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  1. What a comprehensive comparison - thank you for sharing your impressions.
  2. Great - thank you for posting.
  3. The OP wants to visit the National Archaeology Museum. Doesn't your tour visits the Acropolis Museum rather than the archaeology museum?
  4. Usually, we prefer to do two TA cruises in the same year - we like one in the spring & one in the fall. We book open jaw (multi-city) round trip air tickets so that we only need to purchase one R/T airfare. We booked a TA to Amsterdam in May, spent a week in Amsterdam, took the train to Prague, spent a week in Prague & flew home from Prague. We flew to Venice (the other half of our r/t air) in October, took a Med cruise that ended in Barcelona & then TA from Barcelona to FLL. We are taking a TA on X's Edge to Rome in May and will spend a few weeks in Italy before flying home. Not doing 2 TAs this year.
  5. AFAIK, they have been working on it for a few years (at least as far back as 2017).
  6. Yes, air or train would make the most sense. Other alternatives are: drive (car rental) or bus. https://www.alsa.com/en/web/bus/home https://www.eurolines.eu/ I imagine a private transfer would be quite costly. You could see if a rideshare is a possibility with this company: https://www.blablacar.es/
  7. There is a lively roll call already established for your TA cruise where you can chat with others on your cruise. Perhaps you have already found it?
  8. The photo of the visually stunning cathedral above is St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Peterhof (in case anyone is interested).
  9. To the OP: We docked at Moll Adossat, Terminal B, and the walk is about 30 minutes (perhaps a little more) to the Columbus monument. Then you would need to add on the distance to your hotel that is located on the Ramblas. The walk from the Columbus Monument to Placa Catalunya takes approximately 20 minutes. Check to see where your hotel is located along the Ramblas and add-on the appropriate time - you could conceivably be looking at a 50 minute walk to your hotel. I would recommend a taxi to your hotel or, at the least, take the bus to Columbus Monument. FYI: Carefully watch your belongings while walking the Ramblas with your luggage in tow - pickpockets are very active in this area.
  10. I don't know of any reasonably priced private vendors but you could rent a car - would this be an option that would appeal to you? On both of our cruise visits to Toulon, our ship docked in La Seyne Sur Mer (on the night prior to docking in Toulon during our last cruise visit, we were assured we would actually dock in Toulon - awoke the next morning to find we had docked in La Seyne Sur Mer). St Paul De Vence is about a 2 - 2.5 hour drive from La Seyne Sur Mer.
  11. PacSafe is great - have a purse that I wear crossbody. https://www.pacsafe.com/ There are other options: https://www.travelandleisure.com/style/travel-bags/anti-theft-travel-bags I carry my passport, credit card & money in a passport wallet worn crossbody inside my shirt/sweater.
  12. We rarely book ship excursions - we book independent tours or DIY. I would recommend that the OP post his/her comments on RCCL's FB page - that may elicit a more favorable response from RCCL concerning the poor quality of your shore excursion.
  13. If you are contemplating a specific TA cruise, I would recommend checking the roll call for that cruise.
  14. I would surmise that itinerary would impact the age of guests, including solo cruisers, on a given cruise. From what we noticed, on our european cruises, the solo cruisers tended to be older than those on Caribbean cruises. Didn't notice any solo cruisers on our Alaska cruise (although I am sure there were some).
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