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  1. It is also my understanding that paprika is best if used within a year. Is this the stall to which you referred? This one sold all types of paprika but not the tourist sets.
  2. Another vote for the chimney cakes - they are delicious. There were many stalls selling them on our last visit during the Christmas Markets.
  3. As previously posted, all attractions are closed for the season. Several years ago we took some foreign friends to the falls in December (their only opportunity to visit). The falls were not frozen but the vapor rising from Horseshoe Falls made a nice photo impossible. The day was chilly but we felt it was still a worthwhile visit. Absolutely no crowds. 😉
  4. This was our experience as well - when we arrived via cruise, no visa was needed. When we arrived via air we had already completed the e-visa online (think you can still get the visa upon arrival at ports of entry - i.e., airport).
  5. These sets come in a variety of sizes - with or without decorative spoons and/or scoops.
  6. We cruised the Danube with Gate 1 last year and were very pleased with the level of service. Happy to hear that you also enjoyed you cruise. Prices can't be beat IMHO.
  7. I have found that AMEX is not widely accepted - Visa and MC are widely accepted.
  8. Most of the fabric sets of two that are sold are, indeed, sweet and hot. If this is what you are looking for you will find these sets at all of the shops selling paprika.
  9. Paprika is the most widely sold item in the market and you will find it at most of the shops on the main floor. Prices are about the same from kiosk to kiosk. The best quality is the rose paprika (vibrant red) - it is sweet. King's paprika (koenigspaprika) is also quite good, imho. Grades of Hungarian paprika: edesnemes (most popular); csemege (mild & delicate aroma); csipos csemege (more pungent than the csemege); feledes (semi-sweet), rozsa (mild pungent); kulonleges (special quality - vibrant red color); eros (hottest variety, brown to orange in color). Probably more info than you wanted. 😎
  10. Langos & goulash! We also love Hungarian strudel (especially the sour cherry that we had at the market). Take homes: Love their lavender jelly and the apricot jam is also very good. Paprika (of course) & black truffle pesto. Sausages (brother bought several).
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