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  1. My advice would be to save yourself from that stress. Enjoy a nice afternoon and evening in London, and a nice easy trip to Heathrow in the morning. JMHO
  2. Ports in the USA fit that description.
  3. Very true, and I believe Mallorca is like Miami during spring break
  4. Wow ! That is a new low. A stick up man without a gun.
  5. Great pictures! Brought back fond memories of out TA on the Nova last year. The “ orange trees “ outside the SALT bar fooled me for a couple of days. I thought they were real. And that was BEFORE I went into the bar.
  6. Perhaps, but enough do to be able to collect enough points for $15,000 worth of business class tickets .
  7. Upcharge for LaDame, Keseiki, and Chefs Dinner
  8. There’s a lot that goes into planning a debarkation time. Tides, availability of a pilot, tugboats, longshoremen etc, etc. I sure worry enough about getting back on time,
  9. We did a crossing on the Nova in the fall and everything was just great. We had decent weather and although a little breezy at times, we were able to use all the venues .
  10. Mea Culpa ! I paid the balance of my November cruise with Amex and got the points.
  11. We first came to SS in 2013. We were attracted by the longer cruise to exotic destinations. As noted by someone else, we’re not flying half way around the world or a week or 2 week cruise. We’ve got a 32 day cruise on the Dawn in March, but won’t book another until we see where this new direction leads.
  12. Thank you for the review. Sorry your cruise was so terrible. We’ve been fortunate on all our cruises among the different lines. However, our last SS cruise on the Nova, the butler was absolutely useless. We aren’t demanding people either, and really don’t use the butler. However, when you order breakfast on room service the butler shouldn’t try and talk you out of it. Especially when he didn’t even bother to set it up.
  13. We live in Florida, and anyplace you go the AC is blasted on high,and feels like a meat locker. I guess we’re used to it.⛄️
  14. Nice to know. On our Vista voyage in April, we were too busy trying to get a seat in Martinis. Now I’ll know better and check it out.
  15. I give up! Yesterday Capetown to Doha ( March 9th) on the Spirit was showing waitlisted. Today it’s showing that it can be booked. Called SS, but got the standard answer everyone else got . Also showing Booking on the Dawn from Singapore to Capetown available.
  16. I looked into this further. After Doha the Spirit was supposed to leave for Athens which is now also listed as waitlisted. After that it was Athens to Lisbon I believe, also waitlisted. However as I’ve got 2 free tickets on Qatar to Capetown I was able to get a 7 day hold on the Dawn for March 11th, Capetown to Southampton which are 2 legs of the World Cruise. Of course I’ll wait for SS to cancel the Spirit and get my ducks in a row in the meantime.
  17. Just saw that it’s listed as waitlisted. Could mean it’s doomed
  18. Still curious as to the plans for the Spirit. We’re booked on a March 7th cruise from Capetown to Qatar. They’re supposed to start cruises out of Capetown in January. I’m thinking maybe the open period in December is to move it to Capetown the long way. Then again, perhaps I’m thinking too much . Wait and see
  19. Glad that you had such a nice experience. Yes, we’re traveling in the coveted Q suites, and looking forward too it. I’ll save my appetite for the lounge .
  20. We’re going from Capetown to Doha in March on SS. We used our Amex points to book business class tickets on Qatar Airways from Miami to Capetown,and the return from Doha to Miami for 300,00 points and tax of about $400 for both. Collecting points and miles is the way to go if you enjoy business class. Plenty of tools to help you use them too. I’ll be using my Amex to make final payment next month for our November Oceania cruise. Ronrick, looks like your the mileage King on this board.
  21. Definitely well done ! Enjoyed your voyage descriptions, photos,and your sense of humor.
  22. Good objective review on both lines. We’ve sailed over 100 days on both with pros and cons with both. However, we prefer the newer SS Moon & Dawn with the variety of different dining choices. We were on the SS Nova last fall. Beautiful ship, but at 750 passengers, no longer small ship cruising.
  23. Not sure how long you’ll be in Seward, but renting a car may be an option for you. Ny wife and I did it a few years back, and really saw a lot. I believe Avis was right at the port entrance.
  24. fdnycruiser


    She left in November was on the Nova before the TA.
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