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  1. ziggyUK - correct ! Check in as early as possible - Taking care of checked luggage - Processing documents - Getting Key Cards - If boarding - determine what to do with extra/excessive Carry-On personal luggage - Take it with you on your pre-cruise excursion or stash in your cabin if possible - Remember the boarding rules are different on the first embarkation (2 hours more ?) as opposed to the routine daily port call boarding.- (half hour or more) - Some Ports of Call may have different protocol YMMV !
  2. Another exception - - - The Premium Beverage +PLUS+ Free-at-Sea package - the 2nd quest gets the bonus $50 per port/excursion (no matter what guest 1 does). Current promo ? My PB+Free-at-Sea which I booked and reserved both of us are getting the $50 (each) at all Ports of call.
  3. Received my email yesterday - offers for all the H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 and H6 - and then look at what is actually available and it is all booked. Likely if not bidding somewhere above mid-range on the bid scale you are not going to get the cabin and not the one you would like. I like the H2 DOS cabin 15500 deck 15 - 18 stairs no elevator but the bid offer photo is showing the mate to this 15000 - not the same cabin layout features. I have stayed in 15500 before and it is not worth the difference in bid or offer. I am presently on deck 11 (bridge deck in a 2BR suite and I am not moving except for the Garden Villa deck 14 and I doubt if I would come close to a satisfactory bid for this. It would appear that the JEWEL 8/28 is sailing at or near capacity.
  4. I believe that the heated water will be at or around 86 degrees F and it is sea (salt) water. To fill and service those pools NCL is not going to use fresh water. The hot spa tubs are at I believe 100 + degrees F. On the in house TV there is a channel telling the water temps at these various places. On a cool Alaskan night you can see the water vapor escaping.
  5. Exhaggeration forum license ! Dressing to the nines bow tie cumberbum AND de PANTS that went down with the Titanic - even the 4th class guests had to dress up to dine. Now with the NCL Free-Style program just about anything goes but there is still some hold back for a couple of restaurants to keep cruise casual - smart casual. Oh yes you can still dress to kill for the photo-opt night when the Officer crew wear their dress blue uniforms. Viva-la NCL Free-Style !
  6. The Platinum Rewards level and above get an abbreviated version of the paid tour - AND is usually done the first SEA day in the late morning and maybe cancelled if there is not much of a participation interest - taking a guest who is not platinum has been an option of the Cruise Next people based on space available. The usual wearing of soled shoes (no flip-flops) - limited photo opportunities especially in the I95 (deck 3) and other crew areas. For the first time guests often a very interesting informative and educational experience. The second time on a different larger or smaller ship maybe interesting - BUT after that it is the same ole same ole and not so much worth it even if free with Latitudes status.
  7. A lot of that "DEPENDS" on where the cruise is cruising - Alaska very forgiving - Baby it is cold outside and the weather so unpredicable - - - Now cruise the Canadian New England maritimes - the ole stuffed shirt dress code is expected - Likewise cruise the Mediterranean and it would be expected - The Caribbean perhaps more relaxed due to the heat and humidity - The time of the year early or late cruise season may play a factor - And then there is that first day of the cruise when the clothing police can't enforce the rules until your luggage is made available to change into. With only two or three restaurants requiring the elaborate tux bow tie format why make a fuss eat there the first night sans dress code and enjoy the rest of cruise casual cruise.
  8. You can do On-Line Check-In 21 days before sailing - Your E-docs may note a check-in time at the port - After dropping off your luggage proceed to the check-in area for processing your documents and paperwork. Depending on the boarding process you may have to wait for your que to board or with luck just simply go right on board. If in a (full) Suite or Haven stateroom ignore the suggested port check-in times. If you have Platinum Latitudes status or traveling with CAS (Casinos At Sea) look for the designated signs for check-in. If those lines seem a bit long maybe better to just simply board with the general public. Boarding 2500-4000 guests is not a lark - pay attention to any and all boarding calls - jump for it although you still may have to wait in line on the gangway to board.
