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  1. Agreed. Looking forward to our return in 2020.
  2. Hope you warm up soon Les. Summer is such a fleeting thing in the northern latitudes. Not many enjoy temps below 60-degrees when it should be in the 70s/80's.
  3. For someone who has never sailed Seabourn, what are the reasons you feel this way?
  4. I can hardly believe the weather you've been having Davey. You are truly lucky!
  5. Thanks so much EagerTravelerBC! Appreciate you updating this topic.
  6. This is good to hear. Wes scared my DW with his comment "no guarantee u will find your size." 🙂 Since we'll be visiting Buenos Aires and Santiago before our Antarctic trip, the last thing I want to do is carry around another suitcase full of three pairs of boots. And, I certainly don't want to bring home said boots with penguin guano on their soles either!
  7. Singapore's botanic garden may be the single most amazing site for orchids. The for sharing your pics as it brings back many fond memories of our time there.
  8. Oh, that's right. Rojann told me all about it. I just totally forgot about your transatlantic pre-cruise. We'll be driving around northern Spain while you are on the Shadow and then sailing on the Moon while you're driving around southern Spain.
  9. CruisinPashmina, Colonel Wes has posted the photos you requested here; Silver Cloud Shower
  10. Patron was on our voyage in February, but not Casamigos.
  11. Haha! That would be JP Albany & Chris Colonel Wes is presently sailing on the Cloud. I’ll send him a PM and see if he can snap one for you.
  12. You’ll also find Woodford Reserve, as well as Hornitos.
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