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  1. Overrated..imo Best part about Guys is the fixings bar. I always get the potato sticks. Not a fan of the mushrooms either, they look better then they taste.
  2. Yup, they tried it before, it was a complete failure!!
  3. Good for Australia!! Here in the USA, people still love to smoke and gamble. Not everyone lives on eggshells. Believe it or not most USA casinos have smoking sections still. Just saying....
  4. Of course the casinos are smokey. They always were and always will be (unless they ban it). Smoking and gambling go together like peas and carrots. Most smokers in the casino are spending money, thats what counts. Revenue!!
  5. Casino- Play 4game wicked winnings penny machine!! 😎
  6. Why ruin your wife's vacation too, just stay home.
  7. Who said they dont want to take care of their ships? I always thought they do a great job maintaining their ships. But recently it seems like they are slacking a little. Maybe the cut-back of staff,or proper training has something to do with it. But blaming paint? Come on.
  8. I get that. It just seems a little cheesy to blame the paint. You would think a buisness thats been around for 50yrs, would have a pretty good idea of what paint is best.
  9. Hey, If worse comes to worse, just blame the paint supplier. 😀 So, how long did it take them to figure out that the paint was the problem? Why does CCL always feel the need to have excuses for everything? I'm not bashing Jimbo, just a concerned customer.
  10. FSHLOT


    What Sgt. said. Just put your card in any slot machine and download funds. Good Luck!!
  11. Is it just me, or does that look a little under cooked? I love lobster, but i dont like raw lobster...lol I know theres a fine line between over cooked and under cooked. Maybe it's just the pic doing the meal no justice.
  12. I hope not, but if thats the case, might as well go to the steakhouse that night!! 👍
  13. It was on my last cruise, Dream out of NOLA 7-night Dec/2018.... Not sure about less night cruises. BTW..I always order 2....😎
  14. Please try and control the closing of the balcony door. There's been a few times where it took my neighbors about 7days to figure this out. 😁
  15. Sometimes, if it was a long day of alcohol consumption, i actually forget what i ordered.😎
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