  9. You received an upgrade on both legs of the B2B to a suite - With a suite you get a Butler and Concierge service - The Butler will help you move your belongings to your new (suite) cabin digs - no need to pack everything away - like a bell man at a hotel the Butler will bring around a clothing rack to hang your clothes and trolly the empty suitcases on the bottom of the rack. You only need to carry any documents valuables medicines in a small tote bag and away you go - if changing deck levels you may be escorted via interior crew elevators to speed the move - this happened to me. The only other thing you need to do as others have noted is visit Guest Services and get the new cabin key card and determine if you need to leave the ship or not/ Exciting - enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the escorted upgrade !
  10. This and another reason that there is no dining Dress Code on embarkation day - your luggage may not have been delivered to your cabin. The best situation is for an early arrival of the ship to turn around and leave in the late evening. Thus giving the cabin crew and the rest of crew adequate time to get things straighten away.
  11. What are these percentages ? Who controls or applies the algorithm ? I would guess that on a ship with the Haven that a percentage is held for those guests - as well as the ships Concierge to work his magic getting a table on demand or at least overbooking relying on a cancellation. There has to be some free-play not all restaurants have an exact fixed dining schedule i.e. Teppanyaki - - - But what do I know about the inner workings of the dining restaurant reservations system. Airlines overbook and get caught - NLC may subscribe to the same method. Get caught and receive a complimentary bottle of that fabulous champagne dum luck duc or some other trivial token gesture. Bon appetite ? How did that percentage taste ?
  12. No video or pix of your abode - but I did a random look about deck 10 and most of the stateroom doors have a louvered.center panel (non ventilating). This I guess is made of a composite material not magnetic metal - the inside of the door is flat with a peep hole showing the muster station escape route map. All I could see add at this time.
  13. The name of the 2nd ship is the VIVA About that 3rd ship - I haven't heard or read anything about it ? With all that ocean out there it hard to see the shore - - -
  14. What stateroom are you in ? - perhaps someone has done a video tour or pictures of your stateroom or one close by check the JADE deck plan for pictures and videos LINK: Norwegian Jade Deck Plans, Layouts, Pictures, Videos (cruisedeckplans.com)
  15. But then on the other hand once the show has started - it is not appreciated for the show to be interrupted by late comers. On another note on some ships the MDR has an alcove or room off to the side to accommodate large groups check it out - YES when you first get on board check with the Dining Reservation desk or go directly to the MDR and discuss your situation with the staff - Host - Maite-d and see what they can work out - If trying to make that 9pm show include that in the discussion. Think about keeping the menu selection simple so all the selections can be served at the same time setting you free to "get me to the show on time !" AND agreed that everyone dining at the same time every night together is "OLD HAT" ! Once or twice on a 7 day cruise is enough - I don't think much of the same dining time with the same staff all nights of the cruise duration - had enough of that on Princess and Holland America - that is why NCL FreeStyle cruising is a hit !
  16. Lets cut this to the quick - there is NO Haven on the DAWN (or STAR). Suite guests have breakfast and lunch at Cagney's (Moderno) - the Specialty Dining venues are open for dinner - menus vary by ship although the basic items maybe the same.
  17. It is a DRY SPELL from mid-night to 5 am - but it appears that the Observation Lounge maybe your best last gulp to get that drink - have one of the beverage packages get two to take back to your cabin. I don't see O'Sheehans on the ENCORE but it being a 24 hour open restaurant one should expect to get some kind of alcoholic refreshment with that mid-night meal/snack. If there is some late late night entertainment - one would expect bar service to be available till the show is over. But then ? ? ? Buy a bottle thru Room Service and have it your way in your cabin late into the night.
  18. Will the guests who brought the iron - hair dryer - curler - fan - portable generator - on board and other non-permissible items STOP using them ! You are not helping ! Something about this being a well grounded issue. NCL didn't bring a long enough extension cord. Hope this is fixed ASAP - Panama air conditioning - well there is none..
