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  1. This one is a Cruise Critic classic ''my uncle ( it is always the uncle) use to go to the port the day of the cruise with some cash and get the empty cabin for really cheap''
  2. Great thread ,the one that gets me is the crew never gets off the ship (had my server tell me this one night). They get off in many ports and shop have some fun and so forth . Fished in town in Alaska with a lot of the waiters good guys had a great time.I hope they get more time off the ship.
  3. Thanks now I know .I will have to remember that.
  4. They do judge, they just do not say anything nor would I in real life .I am sure those who dress like this are nice and fun people. We could all use some help when it comes to being better dressed. For those in the ''I don't care what anyone else thinks of me ''camp O.K but people do judge what you wear.
  5. No when ever I am out I wear golf shirt .It is not much of a burden. Never wear sweat paints out either .
  6. Has everything to do with style ,people with style don't wear silly t-shirts.
  7. Was wondering does the Super Bowl affect cruising .I know hotel rates are very high and I would think air fares would also be high . It seems to me it would be a royal pain to go that week . Does anyone know is it more popular or less.I guess if you drove and did not stay you might be able to avoid the crush.
  8. An empty large zip lock bag would pack easy and has many other uses.
  9. I am not mad or upset by what others wear .The O.P asked for all opinions I gave mine. The thing is we are all judged by what we wear (human nature) it is common in the U.S. for out of shape middle age men( which I am one) to wear muscle shirts ,do rags and other juvenile get ups or no shirt at all (always a classy look) . I am not for banning this type of attire (funny shirts) but belive me we all look better in a golf shirt or nice button down with collar.
  10. Sounds great as long as your not wearing Speedos with your ''funny shirts''
  11. If I did (I would not) I would keep it in the closet
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