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  1. Thank you! I've been following that thread too. It's what made me think of asking here because I'm asking about food quality rather than availability. We'll be on Anthem which seems to have been good as far as JS getting in. Pre-Covid, of course. I know all bets are off now!
  2. Okay, I have an actual RC food question... (Assuming that I ever get to go and things remain as they have in the past) We have a JS and should be able to get CK for dinners. Should I try to reserve there for the entire week when we board or is it worth trying the MDR and Solarium? I ruled out getting a dining package because I'd like to experience the included options first, but we might pick one to try. On NCL we've done both specialty and complementary and while the specialty restaurants are nice I could live without them if they weren't included.
  3. I suppose anything swimming in gravy will eventually get soggy but it's never spent enough time on my plate to find out 🐷🐷
  4. After all of the poutine discussion, I was really excited to see it on a restaurant menu here last weekend. Of course, I had to have it. Unfortunately, it was a "new spin" on poutine and just made me want the real thing even more. (Sorry, no pictures). Sigh. The search continues!
  5. As a shareholder this really isn't great news.... I guess there isn't going to be a big food announcement 😕. I was so hopeful. What a letdown.
  6. We rescheduled our 2021 cruise to 2022 and right now the beach club that I previously purchased at $79 is now $179 for 2022. I will find something else to apply my credit to if it doesn't go down in the next year.
  7. I have an S10 as well. Download "whatsapp" for texting through wifi. FB messenger will work also!
  8. SERIOUSLY?!? Do you think I should just pack my own food?
  9. We're booked for our first RC cruise 2/2022. Was supposed to be 2/2021 but we all know that story. We've sailed NCL and Carnival in the past and are now really looking forward to the slop that RC is serving in the dining rooms 🤣.
  10. Is this specific to the Singapore market or do they plan to start charging for these everywhere?
  11. Their chicken sandwich really is worth fighting over IMO. I like it better than Chick Fil A (and they are good!).
  12. Ahh, I missed that you are in Canada. Lucky ducks with your poutine everywhere. I'm in northern Ohio so a pretty quick trip to Ontario for us... although, if I told my husband we're going to Canada for poutine he might have me committed 🤣
  13. I was actually waiting for this too 🤣. There's an A&W about 50 miles from me but they do not have poutine on the menus here.
  14. I'm still excited to cruise. I am concerned with what we'll come back to. Covid protocols aside... the cruiselines have A LOT of revenue to make up. I'm worried about where the cuts will be made and/or prices raised.
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