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  1. agree it's annoying, but we've done 12 VV cruises from Miami based out of LA, highly recommend the American Airlines premium economy seats on the widebody planes!
  2. You can also order the skewers with no sauce, shrimp, chicken and steak are pretty plain.
  3. If you had your own VV account and then booked through a TA, it's possible a second account was created for you using the same email address. When that happens, their system can't handle it and requires some backend IT adjustments to resolve. But like others said, if you book through a TA, your first and only call should be to your TA do have it sorted out.
  4. there's also pizza until about 1:30 or 2am and secret duck ramen 10:30pm-12am at the galley.
  5. Still has a long way to go, there's room for another 15-20 people in the deep end alone, and probably another 15-20 in the shallow end!
  6. on the first two ships they have to constantly wipe down the exhaust dust off of the back decks and running track, kind of crazy. That's pretty much my only complaint about VV.
  7. I think the sparkling wine might only be half an hour. Captain usually makes an announcement about it, that’s the only announcement of the whole trip pretty much. Think it’s 6-6:30 for normal sailors on the pool deck.
  8. Also - check out this video to get an idea of the atmosphere, they just released it yesterday! https://www.virginvoyages.com/l/the-voyage
  9. Call if you want to do b2b and keep same room, that’s pretty much the only way (or a travel agent 🤮). rockstar suites only have king beds but the Brilliant Suite and larger have a convertible couch that a second person could sleep on.
  10. yes cheeky corner and also sweet aft suite do I believe but not sure there is room on decks 8/9 for them so check.
  11. I’ve recently had an aggressive porter, basically if you don’t have some cash in your hand when you arrive, they will quickly remind you that they work for tips to take care of your bags.
  12. Pretty sure they don't have facial recognition, they have cameras, but not the system where you just walk by without handing over your passport and answering any questions that the border patrol may have for you.
  13. they typically stock 5 half bottles of rum, vodka, gin, bourbon, tequila or whiskey, 4 half bottles of wine and 4 beers. The latest process is that rockstar agents ask you at boarding for any modifications and they will only swap an existing item for another mini bar item and only if you request on the first day (more rum instead of another item etc).
  14. No, believe Porter is only option if you can’t carry the bags on yourself. Likely union rules that no one except porters can touch the bags.
  15. I agree with most of what you are saying, being in southern CA myself. However, LA is just not a major cruise market, as you said, lot of wealthy people here, if we want a tropical vacay we just go to Bora Bora or Hawaii would be the backup plan, if that puts things in perspective a bit.
  16. Greek Island Glow Piraeus (Athens) • Santorini • Rhodes • Bodrum • Mykonos • Piraeus (Athens) May 28-June 4, 2023 7 nights https://virg.in/Jw6F
  17. Be prepared, it can take over an hour for the shake for champagne! Not terribly convenient…
  18. $200 bonus for the Halloween sailing on 10/28 Scarlet Lady! https://virg.in/oBiX
  19. Hi all, VV just announced a $200 friends booking bonus for the 10/28 Scarlet Lady Halloween Voyage for Dominican Daze. Feel free to use my link, we both get $200 onboard credit! https://virg.in/oBiX Should be an awesome trip!
  20. yes, seems it is just a glitch in their system perhaps. They were able to override and provide the correct price eventually, watch your voyage prices!
  21. Does anyone have any idea how VV comes up with their fare value discounts when using these two promotions together? If you look at the website total fare including taxes, shouldn't it just be that value minus the $300 MNV discount and then minus the $300 MNV deposit that was already paid??? I'm pretty good at math, and I can't figure out how they come to their quoted price. The quoted price they have me booked at is $225.50 MORE than what I've noted above. Thanks
  22. I don't think anything is every "guaranteed" when it comes to restaurant reservations, but I believe what you are describing is actually open to anyone on the ship, you can make reservations in person at a restaurant same day you are already holding reservation for another. We definitely did that as regular rockstars, but don't think that status had anything to do with it.
  23. The bed in a sea terrace cabin can be arranged in an L shape with two twin beds, not totally separated like most cruise lines but better than no separation at all.
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