cruise in 2018 with a different cruise line. We bought the boots that were the same type you could loan, and the same type that Scenic is using. We were concerned about our feet getting cold so we brought along some foot warmers but never even needed to use them. The boots are well-insulated. We wore one pair of thick wool socks and our feet were never cold.
  4. You can never tell how rough the Drake crossing will be. We were in Antarctica in February, 2018. On the way down we had the "Drake Lake". It was very calm. On the way back we had the "Drake Shake". There were huge waves and lots of rocking. We were on the Silversea Cloud and the chairs in the restaurants are chained to the floor for a reason. There were many people who got seasick. I get seasick so I have the prescription patch and never got seasick at all. Are you prone to seasickness? Bring appropriate meds and you will be fine. Enjoy your cruise! Antarctica is amazing!
  5. The photo of the Silver Origin in your post is of the ship in its "under construction" state. Here's what it's going to look like when its completed. I personally think it looks better than the Celebrity Flora. https://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=1387
  6. We are booked for December on the new Silversea Origin. I read that Silversea and Celebrity are part of the same company and they each built a new ship for the Galapagos that is virtually the same ship, but just outfitted differently. Celebrity's ship is called the Flora. We've sailed with Silversea before and liked the luxury aspect so decided to go with Silversea. We did an expedition cruise with Silversea on the Cloud and loved it. Both the Silversea Origin and the Celebrity Flora offer an included stay in Quito pre-cruise.
  7. We did Antarctica with the Cloud (first season) in February, 2018. Loved the video! Brought back so many great memories of our trip. We are doing the Arctic in summer but are trying the Scenic Eclipse for that one. Thanks for sharing your video.
  8. I love the watermelon and duck salad too. I took a Red Ginger cooking class one time on board and made it then. Never made it at home but we got the recipe too.
  9. Thanks! I am aware of being able to use both. I did have an Am Ex offer from Oceania so I have taken advantage of that.
  10. I think you must have posted this on Facebook and I did respond there as follows: I live in Los Angeles so maybe I can help. When we fly in to LAX (returning home from our vacation) we use a private limo company. The problem is they don't know how long it will take you to clear customs, immigration, and to retrieve your bags. They do monitor your flight but they are not allowed to simply wait at the curb, and they don't want to keep driving around and around. When we clear customs and immigration we call them. They are usually sitting in a holding area and then arrive within 5-10 minutes at the curb. When we call them they let us know what type of vehicle is picking us up and the license plate number. If you are using a different company for your pick up you should ask them how they do it. If you decide to do Uber or Lyft, when you first walk out to the curb, the first lanes are reserved for the Lyft and Uber shuttles. They whisk you away to an area outside of the airport where you get your vehicle. If you want to use the company I use their name is Black Car Limo. 1-800-600-2922. http://blackcarlimo.com/. You can also email them: blackcarlimo@yahoo.com. If you decide to use my company or another company, you do have to cross over from the Uber/Lyft shuttle lanes to the second lane. That's were the private companies pick you up. You did not say what hotel you are staying at. You should ask them what they recommend. You also did not state how you are getting to the ship. You can use my company for both. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  11. American Express Platinum gives 5X points for flights if you book directly with airlines or on amextravel.com. They give 5X points on hotels if you book and prepay (pay in advance) on amextravel.com. They do not give 5X on cruises. If you want the travel insurance and 3X on cruises, best to pay with Chase Sapphire Reserve card. This may be different for Canada.
  12. We did this cruise in February 2018. I agree on not wearing jeans when you go out on the landings. The waterproof boots you should buy or rent are Muck boots. You can buy them on Amazon or rent them. They are to your knees. Wear with one pair of wool waterproof socks and you will be fine. Remember you will walking through lots of penguin poop. These boots are perfect for that. Here is a link to the Silversea clothes supplier https://silversea.shiptoshoretraveler.com/packant, but we were able to find all online at a reasonable cost. We were fine with the recommended base layer, insulation layer, and then the outer layer which is the parka they provide. We thought collapsible trekking poles were great to have. Found them on Amazon. A neck gaiter was also great to have and we found them on Amazon too. Let me know if you have any questions.
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