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  1. At the buffet they have ice tea ,lemon aid and some kind of punch also coffee and good selection of hot teas. If you drink a lot of soda it is worth it . I think they have one package with bottle water.
  2. I would more than likely agree with these people at your table but would never boor some one with this kind of talk . I always stick to small talk and talk about this or other cruises. Oh yes and witty retorts .B.T.W .To stop cruising over this is pretty silly.
  3. Thanks for those who helped ,it sounds good we live close to the port (about 90 miles) from New York.
  4. N.C.L. free kids ,have any of you done this and what is the real cost ,in the same room of course.
  5. I think only Carnival has the card safe . I find them a pain much prefer the pin kind.
  6. We just saw Rick Steves Med cruise show last night (not sure if it is new).It is by far the best cruise show ever, great advice on Med cruises and cruising in general .Great tips on out of the way excursions and a lot of great views from the X eclipse .
  7. In 2009 Carnival ,we booked a cruise to Northern Europe .They canceled did not tell us . Found out when they refunded our credit card.
  8. The best thing I have found is the North Face style coat that has the zip out fleece inside and the rain coat outside. It is two coats and a rain coat.
  9. It is rare that anyone embarks in Naples ,it is mostly a stop for excursions.
  10. Whatever happened to Cuba. It was a big topic on this site with many wanting to go and many having big expectations for cruising to Cuba .It seems there is not much talk or many ships(or airlines) going there. There is not even a page on the port boards on this site. I guess people did not want to go to all the trouble to see some 57 chevys .
  11. There were trips like this but it was not the cruise lines it was a company called Y.M.T .They were very active about 10 or so years ago. They advertised on talk radio often on the east coast (I am from the Phila. area) . We were on a cruise in Alaska with this group in 2004.Not sure they are still around do not hear of them much these days.
  12. Ephesus is amazing one thing that really hit me was the real roman road that is still there. We were lucky enough to go to both (Istanbul ) in 2009 before the changes in Turkey.
  13. We did Den-Rus they were great two sit down lunches.
  14. Never been to La Spezia but you are not missing anything Livorno is ugly, hard to get out of and very big . The worst port we have ever been to.
  15. N.C.L . will more than likely be the cheapest .
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