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  1. Sam, When you say your wife enjoys relaxing and doing nothing then I think a river cruise would be ideal for the both of you. But only if your / her definition of relaxing and doing nothing is the same as mine. Sleeping in, sitting in the lounge or on deck, reading, perhaps watching the world go by, being pampered by the staff, maybe go for a massage...that sort of thing. However, if she is looking for full spa treatments, casinos, fancy entertainment, then, no. If you can narrow down to a specific cruise you may be able to get detailed information...just ask. RB
  2. A quick question about events along the Moselle at the end of October, ... is Halloween a 'thing'? RB
  3. Momma Rene, I have just come from booking our 10th Uniworld cruise . It will be on the final cruise of the River Queen before she goes into dry dock and her magical transformation into a SS at the end of 2020. I have toured a few of the SS ships, but never travelled on one. Why? Not sure, but maybe because we have always felt comfortable on the original fleet. Yes, some of the ship may show a bit of wear, but not where it counts, imho. The beds are wonderful and made up in whatever fashion you like...duvets, or American style with sheets and blankets. Your cabin will be immaculate. The crew / staff will do everything to make your trip something special. Yes, the dining room may be a bit noisy but that is the nature of low ceilings and a space with a lot of people in it. It will be the same on any ship. I agree, spring or fall are preferred because of the weather and the sites being somewhat less crowded. Have fun deciding on the perfect itinerary, RB
  4. Happy to cruise, There are no hotels within walking distance of the docking area . Cruise ships are located in a canal in an industrial area that is not easy to get to via local transit, especially if you are carrying suitcases. My suggestion would be to find a hotel within or near the old town and take a cab to the dock. A few years ago we took the train from the airport to the main train station and then followed the walkway under the tracks and road into the old city and stayed at hotel Victoria just inside the old city wall. Super staff. They will call a cab for you when you are ready to go to the ship. RB
  5. That's where I read it, too. So why has no one ever told us that on board? RB
  6. Depending on where the ship is docked, and how comfortable you are with public transit and how many bags you have, the ship my be right next to the central station where you can easily catch a train right into the airport. RB
  7. To all of you Uniworld fans, were you aware of the extra 3%(I think) discount you can get if youput down a deposit for your next cruise while on board? Just a deposit for your next cruise, you don't have to be specific as to when and where it will be. We have been on 9 Uniworld cruises and have never heard of this extra perk. No one has ever spoken to us on board about booking the next one. Definitely no hard sell. The present deal is a small discount if you book before tomorrow the 31st. I am going to wait for a better offer in the new year. Wish me luck! RB
  8. The glass is not half empty, it is the wrong size!
  9. From your suitcase, take out half of what you packed, fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap and take twice as much cash as you originally budgeted. Now you'll have lots of spending money and a spot in your suitcase to stash your treasures safely. 😉😁 Have a wonderful trip, we'll be waiting for your review! RB
  10. Looking forward to your report.. Safe travels! RB
  11. Roz, Let us know as soon as you see something. I think in past years we got our brochure in the mail around February. RB
  12. Mark, Uniworld is very good to those with dietary requests. Just let the chef know on your first day. On a past cruise I tried a gf croissant. Not quite as flakey and decadent as a regular one, but with extra butter and jam, not bad at all. One chef, years ago, had sourced a very good gf pasta and used it for all the meals that evening, and no one ever knew . And just to hijack this one time, to answer your question from another post, the difference in price from September to October has to do with weather and daylight hours. September can still be warm, and the harvest season is very popular. RB
  13. Public transportation from the airport is easy and the hotel Victoria is in a great location. Staff there were very helpful.
  14. The bags are gorgeous! Do you teach anywhere? I will sign up, and then we can talk about cruising while sewing. RB
  15. Thank you for the fabric photos. Love the teal silk and the linens! And what are you going to make with the leather? For your own use and enjoyment, or for sale? Let me know if you are selling anything...It will save me a trip to France and the time to sew something. RB
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