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  1. That was Fortunate2 🙂 Hoping to be on for lunch on your Greenwich departure... If that's allowed! (Something else I'd not even given too much consideration to, but guess it's something else that could get the chop!)
  2. I did wonder if you were referring to the "about to sail" cruises, which would have had the EBB naturally fall off. But I did see numerous for the Shadow, which the loading page doesn't show the EBB highlighted, but if you drill down, it is still mentioned in the blurb. It also excludes the Air Fare inclusion, which I think is significant. Could be a prelude to its deletion and pages needing editing inside or just human error (which I tend to think is more likely and I suspect this has fanned the flames unintentionally)...... but we'll see soon enough.
  3. I don't have anything booked going to Asia, so currently don't have anything being affected. However, the 4 I do have booked (starting from August) could potentially be affected which is a huge concern. There is no telling how the spread is going to continue and how countries are going to react to it. The Princess ship in quarantine in Japan is proof if any was needed, that cruise ships are great incubators! Which I suspect will be huge concerns for ship owners, passengers and the ports being visited. (Which I fully understand.) From a personal level and in relatively decent health, the threat to me as an individual isn't something I'm overly panicking about. I catch colds and flu and get over it. From what I've read and with my limited knowledge on this, the symptoms are not dissimilar to that and recovery unless you've other complications are very good. Not that I'm trying to tempt fate - just the gut feeling whilst its great there are attempts to stem the spread, It's not bubonic plague and I'm somewhat less concerned than I would otherwise have been on the news of infectious diseases. I take a similar view of the the effects and mass panics over a terrorist incident. I live in London. I've read so many times people (particularly from the US) say they have cancelled or wouldn't book a trip to London because of the fear of being caught up with something. I see that as being irrational, but understand if its going to panic, then its probably wise. (Travel is to enjoy, not to be fearful after all.) So, the short version, nothing affecting me so far and hoping that remains that way. Given the fact travel to China and Hong Kong attracts a stigma, I would avoid travelling there. I would certainly be mindful of not wishing to catch it, but I'd be concerned if I did, how I'd be treated plus the effects of "have you travelled to China recently" would have for me. SS won't allow you on their ships if you have, so therein tells its own story. There won't be a cure any time soon (though I expect there will likely be next year) and there will be another "epidemic" we'll read about at some point. It's life!
  4. That's always been my logic in doing so. Never liked paying in full up to two years out (who would!), but it benefits me to do so and it benefits SS as they have my money and I've not shopped somewhere else because of the incentive they've offered.
  5. Not to mention the ever increasing capacity from new ship launches. Going back just a couple of years with the Muse and Spirit stretch plus 3 further new ships, SS will have more than doubled capacity. And that's without looking at competitor lines expansion. I'm not a marketing expert by any means, but taking this and Current virus problems, it would seem to be crazy timing to make this gamble. Bottom line here, there are so many land based places I want to visit but locked out because of a cruise obsession. I'd like to think my holiday spend is fairly brand loyal, but it's far from a given or guaranteed. I just can't help thinking the idea being suggested is going to hugely adversely impact if implemented. I wonder if current cruisers can obtain further info on the validity?
  6. Have a great cruise Mr Spectre. Particularly looking forward to Easter Island, which is somewhere that's always fascinated.
  7. Fortunately I am fully booked and won't be looking for another until 2022 is available. I always book and pay in full as soon as the brochure is available to take advantage of the 10% EBB despite knowing that initial price may well remain for a while after. Often it isn't though, so it's all a bit of a gamble on the incentive. If it's removed, even if I did decide to book another, if there is no incentive to do so and hand over the full fare, I simply won't be doing so. Once a reservation made it locks the price, so the reason to book in advance and pay in full simply vanishes. If there is truth in this rumour, I do wonder if they've thought it through properly. I do suspect my approach to bookings is shared by many and will definitely affect any decision (for me at least) on future bookings. I imagine when this marketing tactic was first used, it was to assist with cash flow which may well not be as needed now. (Despite the launch of 3 new ships imminent) and I can only think is behind this change. I guess we will learn shortly, though even if I remains, I can only think the writing may well be on the wall for this SS policy. We have all be a little fearful of changes taking place since being taken and I can't say I've noticed anything of significance. Here's hoping it remains this way and this rumour was leaked to gauge feelings and resistance.
