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  1. Yes we had a problem with loading tenders and shore based tender when the tide was running fast.
  2. Here is a copy of a post I made on a 'Live From' after a visit to Holyhead. Even at the port entrance it was unbelievably busy, with many, many trucks entering and leaving. I have used the port numerous times as the gateway back to Ireland after a UK visit, so, I think if I was back there again then I would stay on the ship, unless I felt the need to visit, Boots or Marks and Spencer (in Bangor) or similar. Copy of Post: Day 7 Holyhead Tuesday Pronounced Holly head! This was on the front cover of the Daily Program for today. Holland America tour buses were pulled up at the bottom of the gangway whereas all others were required to take the free shuttle to the cruise terminal to meet their private tours/taxis etc. Holyhead is a very busy ferry port with numerous ferries running to various ports in Ireland. this is the Irish Ferries 'Ulysses' doing a quick 180 before reversing into its dock. Before heading down to our meeting place at the world stage we went to Dutch cafe for a quick latte. We were greeted by a smiling Captain Eric who was enjoying a bowl of Dutch Pea Soup! Today was the second of our 'cheap' tours thanks to HIA. We went to Caernarfon Castle which was the location for the investiture of the now King Charles as Prince of Wales on 1st July 1969. The drive there was pretty uninspiring. A lot of flat agricultural land a few sheep some horses and a lot of cattle. The Anglesey Agricultural Show was being held today and tomorrow near to Holyhead, but we didn't even meet much traffic. (I will just mention here that there were no priority bus tickets for the port shuttle bus, but there was not much of a wait for those that needed them). Some views of the castle On the way back to the ship we stopped at that village with the unpronouceable name of 58 letters. An interesting enough day, but I would not feel the need to rush back!
  3. Could you disembark the ship in Naples?
  4. Were they not using the shore based ferries as tenders? They can take up to 200 passengers each time.
  5. Correct. Similar to the pronounciation of the girl's name Niamh! Yes, mh and bh have the same 'soft v' sound. Cobh is not an Irish word, but an Irish version of the town's original name. It was originally called 'Cove' and then changed to 'Queenstown' in 1849 to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria to Ireland. In 1921 it was changed back to an Irish version of its original name, so Cove became Cobh. (and Victoria became known as the Famine Queen, but that is another story!) With apologies for thread drift.
  6. There is a metro station near the cruise terminal. Maybe 5 minutes walk. The metro goes to Rotterdam Centraal Station and take the train to Schiphol from there. Or take a tram. You can pay by debit or credit card, but each person needs their own card.
  7. Viator are an intermediary. They do not run the transfer. It will be booked with a local supplier and you will be able to book it cheaper with the local supplier too.
  8. Glad you enjoyed Cork, Midleton and Cobh. Sorry that the 'sprinklers' turned on a little earlier than expected 😉 Just for information you are referring to the 'Common Travel Area' which permits unhindered travel between Ireland and UK, even though UK is not in EU. Cobh is a great town on a nice day, and you had a nice day. Hope you come back again! 👋
  9. Thanks for spelling it correctly, but unfortunately it is the incorrect name! It is St Colman's Cathedral that you can see in Cobh, but if you go to Cork City you can see St Fin Barre's Cathedral. St Colman's is Roman Catholic and St Fin Barre's is Church of Ireland.
  10. Well, the exception which proves the rule, was Bruce on Thursday night. It was a typical Irish spring evening with misty rain between the downpours. So he opened with John Forerty's "Have you ever seen the rain/who will stop the rain" and ended with The Pogues' "Rainy Night in Soho". In the middle he covered "Nightshift" by the Commodores and "Twist and Shout" made famous by the Beatles. He also performed Patti Smith's "Because the Night" but then he was co writer! Still a great night even with the 'covers' 😉 😁
  11. I went to Bruce Springsteen gig last week and had been to one a few years ago. Even he played a lot of the same songs each night. It is the nature of the beast. Going to Van Morrison at the end of the month and he just better be singing the same songs as last time 😉
  12. It does state unlimited non-alcoholic drinks on this page! https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/eu/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
  13. There are buses at the dock gates that do tours to Olympia. Just walk up and they go when full. The price in 2022 was €15 per person. 30 minutes drive to Olympia, 2 hours free time and then 30 minutes back to Katakalo. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakalo (it is near the 'train terminus'). It is very interesting.
  14. The nearest taxi stand is located on Marine Road, just across from the train station and 150 yards up the road straight in front (towards shopping centre). However, I would prefer to use the train to get into Dublin centre quickly. Better use of time and money. Just so you will know for next time 😉
  15. Wow! 10.15pm last night "Summer of Love" in Rolling Stone Lounge. That could have been a great playlist.........did you go to the happening and hear some great music?
  16. I have done this with Aer Lingus. Very good prices. Also, you do US Preclearance in Dublin so you do not need to wait in the horrendous immigration line in Miami. EI are offering flights from MAN to MIA. One caveat is that Dub- MIA is seasonal, so check dates. Use the Multi City option https://www.aerlingus.com/app/plan/multi-city You will probably have to purchase a one way ticket from Dub to BCN as EI does not fly BCN-MAN. Your routing would be MAN-MIA and then BCN-DUB + DUB-MAN or LPL Check the prices and consider that PreClearance is a great boost to the trip when you arrive in USA
  17. Best? DART is the train service. Station located adjacent to the tender docking area. Machines in station for tickets or pre purchase a day ticket for use on Dublin Buses (not HOHO). https://about.leapcard.ie/leap-visitor-card
  18. I understand your position, but as you only had 3 hours available, the driver took you to (probably) the furthest place available within that time frame. Obviously he could have done a 'drive by' of various places, but to my mind he utilized the available time for the best experience, specially as you had booked a tour to the 'countryside'. Anyway, did you send a copy of your cancellation email to Butlers?
  19. I have nothing to do with Butlers, but their T&C are quite clear. https://www.ecoach.ie/refund-cancellation.php Did you email them prior to 12 hours before the tour? If you did, then I would suggest you send a copy of that email to Butlers. You do not state the date of the tour or what was planned. Kinsale is a normal small Irish town. Stores etc will close at the usual time, but many places in Kinsale are open in the evenings. Another point of view would be that many cruisers would prefer a shortened tour rather than no tour, as this may be their only chance to visit Cork/Cobh. I would also say that the naming of persons does seem a bit vindictive and does nothing to promote your point of view. Sorry you were disappointed in Butlers, but many cruisers have been happy with them.
  20. Probably allocating Guarantee staterooms, but it could be sold out too! If you want to book, then perhaps phone them?
  21. The Early Booking Bonus is not the same as the Mariner Early Booking Bonus! Early Booking Bonus gives upgrade to Elite Beverage pack and Premium Wifi. The Mariner Early Booking Bonus is an OBC of various amounts and is only available to bookings made within 90 days of the launch date. As 2025/2026 Antartica/S America went on sale around mid November 2023 it is unlikely that the Mariner OBC is still available.
  22. To boldly go where no cruise ship has gone before!
  23. I would be inclined to direct them towards their own website: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/eu/cruise-deals/mariner-early-booking-bonus?ICID=INTHWEB20240502VV6Y1AQANP This is the EU page, but it should open the page for your geographic area.
  24. There are busses waiting at the port gates that do the return journey. It is quite inexpensive, maybe €15 per person.
  25. There are a few posts if you look on the correct board. Tangier is neither in Spain & Portugal nor is it in Europe. It is in Africa. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/19-africa-amp-middle-east/
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