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  1. Great choice on Xcaret ,Costa Maya is a fake cruise ship town (done well) if you walk right out of the gates you can get a cab (about 5 dollars) to Manhaul for some good beach time and cheap drinks .Ask the cab to go to The Tropicante and ask for Steve he will set you up with chairs (free) just buy some beers (cheap ) the food is pretty good too. Nice Prom to walk along the beach with some shops.
  2. Same here not much has changed ,nor should it.
  3. After many cruises I have never looked up a cabin . It does not make that much difference to us. I was not ''whining'' it was just a little strange to be spying on people .I did have balcony guarantee that is all I knew or cared about.
  4. I just felt kind of strange like I was spying on people.
  5. I am a he ,I have not complained about any of these things (well maybe the ''been there done that'') . These are just things I noticed on my recent cruise ,of course I liked having a bigger balcony it was a little different than what I was used to. I do like to talk about entertainment (most on this site do not).I am glad they are trying something new with the shows I just do not think ballet is a good fit for most people . I am in fact very easy to please . Noticing or talking about something is not a complaint.
  6. Thanks that is what it is all about .I do like talking taking about the entertainment but it is not often a hot topic.I wish C.C. would start a board for this topic.
  7. Yes it was better in 2002 (my first X) but those days are gone .Just got off Equinox and the M.D.R. food was very uneven prime rib ,rack of lamb very good . Other cut of lamb not very good, something called a short rib (it was not) was one of the worst things ever in an X M.D.R. Lobster was fine but we were not offered a second like the last couple of years . I do not think there is that much difference between lines these days . I do think the buffet is better at dinner than it has been .
  8. I am the O.P. I am in no way upset just giving my M.H.O.about ballet. For those of you who want to tell me how popular it is most ballet companies live on tax money and grants from large givers . Most would not exist on ticket money. It is like Jazz many people will say they like it but the quickest way to go broke is to open a jazz club or in the old days a record label . Many people are afraid to say that the king has no clothes when it comes to the high arts. I suspect many will tell you the would love poetry readings too.but the vast majority would not. It could be worse they might try ''spoken word'' at which time I will jump over board.
  9. I really did not know what to do.My last two were great time with great people.
  10. I am sorry I did not spell everything right. Although it did make sense.
  11. We did not because we thought some people might show up.
  12. Did not look and never crossed my mind it would be a hump. Those calling it a slant are right on .
  13. Just had the hump cabin on Eqx. (I did not ask for or know I had one until I went outside) it was a lot bigger. The thing was when you went to the rail you could see all the other cabins and were kind of taking away some of their privacy. Also the way it stuck out they could see you it was a little strange and you had less privacy . I have heard of the hump on this site but was not aware of all its quirks.What is your experience with the hump.
  14. I did not miss the irony, It proves true what I was saying.
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