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  1. @spinnaker2, any chance you're going to be at the Top Chef Collaboration Dinner Friday night at Splendido in Beaver Creek?
  2. Well, at least you're getting some good practice in Florida last night and today as the temps were similar to Antarctica. 😁
  3. no risk and lots of benefits of joining Jolly, I, and many more of your friends on the Moon’s inaugural TA in November. Yes, I know I keep beating a dead horse with you on this matter. 😉
  4. I think you’ll find what people bring on a voyage is exceptionally varied in opinions. We were a party of three and brought 3 large suitcases, 3 carry-on roller bags, and 2 backpacks. But, keep in mind, we have a wide variety of ailments that forces us to bring our own bed linens, bath and body care, as well as laundry products. Therefore, our answers to your questions are as follows: 1) We were really happy we packed extra OTC medicines and Chinese herbs for the treatment of the common cold and cough, as well as a wide variety of clothing highly adaptable to the varied weather conditions encountered. I wish I had left my tie at home. 2) Three. This allowed us to be in clean garments everyday without having to use the launderette daily. 3) Yes, we packed our own rain jackets and pants, as well as thermal lined ski pants. There were days we only needed a shirt and rain gear, and days when we needed two layers including fully lined parka, neck gaitor, and two ear coverings. I never overheated or got cold. As for the parka, we all had to go up one size. And, the company renting the gear didn’t even provide the correct sized garments based on our order for two of us. So, we had to waste time trading them for garments that fit us. Couldn’t believe it. 4) Rarely ever saw what you describe. While I wore both jackets that I brought, no jacket or tie was ever needed should a gentleman prefer not to wear one. In fact, for both the Venetian Night and Captain’s Farewell Party, the dress code was listed as “Casual” in the Chronicles.
  5. I’ll save everyone the drama, but after 61-hours, our trip home is finally over. Glad it’s done. I’ve been a top tier elite of American Airlines’s frequent flyer program for years. As awful as the situation was in Santiago, it pales in comparison to our treatment at Dallas Ft. Worth. I can only imagine how horrific it had to be for travelers without any status or traveling in coach. IMHO, AA continues to self destruct under the leadership of Doug Parker.
  6. Just an absolute brutal day. I’ve always said if it weren’t for SS’s exemplary on board product and service, we’d never cruise with them based on other experiences we’ve had with them. Another case in point on this trip was the fact they told us in writing on the plane down to Ushuaia that after claiming our luggage we’d be going straight to the ship for lunch. Obviously that was a lie as they drove us out to the middle of nowhere. That first day put a bad taste in our mouth as we were the last to board and spent the rest of the night running from one mandatory event to another before finally getting settled into our suite @ 11:00p. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the voyage. The crew was exceptional. It’s just the crap that goes on before or after the voyage that irritates me to no end.
  7. From your description, I’m guessing tonight’s $40/pp buffet dinner at the Sheraton didn’t quite compare to last night’s. 😉
  8. Smart move. Plan to bring some earplugs so that you don’t have to hear the alarms of the washers & dryers running at all hours of the night.
  9. We were really rolling side to side last night. Worst seas of the entire voyage. So, as you can infer, we were very lucky this voyage. Unfortunately, the passengers who board tomorrow are not going to be as lucky as the Drake is supposed to be even worse than the 4.5 - 5.0 meter swells we had last night.
  10. The sun I had been so desperately craving ever since reaching the peninsula 4-days ago finally made a grand, and unexpected, appearance this afternoon. And, oh my, how it changed everything!
  11. This afternoon we’ve been anchored in Mikkelsen Harbor where the cracking of the glacier echos off the walls of the small bay and sounds like distant thunder. Our time was spent amongst a gentoo colony where the chicks have recently hatched. A chinstrap and adélie penguin made an appearance as well. Gathering pebbles is important work for the gentoo. IMG_2814.MOV
  12. Now THAT comment made me just about spit my afternoon tea out. 😆😆😆 Since I’m doing everything from a phone, before I add the photos to CC for uploading, I select “small” from the drop down menu. And, for the videos, I’ve learned that 3-seconds (roughly 1 megabyte per sec) is all that I can get to load consistently. Very challenging for sure and I do my best to try and pick my posting times when many are off the ship or engaged in other activities. I’m really glad you’re able to see the videos, because we can’t here on board. I was afraid that maybe they weren’t posting after all.
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