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  1. Daisi, What a bummer. It seems as if the larger centres just can't get their youknowwhat together. I know people in Ottawa who drove to Kingston back in March to get their shots. Our second shots were also set, but now with the acceleration we jumped on it. Good luck, RB
  2. Daisi, many health units in the province have their own registration system so you don't have to go through the provincial web site. There has been a lot of border hopping, all you need is a valid OHIP number. Now that pharmacies are also giving shots a phone call is all that is required. Yesterday my hubby called the pharmacy located in a grocery store and got his second Pfizer jab today. RB
  3. Here in SW Ontario in our county health unit we are now able to book our 2nd jab well in advance of the original time line. My first Moderna jab was in April with the second scheduled for the 21st of July. Called today and got an appointment for this Friday. Once needle is in the arm I will cancel the July one. That means I will be fully vaccinated by Canada Day 🇨🇦🎆. RB
  4. Why does it look as if the original heads have been replaced with these grumpy looking ones?
  5. I have been to opening day of the market in Alkmaar and I don't remember it looking quite like your photo, so how about Edam? RB
  6. Way off on a limb...the St. Lawrence river?
  7. Can you imagine the packing and unpacking for each leg of the trip? Wearing the same clothes for weeks? Nope, not for me.
  8. Notamermaid, Have a great day back at the office. The mental image I have is one of a young student on their first day of school. Uncomfortable shoes, new lunch box, new outfit. Enjoy! RB
  9. The River Queen is my favourite ship out of their fleet, and we've been on her three times. There are many opinions on this board comparing the various cruise companies, and I only have experience with Uniworld having done 10 cruises. We loved the first one we did so found no reason to try any other. Having someone greet you at the airport and take you to the ship is a nice way to start the all inclusive adventure. The food, staff, tours, guides, etc are all great. It will be interesting to see how things change post pandemic. Enjoy your cruise and we look forward to reading your
  10. Ninaks, as I mentioned cruise companies change things up and Uniworld added Baden Baden to the itinerary last year, so I can't help with that location. Speyer walking tour was the only thing available when we toured, but everything I have read about the vinegar tour is positive and very popular. The technology museum is worth a visit if you have free time. Your own interests will determine which of the Boppard options to take. If the weather is nice we always took the bike tour options. Have fun, RB
  11. Ninaks, Yes, we've cruised this area on the River Queen a few times. Cruise companies do change things up after a few years, so let us know which options you are wondering about. The Queen was supposed to undergo refurbishment at the end of the season last year, but there is no mention of it in the 2021 or 2022 literature. RB
  12. I have just gone down that rabbit hole and found some information that leads me to believe my pieces are worth maximum $50 to $70 each....if there is an interested buyer. I might net enough to buy a round of drinks for our virtual meetup in Wurzburg. 😄
  13. Notamermaid, the last time I checked there was no market for these collectables here in Ontario. I think it might be a European thing.
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