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  1. Sorry. You’d have to have a closer correlation to pollution in your example. Unless you’re implying that bodies and vehicle parts are littering the highways. 😜
  2. No DVD player. There are many movies and shows on the interactive TV. No replenishment of water. There is usually a large bottle of Evian and a large bottle of Italian still water, as well as the bottle of champagne. Lots of water in the lounge or the Lido or the MDR. You can also purchase additional bottles if you like.
  3. Thank you for your post and welcome back! This will be a memorable cruise for you for sure! HAL’s crew really does have to be applauded. They probably not only missed visits with family (and all the logistics that entails) but they also wouldn’t have had the downtime and rest which comes with port visits and reduced passengers. I think it’s wonderful that you are so appreciative. Thank you.
  4. No HAL ship has eliminated the promenade deck.
  5. Welcome back! and I am glad all turned out well!
  6. Well that’s fantastic! I guess the gratuity is included in the cost. Have fun!
  7. I should also mention... regularly check your junk mail folder just in case your spam filter diverts it there. May have already been and gone by now though.
  8. Most? I have to challenge you on that one.
  9. Oh that’s too bad. Yes, definitely call them then.
  10. Oh sorry. I don’t usually order mixed drinks so automatically thought “coffee”. Never mind.
  11. Have a Personal Cruise Consultant Contact Me
  12. I prefer the little coffee spoons they provide vs stir sticks.
  13. Yes, the ones I went to I did. My sister went to all of them. If I recall correctly there was one about the formation of the Mediterranean and a series on the 2nd World War and ships and things. I don’t recall the subject matter of the ones I missed. On Cunard (not a TA) there was a fascinating presentation given by Ann Daniels on The First All-Women North Pole Expedition. That one sticks out in my mind because it was so graphic.
  14. It’s more likely to be that they’ll be called to the naughty room and the kettle will be confiscated.
  15. Yes you get a bottle of bubbly as well as bottled water. The suite reception is unlimited bubbles.
  16. Azipod repaired and been sailing around the Caribbean for a few weeks now. Enjoy your cruise!
  17. Here is one of the recent threads on the topic. Congratulations and enjoy your cruise!
  18. Oh. Hadn’t heard about that. I will be in Hawaii on business-then-vacation. That gives me pause.
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