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  1. It sounds more like an encounter with someone who should not be in customer service as opposed to the arrogance of an entire cruise line.
  2. To put it in perspective, as you say, this is the “News on the Westerdam” thread so that is why people are commenting on family visits for the crew who are on the Westerdam and not another ship. The logistics to put that together took a lot of effort and the crew and their families would have been looking forward to it. I’m sure it must have been disappointing for all. Posters have empathy for that situation.
  3. Okay, I had to google it and it seems it’s a thing. “Fried” and “Steam” seemed like an oxymoron. Throw in “Bun” and I lost all sense of reality. This result had pretty pictures: Pan-Fried Pork Buns
  4. I can’t wrap my head around “Fried Steam Bun”.
  5. Oh. I don’t feel any further enlightened now! 😂
  6. Not trying to be offensive but it is super hard to interpret your comments, so I can understand why others may misinterpret. I know I read your comments numerous times in order to try to understand them. I would say I have a 1% success rate.
  7. I would love to participate in stargazing sessions on a cruise! What better place? I did really well on the trivia. 😃
  8. This was the question in my mind also. I see Catl has confirmed.
  9. I can’t answer your second question but my understanding of the cruise insurance is that it has to be paid in full no later than the day before final payment so they still have until March 28th to purchase it. I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. Log into your booking and click on: —> Cruise Activiites —> Spa —> Relaxation Areas “Spa” will be one of the options which pop up when you click on Cruise Activities.
  11. Is there a way for you to escalate it to Seattle by letting them know there has been no response from Rotterdam despite repeated attempts? This is terrible customer service.
  12. It still wouldn’t be “insure”. 😜
  13. “Long” is relative. I know 2+ months would be super long, for me, if I hadn’t seen my kids or spouse since before Christmas.
  14. Two more sleeps! Hope you get a Neptune.
  15. I am sorry this happened to you. I do not know if this is related but the picture of your napkin on the table reminded me. Once, on a Cunard cruise, my sister and I were lucky to find a vacated table in a bar for pre-dinner cocktails. The waiter kept looking over at us but never came over. He would pop by other tables and we would think surely he is coming now... and he never did! After 20 minutes of this mysterious behavior we left. When the Maitre d’ came over to ask how our meal was we asked about the incident at the bar. Turns out there is a signal the waiters were using to indicate that a table didn’t want drink service and it was related to the napkin. Was the napkin at your table before you arrived?
  16. @Crew News has posted the When and Where daily activities sheets for his recent Alaska cruises: 7 Day When & Where 14 Day When & Where
  17. You will see the loyalty credit on your onboard account. (It will look like Kazu’s example above.) I am guessing you spoke with first line support on the phone. They don’t get it right much.
  18. Based on the OP putting the word “free” in quotes I’m guessing they already know that.
  19. When you log in from that link it should take you directly to the offer. If it doesn’t then you don’t have it for this round.
  20. I don’t know anything about the Sky (or Princess) but it does seem as if you should have chosen a Pinnacle-class ship instead of a Vista. P-Class are newer and more modern with muster held indoors. I am a bit confused about your reference to the Always Available menu not being listed as that has never been my experience. It’s even listed on the room service menu. In any event, it sounds as if you have found your niche so that’s nice.
  21. Nothing is ever insignificant when it contributes to the whole.
  22. You will still be able to apply the future cruise deposit (which Crew News mentions) to the cruise you just booked to receive all the benefits.
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