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  1. There was a news piece last night that said Juneau is trying to limit cruise ships beginning in 2026 and particularly wants to reduce Saturday cruise traffic.
  2. Got an email last night from my sis who is on the ship now. Full cruise, likely as her original was one of the canceled ones, and this is same cruise 2 weeks later. She said biggest problem is that the app "keeps going down," initially "would not work at all." and SS attributes this to full cruise. Here is her comment on the bracelet.... Oh, another little glitch. When I left the boat yesterday, my wearable crashed 4 of their tablets. I held up the line leaving for at least 5 minutes. When I got back on we went to sailor services to get a new wearable and crashed that tablet. They called IT. They came and couldn’t get things solved. So I have a new wearable that does everything fine until I try to leave or get on the ship. It no longer crashes the tablet, just gives an error message that they can clear. When I leave, the guys that don’t know the situation freak out and call somebody and the guys that know me just wave me through. It’s kind of funny. Figures that this would happen to a passenger with a master's in computer programming....
  3. You were smart to check upgrade costs vs. booking originally. However, many cruise prices have increased dramatically...those of us with early bookings got good prices, while those who booked later not so much.
  4. Time slots are generally 6p - 9:45p for seating.
  5. As above, before the changes, the $100 bar tab was showing up under both of us, but the DBE box only showed up on one. This was for 2024 sailings. We got very conflicting info on previous cruises....we were told we had premium wifi for a max of 3 devices, another sailor services person said 2 devices per person, and a third said unlimited devices (not that we'd need or use more than 2 each). This was when we both qualified for DBE but it only showed up on one, and it was made clear that the coffee was $10 per day per. cabin. My TA is one of the top 10 for both 2022 and 2023. I've been advised that the benefits will now be per person...meaning up to 2 beverages per day each at Grounds Club and one bag of laundry each. No word as to whether that means we have to use the appropriate bracelet to avoid charges. Guess I'll find out soon. Yes, we are both on one credit card bill for the cruise and I know how that works.
  6. While it is true that upgrade cabins, including XLs can be in the less desirable locations, there are also situations where someone upgraded from an XL to a suite, meaning that their XL is not available to someone else. You can get a wonderful cabin with an upgrade bid....or one that you wouldn't choose on your own. Again, if you want to choose your cabin, don't use the upgrade process at any category.
  7. I'm 69 and VV is current top choice cruise line in most areas. There are plenty of places to hang out--outside the Pizza Place are chairs and couches that are comfortable, same on the other side of the ship. All along deck 7 by Grounds Club, Social Club, etc. are good inside and outside hang outs. The Dock is interesting, but there are very few seats that are easy for this old lady to get out of--you are essentially sitting on the floor on most of them. THere are some bar stool type seats, but they tend to fill up quickly. There is a great outdoor area at the back of The Galley--covered so you have shade. It can get windy out there. Deck 16 is also good for walks and sitting outdoors. If you can't find a good place to just "be," ask any crew member for suggestions. I could tell you some funny language stories from living abroad. There are a lot of different British accents in London...I learned that with some, I can understand in person but not on the phone.
  8. It is a lot better on board.....
  9. It is 2 per cabin, regardless of the number of people in a cabin. In reality, I know plenty of people who have gotten away with 2 per person, but....that's not what the rules say. I also know of one who brought 6 bottles of hot sauce and got sent to the naughty room (they were gifts)....she got them back.
  10. Well, that's a bummer....they're killing my system. Oh well, back to "book a cabin where you'll be happy and anything else is extra."
  11. First, a lot depends on the cruise you select. Spring break will be younger, shorter cruises will be younger. VV released info that in 2022, the average sailor age was 43 with a range of 18-90s. In my experience, I'd say that was about right, or just a little older in 2023--I saw some numbers from a TA, but nothing official and no time frame was given, I'm 69, and have never been oneof the oldest people on the cruises I've done.
  12. Things to consider when bidding include what the cost difference vs. what you booked.of the upgrade would have been when you initially booked and what it is now. THe bid page will show you the minimum bid. You decide how much over that you are willing to go, and when select a "peculiar" number--one that ends in 4 or 7, for example. For instance, if your max bit would be $100 over the minimum, live a little and go for $107. Many people bid in numbers that end in 5 or 0. By choosing something just a bit higher, you improve your chances. Whether to bid $100 over the minimum bid or $1000 over is really a personal matter. My logic is to purchase a cabin where I will be happy, and then bid relatively little over the minimum stated. It makes no sense to go beyond what the upgrade would have cost when I booked--in that case, why didn't I book that to begin with? But I've gotten hits several time on various lines with the "peculiar number" system.
  13. Right....don't convert to promo chips any more than you plan to use. Can always convert more, but can only get back winnings
  14. Not at all. I use a person I met on line, although we have since met in person on the cruise....and she gives excellent, personalized service at all hours.
  15. Yeah! I can do laundry toward the end of the cruise (not last full day) and take it home mostly clean. Small things in life, you know,.....
  16. Wow...,wonder when this takes effect. So that would mean with 2 of us DBE, up to 4 coffees/tea per day and 2 bags of laundry....that means on 14 nights, I. can do it mid way thru the cruise as well as bring it home clean without needing to pay......
  17. Loot is VV talk for onboard credit, and as with any other line, can only be used for things booked or spent while ON board, no in advance. Excursions typically fill up right away; many are filled by suite sailors before the rest of us even have a shot at them. However, VV has a generous cancelation policy, so excursions can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the excursion (not prior to embarkation as some other lines do it). This results in some people booking anything they think they might want, knowing that they can get a refund if they change their mind. For that reason, keep checking excursions. Another hint is to visit the red desk or check excursions on the app after boarding to see if anything you are interested in is available. Yes, we've had situations where we were looking for ways to spend loot, but it is a free perk....the MNVV even without the loot is a better deal than most other lines!
  18. All of the above is correct based on our last Miami to Barcelona TA on VV. The latest disembarkation sign up time was 10:45, but the announcements to get off the ship began at 10:15. You do not have to be out of your cabin until your disembarkation time, so you can use the gym and return to the cabin for a quick shower and to grab your carry ons. Yes, white bar soap at the sink, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash gel in the shower. Lotion only in suites.
  19. I asked whether the perks were per cabin or per person and got a vague answer that they were designed to be per cabin but some would be applied per person; no mention of which was which. It sounds like DBE will remain the same as it is currently for those who qualify under the new rules, but a little less clear on the "after 2024" part.
  20. Yes--this is one of the biggest points in favor of using a TA.
  21. The offer said "New bookings only," If you already have a booking, you can reprice it to see if canceling and rebooking would give you a better deal but you would lose existing perks
  22. I didn't have one on my virst cruise...I did book some on board, which I used for myself. I referred my sis to my TA, and TA had purchased a bunch...so she sold one to my sis for the $300 she'd paid.
  23. Another note on MNVV--they are transferrable. That means that you can buy one for a friend or a TA can buy some and sell them to clients.....or if for some reason you can't use it in the 2 year window, you can give or sell it to someone else.
  24. Well, I haven't done carry on only for a cruise, but most of our cruises have been at least 12 nights, some as long as 28 nights. I only send laundry when I'm getting it as a perk, but it is very helpful. I don't hang laundry on the balcony.
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