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  1. You can ask to have a taxi reserved for your early morning flight - that way you will be assured of making your flight on time.
  2. What are the ports on your cruise? There is plenty to do onboard - both for the kids and for mom.
  3. I don't know what time your ship is scheduled to dock but taxi to airport takes only about 20 - 25 minutes. Your ship should also provide transfers. You should easily be able to make th 7am flight if you self disembark - cruise staff is extremely helpful.
  4. Suggest reviewing the community guidelines - posts were most likely removed by the mods because post(s) violated terms of use.
  5. When necessary to carry my passport on my person, I use a silk passport wallet (worn cross body inside my shirt).
  6. Thanks hallasm - that's right - I forgot about the ferry. One must book the St. Petersburg city tour through the ferry line and then one is free to roam about at will until the departure of your ferry.
  7. Yes, the ferry is an option for Stockholm/Tallinn/Helsinki (Tallink/Silja Line). You can NOT visit Russia on a Canadian visa - you must either: procure a Russian tourist visa or book a cruise that ports in St. Petersburg in order to take advantage of the "visa free" touring options (note that you must both enter and depart St. Petersburg via ship).
  8. Cruisingexcursions do not provide the excursion as they are merely a broker that sells tours. They accept low bids from the actual tour vendors that actually provide the tours. IMHO, it is always best to book directly with the local vendor. The tours offered by the company in question receive mixed reviews and it is difficult to actually contact the company providing the tour if a situation arises. The upside is that they provide inexpensive tours at a fraction of the cruise ship's tours. If you do a search on these boards you will find quite a few comments regarding the company.
  9. The tours to Berlin start early in the morning as it is a long drive into Berlin.
  10. Weather patterns are highly unpredictable. Layers are recommended. Recommend checking online for yearly averages for August/September.
  11. TI = Tourist Information Tallinn: https://www.visittallinn.ee/eng/visitor/plan/good-to-know/tourist-information Helsinki: https://www.myhelsinki.fi/en
  12. dogs4fun


    Well, the 8:55 gives you almost 2 hours to make it to the train station. If you hop a taxi you should easily be able to make the train with some wiggle room (assuming you self disembark and your ship is not delayed). Personally, I would book the 8:55 as I think it gives you plenty of time. If you are more comfortable pre-booking 1st class, make sure that you book first class ECONOMY or first class SUPER ECONOMY - both are less expensive than first class base. Booking 3 months in advance will give you better rates than booking closer to your travel date.
  13. Yes, if you customize one of the group tours it will be more expensive. All of the major independent tour companies in St. Petersburg offer group tours in Stockholm - they also offer private, customized tours (which could include ABBA). Private tours are always more pricey - especially for a small group of 3. Is your ship docking in Stockholm or Nynashamn? Is there a reason that you can't DIY in Stockholm? It is quite easy to get around on your own using their excellent transportation system. Stockholm also offers HOHO buses and boats - you can hop off wherever your heart desires. Have you checked out Rick Steves Northern European Cruise Ports? He offers lots of maps, tips and a wealth of information for DIY in Stockholm.
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