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  1. That’s amazing! Seems unusual to see one at sea.
  2. Would love to be able to add you back to the Roll Call list, Wes. You have A LOT of friends on that voyage who would love to see you, I’m sure. Besides, I want to hear all of their stories about you too. 😆
  3. Congrats Wes! You still going to do the Kimberly expedition posted on FB?
  4. I believe you will need to get to your Butler early”ish” in the morning so he/she can have the laundry professionals steam press it for you. It will be returned sometime between 4:00p - 6:00p.
  5. Thx shipsmail! Much appreciated.
  6. That’s a lot more serious than running out of berries.
  7. What were some of your favorites in South Georgia?
  8. A LOT of folks are going to be happy to read your comments re: suite 741 as it’s probably the most requested suite on the entire ship.
  9. From what I understand, I do not believe so. I still don’t think jeans or t-shirts are allowed, but slacks and a polo are just fine.
  10. Correct Mitz. It has changed in the Med as all 7-night voyages, formal is now optional. So, on formal night, folks can choose to dress up (we still like to dress to the nines), or informal, or casual.
  11. Hotel Director or Cruise Director?
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