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  1. No passport required since St. Thomas is a United States territory.
  2. We were on Harmony last week and there were two "Formal" nights listed in the Cruise Compass. Surprising the large number of guests who dressed appropriately despite the impression one gets when reading responses in Cruise Critic.
  3. The Diamond Club has not been moved. The Suite Lounge is where the Game/Card Room was previously.
  4. On Harmony just now and the Diamond Concierge is Gavin Barbosa. He is relatively new and is doing a magnificent job!
  5. For what it's worth, we had an act balcony on Empress last month and the soot despite were significant despite the efforts of the steward to keep it clean. Sorry no pictures of the JS or the balcony. Both were well worn and in need of a drydock!
  6. Muster Stations 9 and 10 are both in Boleros on MJ. It is also where those assigned to other Muster Stations go if they need to be seated during the drill. They must check in at their assigned Muster Station first.
  7. Try using this to help resolve your issue. http://royalportfolio.com/contact-us/
  8. I have found that the easiest way to track my points is to log into my account on the RCI website. The points show up in the account homepage. My recent experience has been that it takes about a week to get point updates.
  9. What is the URL for this listing? Thanks!
  10. Brooklyn Pizza in Viera : https://www.brooklynpizza-pasta.com/
  11. John is headed to Grandeur. He got off with us Thursday.
  12. Breakfast in Chops from 7:30 until 9:00 for D+ and above and Suite Guests. We disembarked this morning and they had breakfast starting at 7:00 until 8:30. There was a full blown Top Tier event with Captain Shawn at the helm and JD as the Hotel Director. The Loyalty Ambassador was highly visible and accommodating during our cruise!
  13. We often do B2B short cruises out of Port Canaveral as do many of our friends. Some do several B2B2B in succession.
  14. We cruise to Nassau several times a year and visit friends developed over time in our favorite restaurant! We have never experienced unfriendliness - to the contrary folks are always friendly and courteous!
  15. Nordic Empress aka Empress of the Seas was the first cruise ship with a 2 deck Dining Room. You probably recall that John.
  16. I have seen members with pin collections on baseball caps and casual purses/bags.
  17. The main purpose of the Muster Drill is to have those assigned to a particular Lifeboat go through the process that they would be required to do in an emergency. That means reporting to the assigned Muster Station. In the event of an emergency it is imperative that the procedures followed at the drill be followed and folks report to their assigned Muster Station since that is where they will be directed to their assigned Lifeboat and issued life-vests. There will only be seating in a lifeboat for the number assigned by the plan to which the US Coast Guard has approved. Muster Station assignments are fixed based on cabin/stateroom assignment.
  18. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y1sJDu551laXcrsc2U0mXXjYoEWRXw2LPrdpzyAvTU0/edit#gid=0
  19. Ordering Indian foods is relatively easy due to the large contingent of staff from there. My wife has often asked for and received beryani.
  20. and the LIfe Boats. Muster stations that are in Dining Rooms or the Theater do not gave life jackets there. They will be by the lifeboats.
  21. Just of Mariner and scooters were in Boleros for Muster. It did get crowded so we went early to ensure having a place to sit for the care giver. Scooters were kind of lined up on the small dance floor. When we got to Boleros my wife went to the Muster Station to sign us in. They also had a Muster Crew Member going around Boleros scanning folks SeaPass cards for those who did not check in at their Muster Station.
  22. Just off B2B on Mariner. Diamond Club barman was asking for Cabin number when ordering the first round. Also was using a shot glass to record amount of booze provided. I was getting Glenfidich and he was pouring doubles without me requesting them.
  23. One of the things I observed while in the roped off area of the VCL on MJ was that folks in a situation like yours were able to sit outside the roped off area and the Diamond member could get a drink from the bar-staff inside the area.
  24. From my knowledge SeaPass cards have always been made on the ship and only distributes by the Check In agents. Have been in the Concierge Lounge many times when the Concierge was working on sorting the next cruise SeaPass cards.
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