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  1. Oct. 29 cancellation, yikes! That is getting very close to the Moon’s Oct. 30 sailing. Wonder what is going to happen to all of the October Moon sailings?
  2. I realize you weren’t a part of our Moon TA Roll Call, but don’t worry, it seems most passengers are cancelling based on the messages I’ve received. Will update the roll call when we return home next week.
  3. Traveling extensively throughout our state the past 2-weeks and still out on the road, I can tell you where all the Texas vacationers are; Colorado. It’s as if ya’ll just decided since our restrictions are pretty minor up here and we’ve had good success (generally speaking) managing the virus, that you’d come pay us a visit. What I can’t figure out for the life of me though, is why Texans won’t wear masks when vacationing here?
  4. Do let me know in the Roll Call if you decide to cancel. Our fingers are still crossed.
  5. Don't kid yourself QueSeraSera, you don't need to be in a hurry to book. That June, 2021 voyage is going to be available for you to book after the end of June and the Early Booking Bonus will still be available too. A company that has absolutely zero sailings right now is not in a position to remove such a promotion when they need all of the cash they can get their hands on.
  6. And, how will this impact the "Cruise with Confidence Policy"? If Americans are not allowed entry into the country of embarkation, yet the cruise still sails, will Americans be able to get a full refund if forced to cancel regardless if it is less than 120-days prior to sailing, or will the only recourse be a FCC for Americans?
  7. Hopefully not, considering the size of SS's ships compared to Royal's, let alone the fact SS is an Italian line.
  8. In regards to your topic title, yes, I want to cruise again.
  9. Who you calling old in Colorado, Chas? Spins? 😉
  10. Totally understand. But, if you’re thinking of booking a new voyage, I’d wait until after June 30th. IMO, SS is going to need to start discounting at some point to get “more” people to book cruises in the out months. I’d much rather have a reduced fare than an OBC, but that’s just me. I’m hoping since SS is an Italian line and that their ships are on the smaller side, that the local government will continue to let SS dock at their normal berth. There is nothing quite like being able to just walk off the ship in Venice and find yourself immediately immersed in the action.
  11. I love your style. And, it’s good to know I don’t have to spend as much for a bottle of Dom as I did for “free” laundry. Thank you for being classy and teaching me your ways.
  12. Wait... what? You too have received a bottle of Dom Perignon from AMEX for your anniversary?
  13. Happy Anniversary! Okay, we’ve been AMEX Platinum card holders for three decades, married for 32-years, and have neither received a bottle of Dom Perignon, nor any other sort of gift, from AMEX for our anniversary, ever. So, what’s your secret?
  14. WOW! Just absolutely unreal. Does anyone know what % of SS crew remains on board their ships?
  15. Correct, there should be no charges to watch a little video from my iPhone.
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