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  1. nooosey

    JR Wifi quality?

    I was on Journey in May, cruising Lisbon to Barcelona. WiFi was inconsistent and fairly slow. I was on Celebrity Silhouette earlier in the year and WiFi was far better. It’s disappointing that they have not brought their standard up to other premium lines I have sailed on.
  2. We were on Journey in May and it was a themed Perry Golf Cruise. There were odd occasions when a room was closed for their private party but there were also other Travel Agent led groups onboard and likewise they also had private parties with room closures. If this I the cruise you want to book I would recommend that you go ahead and do not worry about Perry Golf. One of the upsides will be that in ports the ship will have fewer guests around as they will be golfing so deck space and buffet tables will be more available for those onboard the ship.
  3. Trudi, Bon Voyage, I’m sure you will find plenty to do on this great voyage. Philip
  4. I have just been informed that Symphony Dec 1st 2019 OCS191201-10 will now embark from Miami instead of Ft Lauderdale. I understand that if you have arranged to fly into Ft Lauderdale Crystal will transfer you but obviously best to check with your TA if you are booked. Philip
  5. For those of you who have missed using these apps there now seems to be partial functionality, the boards can be read but log in is not possible so there is no posting. Apparently Cruise Critic have changed their minds and have decided to allow the apps to be used. They are working on making them fully operational with log in in the near future. Some of the boards have reported less postings since they went down perhaps that is why they have changed their mind. Philip
  6. I am finding that the Cruise Critic App is now partially working. I am able to read the boards but cannot log in so cannot post. Let’s hope we get full functionality back soon.
  7. Tender tickets were not issued, I think many stayed onboard so no pressure on the tender service. We had the meet and mingle last night at 5:00 pm in Pulse, quite a nice turnout. Our party dined in Waterside at 8:30 after the first show, there were no lines and we enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal. Philip
  8. Thanks for the good wishes, I’m looking forward to being on the “new Serenity “. Yes Bimini was great in August, I’m looking forward to a repeat visit. Philip
  9. Bon Voyage to all, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you who are staying on for the November 21st Fort Lauderdale to LA cruise. Philip
  10. Hi Patty, Bon Voyage, I hope you have a great cruise. Philip Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Bon Voyage, have a wonderful cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. I have had the pleasure of having a couple of chats with new CD trainee Russ, charming guy and I am sure he will fit in very well. I did mention that M&M meetings early in a cruise would be appreciated and he took this onboard. He was displaying his great dancing skills with the ladies last night in Starlight. Philip Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Thank you Roy, see you onboard and thank you everyone else for the Bon Voyage wishes, Philip Sent from my iPad using Forums
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