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  1. Yes, I realize that. We rarely book the pre/post trips and usually do on our own. Sometimes the pre/post trips are free or low priced, like our upcoming cruise that starts in Tokyo has a couple options. And a couple of years ago we had an amazing pre cruise safari on our South Africa cruise. The cost was only $799 pp. Just have to figure out logistics with transfers, and booking the train. I think we'll definitely do Denali on our own.
  2. Our first Regent cruise was in 2009 with Regent. We always wanted to do it again so we booked it for 2021. Has anyone booked the pre-cruise land tour with Regent to Denali? It seems pretty expensive. The one I am interested in is $2,499 per person. It's 4 nights and includes the dome train to Denali.
  3. Looking at the new release of cruises for 2022 I like the October 11, 2022 Barcelona to Barcelona itinerary which is mainly Spain and the Canary Islands. It will give us a chance to try the Splendor (we love the Explorer) and all of the ports are new for us except Barcelona...we have been to Barceloa a few times. Has anyone been on a similar itinerary and if so, can you let me know what you think? The ports are Valencia, Alicante, Almeria, Granada, Gibraltar, Tangier, Arrecife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I think October will be a good time to go there as well. Thoug
  4. I don't mind if you use me. carol@carolwolfe.com. I'm also in California.
  5. I got two emails from my TA regarding this new perk for the two Regent cruises we have booked in 2021. This is great news!
  6. We cancelled our December 5 Galapagos cruise a few days ago before the penalty would be imposed. We will get a full refund less $200. There appears to be a high rate of Covid in Quito and there is also a 14 day quarantine. While things may get better in December we did not want to take the risk. We'll rebook later when things become more normalized. Look forward to sailing on the new Origin ship at another time.
  7. We are booked on the Origin Galapagos December 5, 2020 cruise. The cruise is paid in full. We can cancel by August 6 without penalty other than the $100 pp fee. Ecuador currently has a 14 day quarantine requirement and the news says there is a recent surge in Covid cases. Was really looking forward to this trip but it looks like we will cancel.
  8. My TA is working with Scenic to move my cruise to the identical cruise in 2022. We booked two years ago (Arctic in Depth) and this will be the second time the cruise is cancelled. First time was due to unfortunate ship construction delay and second time is due to Covid-19. Since we already have two cruises booked in 2021 on another cruise line we decided to move it to 2022. So now another over 2+ year wait to sail on the Eclipse. Hopefully things will return to some normalcy for cruising soon. Glad to hear your situation was worked out. We went on a Scenic river cruise in Southeast Asia earl
  9. I hope you are correct. I have two cruises booked on Regent (2021) and one on Oceania (2020). The headlines in the articles seem to indicate they may not be able to continue operating. I love these cruise lines and hope it does not happen.
  10. The headlines in these four articles: Norwegian Cruise Lines says there's 'substantial doubt' about its ability to continue operating Norwegian Cruise Line sees ‘substantial doubt’ about its future, warns of possible bankruptcy Norwegian Cruise Line may go out of business Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings raises flag it could face bankruptcy I hope that you are correct. Headlines are pretty scary.
  11. It's all over the news. A few links below. What will happen to those of us who have deposits with Oceania and with those who are waiting for refunds? Will the credit card company refund if Oceania doesn't? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/05/norwegian-cruise-line-says-theres-substantial-doubt-about-its-ability-to-continue-as-a-going-concern.html https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/05/business/norwegian-cruise-line/index.html https://www.businessinsider.com/norweigan-cruise-lines-warns-of-substantial-doubt-continue-operating-business-2020-5 https://www.orlan
  12. It's all over the news. A few links below. What will happen to those of us who have deposits with Regent and for those who are waiting for refunds? Will the credit card company refund if Regent doesn't? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/05/norwegian-cruise-line-says-theres-substantial-doubt-about-its-ability-to-continue-as-a-going-concern.html https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/05/business/norwegian-cruise-line/index.html https://www.businessinsider.com/norweigan-cruise-lines-warns-of-substantial-doubt-continue-operating-business-2020-5 https://www.orlandos
  13. Thanks for the heads up. What did Scenic say regarding Par. 5.3(C) of the terms and conditions? By the way, I looked at my T&C that are attached to my original booking and it is in a different paragraph. I'd love to share with you. I just found Par. 5.3C in one of the brochures. My email address is below my signature. Thanks!
  14. I am glad you started this thread. I too was wondering what people were doing about the cancelled Scenic cruises. It doesn't seem like Scenic will be giving refunds from all that I have read. As you probably know they have cancelled all cruises through the end of June. Our cruise is scheduled for July 3, so wondering what will happen. Most likely will be cancelled. Fandango10, what was the date of your cancelled cruise? Did you also have air that was cancelled?
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