  8. I'd estimate no more than 2 minutes of checking done. lol Was it typed on a phone with predictive text?
  9. My upgraded return flight from Lima on Dec 8 2020 was sorted and confirmed at T- 308 days. (On the same date as the outbound flights was done.) I was told it wouldn't be until 300 days to go that flights would be allocated, but this happened without a chase, early and was pretty impressed. We got the flights we had asked for. (No direct flights to London and there was no way we were going to endure 2 lots of passport control and security in a US airport on one day with a connecting flight home in the balance. 4 1/4 hours wasn't enough one time in Atlanta and vowed to avoid in future wherever possible this scenario. But that wasn't the reason.... Stress in US airports and expectations to leave your valuables and decanter into several separate containers with zero sight of them for 10 or 15 minutes (as I had to in FLL last March) is not acceptable and something I will avoid in the future. Our flights are not yet ticketed, but there is a reservation and our details appear on ba.com with details we expected to see.
  10. Logistical nightmare for everyone... Cruise Lines included. It's funny because I joked with a Chinese friend at work who spent 3 weeks over the new year in Taiwan when he sneezed in the office yesterday that he's lucky they let him back in. He went on to tell me a trip he was planning to Azerbaijan had been cancelled because all Chinese nationals we're banned. What's happened here with the Spirit could potentially become global! A frightening / devastating prospect for sure. Let's hope a cure / more knowledge of how it's spread is found soon to end this uncertainty.
  11. What a nightmare for everyone. And though your initial thoughts on hearing the news was negative, I'm pleased they've come through for you by handling everyone displaced return airfares, full refund and a 25% saving on a future booking. There is nothing whatsoever Silversea can do about this and it's such a huge shame for all concerned. I notice the next sailing is still showing as starting from Manila, which I suspect we shall see changing shortly and I hope those affected have already been informed. A logistical nightmare. So to answer the OP.... No I don't think RCL would be treating it's guests in the same way as SS has done here and from what I read about the quarantined vessel in Japan, passengers are locked in rooms with little and poor quality food to drink... And no refund for being incarcerated. So fair play to Silversea. Fingers crossed this doesn't become more widespread. I'd be devastated at "a full refund" for cancelling my 4 booked upcoming cruises, but also know it's not something ANY CL would want to do.
  12. Full listing in the file attached Mine seems to be in VIP Quay. Any idea where that is on a Map? Is it where I've dropped the pin? Must be in this vicinity I'd have thought. Oslo-2020.pdf
  13. Crikey.... that was quick! If hailing a Taxi is as quick I'll be well impressed! lol 😂 Many thanks....
  14. Mr Viking, I was about to make a hotel booking online for my Summertime pre cruise stay and I noticed the booking agent stated the price didn't include the "Copenhagen Tourist Levy" which is payable at the hotel. I'm assuming from that, Copenhagen has joined this annoying trend with a surprise "gotcha" for visiting? If this is true (and if the case what are the charges) or was this a bit of misinformation from the booking company? Searching online I could find no info, which makes the answer I'm hoping more likely. My second question relates to Taxis. I'm wondering if taxis are plentiful in the streets and can be hailed from the kerb, or is booking a must? The hotel we have booked is on a main road but not central and quite close to the berth at Toldbolden where our ship departs. No big deal of course, though if taxis are plentiful it's one less thing to worry about. Do taxis take cards or cash only? Skol
  15. Anything Midship and low in rough seas will help. The thread I mentioned above had several Glass like seas. Its a big sea and lots of different weather patterns crossed. Generally, things should be swell. (Pun intended) As mentioned. I've got one booked for next March on the Moon and not bothered in the slightest. (Tempting fate I know!)
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