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  1. Breaking News... Today I went in "My NCL". Made one reservation at a time. System accepted the reservations. Now, I'm just waiting for the obvious to happen.
  2. Just a FYI I'm 120 days out from my cruise on November 29th. Yes, I know I'm a dreamer. Anyway, went into My NCL and entered my reservations. I got great times. Went to "pay" and no luck. Tried it three times and on two browsers and then called NCL. I had a horrible wait of about 20 seconds. Conclusion to my sorry tale- They are not taking any restaurant reservations on any cruises "departing" in 2020. Woe is me.
  3. Thanks Adam. Just went thru all my paperwork. When I booked over a year ago, 11 nights or longer was 5 dinners. I hope they don't expect me to be happy with 4.
  4. Hi.. I'm sorry to have to ask. This is not my first NCL cruise. Closer to 30. But everything changes...often. On a 13 night cruise, how many dinners are included in the ultimate dining package? Thank you for replying.
  5. Perhaps Clay responded to you directly. For all others-You can transfer after final payment (But within 30 days). I have done it once. I try not to because I want my TA to do some work!
  6. Hi, I have sailed with NCL about 30 times, including 5 times in the Haven. Sailed Viking Ocean 3 times. The Haven and Viking are apples and oranges. When NCL went public their pricing for cabins and especially for the Haven took off. That is the only comparison. The Haven is expensive to very expensive. The service in Haven can be spotty. Regarding meals- The Haven restaurant is very nice. But except for a daily special for dinner, the menu will not change. On a 14 day cruise.....same menu. It's always been a complaint of mine. NCL knows you will want to eat elsewhere when the menu doesn't change. There is a small bar in the Haven that might close early if there are no patrons. And depending upon your sail date, you can have lots of those individuals that are prohibited from Viking in the Haven pool. Not fun. Full disclosure- I use the auction process to get into Haven. I would never pay the full fare.
  7. How did you find out it was extended to 7 /15
  8. The crazy stuff that TA's will tell you. If you cancel and re-book, how is any TA losing a commission? You are, after all, re-booking a cruise. You need to reevaluate your "great" TA. My TA was assisting me cancel and re-book. I thought this promo applied to 2020. It doesn't, so my TA had Viking restore my booking.
  9. To Jersey Mom... If you sail with Viking previously and you booked another cruise last month then you likely received a double past guest discount. If you re-book now, you will lose that discount because it's not offered in July. Also, if they make you cancel and then re-book, the voucher for your deposit will take upwards of 14 days to be created. I assume you might then be able to use it for final payment.
  10. hi there... does this promotion cover 2020?
  11. Thank you SM77. A good man is hard to find. 🙂 I was going to ask you for his extension. Once Viking reads that his extension is known, I fear for his safety. However, for now I am going to wait for my TA to get back to me. After all, the cruise was paid in full. Should be a pretty easy fix. But, what do I know.
  12. And as I indicated above, I was having problems with getting a reply to the amount of my FCV. I had my TA call Viking. MY TA left a message with my Viking agent. So, guess what my Viking agent does? Time up. Answer- She applies the credit to a river cruise I'm taking next year. Sends a revised guest statement to my TA. Just one problem....It is already paid in full! I couldn't make something like that up. Now my agent has clean this up.
  13. Maybe yours can. I subsequently asked my agent. She cannot view availability of individual cabins.
  14. So, you can teach an old horse (me) new tricks... Three questions... 1-If you book thru a TA, are you allowed to contact Air Plus directly to book your flights? I thought if you booked thru a TA, everything must be handled by the TA. 2- What is the telephone number of customer relations? I generally talk to the folks at the extension of already booked passengers. And they are not extremely helpful. If you question anything a second time, they tell you that your TA must call and ask the same question. 3-If you book directly with a TA, do they have the ability to tell you immediately which cabins are available? Vikings website lacks that ability. I am having a similar problem with FCV. I am having my TA handle this with Viking. Thanks.
  15. Glad it worked out for you. I have always felt that the "service" you received before boarding can be anywhere from poor to very poor. They seem only to be trained to "keep calm and carry on". You have to be persistent or very lucky to have a problem resolved.
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