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  1. Alabaster Cruiser

    Live from Princess Cay

    We were there too. Should not have taken us there. Princess should have used Half Moon or anything else. No power....no music, no blenders, hot beer, cool barbecue. No running water....bathrooms not functioning at all on one side. No one including employees washing hands....yuck. Was a poor choice in my opinion.
  2. Alabaster Cruiser

    Princess Cays Fire

    I would be happy with Half Moon or Grand Turk. Hopefully not another sea day. Our cruise next week is a seven day with 3 ports. Would hate for it to turn into a 7 day with 2 ports.
  3. Alabaster Cruiser

    Hail to the YumYum Man ( Dining Room Greeter)!

    We haven't sailed Holland for years but have booked for April. The YYM was the first thing I thought of when we booked. It is such a wonderful tradition. We have pictures of several with the xylophones.
  4. Alabaster Cruiser

    Newest Carnival premier gift

    On the Breeze now....the ugliest and cheap beach towel.
  5. Alabaster Cruiser

    Holland America Casino Comp

    Did you get your answer? Did you get get drinks in the casino?
  6. Alabaster Cruiser

    Command removable hooks

    We used Command hooks for years. Then we started using the magnetic hooks. They are so much cheaper to use. One time purchase and no backing refills to buy. Harbor Freight is where we got ours...good hooks...very cheap.
  7. Alabaster Cruiser

    tipping in the casino

    Playing 3 card on Celebrity. Other players said they had never been given money on a win. Maybe it is Southern Thing๐Ÿ˜€. We have gotten money from other lucky players on NCL and Carnival before.
  8. Alabaster Cruiser

    tipping in the casino

    If at the tables we shares with the table and tip the dealer. Last time I hit $1000 I gave all the players $25 and I had bet for the dealer so it was an automatic tip.
  9. Alabaster Cruiser

    How do you acquire a DOU card in the casinos?

    Oh so true! ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Alabaster Cruiser

    Carnival ultra cruise

    We'll be there too! Was so afraid that the Sunshine would close out before we got a chance. We have offers from Princess and Holland that we are taking advantage of so the April 27 was the only one that worked for us. All set now!
  11. Alabaster Cruiser

    Port of Tampa

    We had a different experience. The worst disembarkation of greater than 70 cruises! Took forever. All employees were grouchy and ill. Allowing only a few on escalator at a time. Maybe it was just today but it was awful.
  12. Alabaster Cruiser

    Alabama Football - Nov 3 rd

    Excuse me....I did not say it was the end of the world. I said was the end of us sailing on Carnival during football season! Thank you Coevan!
  13. Alabaster Cruiser

    Alabama Football - Nov 3 rd

    I can tell you that it was not on The Miracle.(and neither will we be on any other Carnival ship during football season) The company apparently thinks that the bottom line is more important than customer satisfaction...no matter how small the savings may be. This is a perfect example of poor money saving decisions. I hope this one bites them in the ass!
  14. Alabaster Cruiser

    Free laundry?

    I have had my husband' s brand new t shirts come back very yellowed. I am very selective about what I send. Sent from my VK700 using Tapatalk