  19. If I am not mistaken the bath-tubs were or are being removed on all the JEWEL and DAWN class ships - or as these ships go in for a dry dock renovation that is what is being done. Recent cruise guests may confirm that this is the case ? ? ?
  20. A good idea to get your reservations in WRITING PRINT READABLE MEDIA - don't rely on that cloud media email. Check you reservation status at 120 days from sailing and at 90 days to see that what you reserved is in order and still on file at the time you reserved. Check again 21 days from sailing while doing your Check-in documents. Pay attention to some reserved items may require an advance payment - on account or pre-cruise. Payment pending - no payment - no reservation - Recovery - as soon as boarding the ship - anything not in order get it straighten out with - Dining Reservations - Shore Excursions - Guest Services In a Haven or Suite have your Butler/Concierge fix it.
  21. While on board you can pop the question - Generally you should leave your cabin by 8 or so - Sooner is appreciated - You would be welcomed to go to the Buffet or any concession that is open - Pay attention to any announcements - that NCL is getting tired of you - Certainly after that you should leave - When the uniform security officers come looking for you - You have overstayed your welcome ! Most ships operate on a ZERO COUNT - When Zero is reached plans for boarding the next cruise can commence. If you are not off the ship timely - you are holding things up --- LOL
  22. With the astronomical prices of similar items in the ships gift shop - YES - bring as much as you can on board to satisfy your need. Also the gift shop if they have your candy/item the sizing may not be the same - half as much for twice the price !!! Have allergies or other afflictions remember to bring your own OTC (over the counter) meds these too are terribly expensive on board and often in limited supply !
  23. TSA Pre-Ck - Global Explorer - CLEAR and any airline perks/upgrades First/Business class will certainly help get you by the TSA security gauntlet mess. But do give these the time to work - you still must pass GO (security) to get to your gate/flight. LOOK for the signs - ask for help for the most direct clearance point/lane - - - Realize after security that some departure gates may require an underground tram ride to a satellite. where your flight awaits - The B-I-G airlines operating at SEA-TAC have more than several gates - it is not a walk in the park ! Flights departing after Noon doesn't make a difference what mode of transportation is used from the cruise ship dock to the airport - relax go with the flow - - - BUT the flights departing before Noon - -OR- time critical before 11am need everything going your way - Don't wait for a motor coach bus load to load and leave for the airport at a leisure pace. Take a smaller shuttle bus if offered - BEST - a cab/taxi Uber/Lyft speedy jitney/Limo and be on your way ! Don't forget to factor in weather and flight delays working maybe in your favor - OR NOT ! NCL Pier 66 is a short distance ride to SEA-TAC but a congested starting point - Knowing as much about the trek from dock to airport maybe helpful.
  24. Take the "AM" train departs Downtown Anchorage Depot at 6:45am and arrives Seward at 11:15am. Time to take a 6+ hour excursion - board your ship and sail off into the Resurrection Bay sunset around 9 pm. Your luggage is handled directly from the Depot and taken directly to the ship for placement at your cabin door (this on cruise days only). Check in is done inside the Seward Cruise Terminal. Your ship having arrived early in the morning and being cleaned and prepared for boarding generally around 11 am - thus you can check in at that time and then leave the ship taking that 6+ hour excursion or simply just do a walk-about of Seward or take the excursion now and do the check-in later. Take the "PM" Charter train departing the Airport station afternoon and arrives at the Seward Cruise Terminal around 5pm - your luggage is take directly to your cabin door - you have until about 7pm or so to be on board your ship - check having been done at the airport leaving a couple hours of time to walk-about Seward but not enough time for an extended excursion.
  25. If your booking is done through a TA - do the change of fare through the TA - this unless your pumpkin chariot is about to run out of time limits at the stroke of midnight and you are unable to hail your TA for the change. Always come back and check on your reservation for money saving changes and perhaps additional perks bennies bonuses - Don't be afraid of the Cancel & Rebook penalties ! After FINAL PAYMENT you are pretty much committed to the T & C. Be savvy and know how to save money - the cruise fares may be in flux - be there to capture that moment !
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