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  1. Ive not really paid too much attention to the Spirit, but had thought it was in Marseille. Strange goings on. The cloud did make the same journey. Om surprised they would have needed 2 ships to do that?
  2. What... wait..... we all need them soon for when sailings start back up shortly! lol I jest... Must be difficult times for the crew in these circumstances... It was certainly great to see the videos produced by them occupying their time whilst in ship lockdown. I'm fairly sure most of the crew were transferred in Tenerife to sail on the Cloud to Southampton to fly home. Didn't get it confirmed though.
  3. Oh yes...... And thats even the case for the 738 Vista.
  4. Unless you book that special one! 😉 Alas.... No longer available.... ever. Agree with your thoughts..... The extra cost isn't worth it IMHO. I remember seeing one of those upgrade deals on the Wind once which I blagged and ended paying £200 more on a 12 day Caribbean cruise which was worth it. Have you looked at your Moon sailing recently? We are now in 505 Happy(ish) days. I did also negotiate 75% of this fully paid fare back (repayable 120 days prior) and keeping my fare paid. Lessens the perceived risk.
  5. Here's a filtered link from Dec 2021 and onwards Venetian sailings. I was just fortunate the ones I looked at were I guess.
  6. I think the criteria (ie the last sailing up the Thames as a classic, the 2 years my money has been in their bank account and the since then standard hike in prices) has been lost on them unfortunately. I've gone back with a further request on a Norway sailing which was declined initially, but have offered to pay the difference between the price when cancelled and the price the replacement stands at. I don't think that's unreasonable - and there is an ace up my sleeve which I might produce to persuade. I wanted however to leave that for my Moon sailing I'm expecting to fall as well. UK prices seem relatively stable, though I hadn't kept a real record. Just know the price of one I had looked at is constant. As per above.... if all else fails, I am looking at the Muse New Zealand in January, which on reflection is a decent price. I must admit not looking that far into the document - but it is now live on silversea.com and I was pleasantly surprised at each one that I looked at more closely were all venetian sailings, so good news. My problem is exasperated if my November one does go, that I end up with nowhere to redate to. As it stood we had pushed the boat out for dates, but it looks like this is making things worse. Fingers crossed something shifts on the medical front enables sailings. Like you, I'm none too optimistic.
  7. im trying to sort out something to replace my cancelled Wind Thames / Norway cruise without too much joy so far. Nothing in that offering takes my fancy.
  8. Here’s the latest winter 2021 extension. Winter Itinerary 2021-2022.pdf
  9. Doug, no concrete info (there isnt really any apart from as you say, the revised start date), so just a gut feeling. Cruise dates keep being pushed back, but its the lack of expectations really. I do think there is a great chance that the Moon will be ready on the expected revised dates. I know the one you've booked. Thats a relatively tame one in terms of countries and Spain in particular want to open up again, but the one after yours (that I'm booked on), Not only starting from the US, but several South American countries that aren't doing so well. Those places are repeated consistently from November, so its just my thoughts that if South America is a no go, I cant see the TA going ahead as a one off voyage. Of course cruises could be changed from your disembark point in Fort Lauderdale going forward that allows things to continue and feasible. If that happens, that would be the second time on this booking for a change of cruise!
  10. I think you already missed that one! 😂 But yes, I agree with your thoughts re the end of 2020. I can't see the Moon even starting until 2021 and resigned to missing my second in 2020 and my Panama trip.
  11. Agree. It’s all a big unknown. We have some posters still optimistically hoping for a sailing in July, some who predict and hope it’s the end of Silversea. I suspect medical science will play a huge role going forward (instant accurate testing, vaccines and treatments etc) and also self survival changes implemented within the cruise industry like the ANZAC bubble being proposed which I personally think is a great idea to actively do something instead of just waiting.
  12. Wendy, the reason why I think it would work (at least in the short term) is that it will be this or nothing. If cruises do start elsewhere, you’d have to contend with 14 days quarantine on your return which of course this nullifies - you’ve not left Australia or New Zealand!) I think it’s a great idea which would ensure survival money coming in. I dont think crews would be a problem as long as the 14 day quarantine issue can be resolved and in fairness, should be easy enough.... just finding accommodation really..... which could be the Muse arrival with crew all ready and waiting.
  13. Very interesting and quite helpful. Having just received my cancellation, I was in the process of transferring my booking to something next year, one of which is currently sitting in my.silversea with a ? (Tentative booking) on the Muse. Funnily i did speak with my Silversea consultant prior to its T-120 days was up and suggested the only way I could see the cruise just cancelled going ahead was if they made it a Tower Bridge start and finish and made all the Fjord stops non landing and simply a sail in and out (maybe expanding to take in even more scenery.). Plus adding that from Spring to Autumn I’m sure they could fill U.K. only cruises which are always popular and become more so for the very reasons in the article. Of course the problem ahead for this idea is the need to replan and whilst I’d be ok with non stop (but with the bonus of 2 Thames journeys.... and for me personally, just a 20 minute train journey to catch my cruise.) Sadly, with the Winds capacity reduced, the cost would increase to levels I’d not be prepared to pay so a mute point. However the other ? booking I have is on the Wind and is a similar cruise to the one just cancelled. My consultant is working on it..... though stopping in Hull and Ramsgate are probably bottom of any list I’d want to go and visit! (See the sacrifices and compromises I’d be prepared to make!) We shall see. What I didn’t want is a refund, but I suspect that may well be where this may be heading if a suitable replacement not found.
  14. My consultant told me he should have it next week.... 1st week in June.
  15. Emtbsam, following on from what you'd asked. I rang and spoke with my contact and the answer was a bit of a mixture of good and bad. Obviously this shouldn't be taken as gospel, but this is what I was told from a UK perspective. Ok, my plan was to put my cancellation straight onto an alternative with a FCC, but from what i was told, it is effectively what will happen, which wasn't what i wanted to hear. What i was told though, even after swapping onto a new booking, i still had until 31 Dec 2020 to request a full monetary refund of my original booking if i wished. Once 1 Jan 21 came around, that was it. Your money is tied down. You can obviously still change things, but full refund is no longer on offer. This was told over the phone and needless to say, i will ask for this in writing. I hopefully will hear back tomorrow or Friday with details on my replacement. If none come in, I shall call it a day and walk away with a full cash refund. By all means quote what i was told here with your agent, but don't take it as read as these T&Cs seems quite fluid and id hate to have you take this for granted without making 100% sure. I'm simply repeating what I've been told.
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