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  1. Thank you - your post prompted me to do a little research. Although I can't find any confirmation that Ambien never loses its potency, I did read several articles stating that it is still potent long after its expiration date. This same research supports your assertion that big pharma does not apprise its consumers of the efficacy of many of their drugs long after their expiration date - $$$ the likely reason. Anyway, it appears that I can safely use my Ambien for up to 5 years beyond its expiration date and by this time, all the pills would have been consumed anyway. Thanks, $$$ saved.
  2. Viator does not provide any tours - they are simply a consolidator. We always recommend booking directly with the tour company. Do you know the name of the tour company that is providing your tour?
  3. It looks beautiful - I had not heard of it before. Thanks for the tip and the photos. We are always looking for new things to see and do on repeat visits.
  4. No, I have not. The only dreamliner that departs from my home airport is via Norwegian Air and due to ongoing financial concerns within Norwegian Air, I have been hesitant to book with them. I usually fly Lufthansa - no 787's in their fleet that fly my routes. I have read that the 787 reduces jetlag/fatigue - hope to experience a flight one of these days.
  5. You are a fortunate man, Don. I certainly don't consider myself a germaphobe - I'm simply attempting to employ best practices in avoiding illness when flying. I did become quite ill before I began my regimen of attempting to diminish my chances of contracting illness on airplanes and mass transportation - the cold turned into a particularly virulent case of walking pneumonia & ruined a good portion of my 3 month stay in Europe. Lesson learned! Airlines are of particular concern to me as they fly in the range of 36,000 feet (across the Atlantic) where humidity typically runs at about 10%. Our mucociliary clearance system (our natural protective system and first line of defense against bacteria and germs) is crippled at such low humidity levels (in other words, the mucus in our nose and throat dries up) thus creating a much more tolerant environment for infection by colds, flu and the like.
  6. Ah, that makes sense. The Symphony is an Oasis class ship - other Oasis class ships in the RCL line are Allure, Oasis and Harmony. There is an 7 night cruise on the Allure = r/t Barcelona - many dates from which to choose beginning in May and culminating in November. That's all I could find for the RCL Oasis class ships beginning/ending in Europe for 2020.
  7. I still get 90 at a time. So, would you would say that your Ambien has lost some of its potency but still puts you to sleep? Just curious as maybe I won't be quite so quick to discard unused Ambien in the future (although I won't keep it around for more than 6 months past its expiration date).
  8. It is still effective after 2-1/2 years? I discard any unused meds (including Ambien) by their expiration date listed on the bottle. I realize that one can extend usage beyond the expiration date but 2-1/2 years seems like a lot.
  9. Agree and would add alcoholic beverages to the list of things to avoid during flight . We also use airborne when flying or using the metro in European cities and take hand sanitizer - we also wipe the trays seat belt buckles and arm rests on the plane with sanitized wipes. We make sure to eat well and get as much rest as possible (not really a viable option for us during long flights).
  10. Yes, totally understand - you must do whatever makes you most comfortable & your booking sounds like the perfect tour for you. Simply pointing out the differences between the less expensive tour that you booked and the more expensive tour booked by Biris. One must compare apples to apples. A big plus for you is that they provide wheelchairs - most do not.
  11. I was thinking the same thing - perhaps a TA that begins or ends in Europe.
  12. We had the same type of clothesline in the shower on our Gate 1 Danube cruise.
  13. Yes, pricing definitely depends on what you want to see and do. The less you see (guided tours inside sites), the less you pay. Visiting more sights within a longer touring day(s) would, naturally, be more expensive. Lunch venues are also a consideration. The Standard tour mentioned by schmerl misses guided visits to several of the heavy hitters that many visitors consider must see sights in Saint Petersburg (Catherine Palace, St. Isaac Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress & Cathedral, Yusupov Palace and Faberge Museum) - your tour most likely includes these sights. Deposits are the norm on private tours afaik.
  14. I would take the safer choice - the 9:30 flight is far too tight. As already mentioned, Marco Polo is chaotic. I would also be concerned that my ship might be delayed docking in VCE if I had such an early flight.
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