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  1. It looks like a leak of some kind to me unless there are natural geysers in the area. https://youtu.be/240igU2FECM?t=779 Thanks
  2. I did try to book one and it came up normal price on the payment screen of $79 a person. Everything is back to normal now.
  3. Someone must have made a mistake, they are all gone now.
  4. 1 dollar fares on the front page that become $79 fares when you try to book them.
  5. I am going, Balcony 7422. I died doing what I loved!
  6. They are clearly trying to fill the ship, an interior room for this cruise right now is $44. Cheapest cruise I have ever seen.
  7. Exposure does not worry me as much as possible quarantine, I am healthy and under 50. Would be a real pain in the butt should we all get quarantined on the ship for 14 days though.
  8. Yes, Port Canaveral, Carnival Liberty just to Nassau and Freeport, short drive from my house. Without Corona Virus this is a no brainer.
  9. I happen to be off next week for spring break.
  10. I have been offered a free cruise leaving Monday. At first I jumped at the thought, but now I am apprehensive. I know I am asking cruise lovers, but would you go? I cannot decide.
  11. I am not much for soft drinks, but the rest of my immediate family drinks a lot of Coke products. We do not go to restaurants that serve Pepsi for this reason and we have not cruised Norwegian for this reason. This is a bad move on Carnival's part. I expect this will cost them more than they are gaining with a cheaper product.
  12. As others have said, do not let it ruin your cruise, but yes, Carnival is that disorganized. Anyone who says that Carnival is performing boarding well simply has not tried a line that really does do it well. I was seven cruises on Carnival before trying another line and had just gotten used to show up and wait thinking all lines worked that way, then boarded RCCL and was car to ship in less than 20 minutes. Same goes for their buffet though, if RCCL can do it better, so can everyone else. Carnival still is the fun ship though, you will wait in line for everything, but there will always be a party at the end of that line.
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