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  1. Did the build a real “loo” for Ocean Cay YC?! 😁
  2. We are from actual western NY! Chautauqua county.
  3. Agreed! We were on one of the Seas and several officers had their families with young kids. They were taking up a great number of the few shady tables, and lingering basically all day.
  4. Weird this happened on a TA. In our experience they sail at quite a bit below capacity. We completed a TA on MSC in about the same time frame and it was probably 25% below full.
  5. Ask at the concierge desk when you’ve boarded and been escorted into YC. There are a few reports of success. Can’t hurt to ask.
  6. Is the card equipped with a punch hole for a lanyard?
  7. Is the water bottle double construction (like the yeti brand) so keeps contents cold?
  8. As long as they add a lot of shade!
  9. We tip only at the end, based on experiences during the week. Proabably $100 for the butler, and 50 to 70 for the assistant butler. We’ve tipped $30 or so for exceptional service from others, be they butlers (not ours), waiters we had regularly, servers form the pool/YC lounge, and $20-30 to several bar tenders and the often terrific pool guys. Also tipped the Maitre D’ from $50 to 75 but this was an exceptional guy. On other trips we have not tipped the MD. Haing said that, we are fairly big tippers, so evaluate the above in that perspective. We have never felt that a tip was expected and certainly not that the possibility of a tip changed the service level. Staff know that Europeans are generally not tippers and treat every one the same. So just leaving the auto tips in place and nothing more is certainly fine as well. And of course treating the staff with kindness and patience when they are busy.
  10. Not sure the 7-14-21 day plan will work for us - each would represent a different 7 day cruise out of Miami (for example) but any 7 day cruise out of Miami is something we’ve done a million times (or so it seems). We will never again cruise the Jamaica loop. Seems like if we want longer cruises to places not normally within the 7 day radius we won’t be doing Explora. Shame, we already have two TAs booked but that may be it for us.
  11. In YC we don’t tip until the end of the cruise. Sorry, but it seems a bit crass to tip for each rendered service. We tip well at the end of the cruise. Does that mean everyone who ever brought us a drink or waited our table gets a tip? No. But those who have gone above and beyond, most certainly.
  12. We love Divina. The restaurant is lovely and the walk to and from is nice. Much smaller, more intimate, great service. You really get to “know” the staff and they are lovely. Lots of seated shade, and typically a number of lounges are lightly shaded by the tinted glass. We don’t typically sail in the summer though … Anyways don’t count the Divina out!
  13. Odd that rooms disappeared. Divina currently doing TA has I am told 8 YC-1s available.
  14. Onil is wonderful. We remember when he was a pool attendant on I think Seaside. He shone in that capacity and was quickly promoted!
  15. How is the YC Director compared to the wonderful Pepe? We are so sorry he won’t be on the TA. When we sailed earlier this year he had every plan to be on the TA (while Mehmet was up on the air on his return plans).
  16. “Personal balcony furniture”! We often bring “personal balcony furniture” in the form of a camping chair, have never even had a second look at security.
  17. For us, no. There are some lovely shady spots under the palms. You are already pampered to the max for “free” by the butlers/waiters on duty, circulating with drinks and taking requests. By contrast, when not in a YC environment, the pampering that is included with cabanas is a true value add. There is very little value add to a cabana in the YC area. Maybe pamper with a message, or as someone suggested a jet ski or other excursion.
  18. Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston, many plantations open to the public.
  19. We have had great service in the YC - 3 Divina cruises, two Seaclass. I’ve never written a “live from” review and didn’t even have a picture on CC until I changed that recently. A terrific butler makes a difference and those are harder to come by these days as the number of YC cabins expands with new ships coming on board. In the one instance where we didn’t have great butler service the roaming butlers and waitstaff more than made up for it. (We are happy finding he theater and Divina aft restaurant on our own, and just request an escort from the concierge desk to get off the ship if we need that service. And on that cruise we had a fabulous junior butler and the awesome Pepe YC Director …)
  20. The Facebook posts are usually quite active. Search for Euribia specific groups. Also see if there is a roll call for the current cruise
  21. Love Divina. Have sailed 3x YC on her and at least as many on the Seax ships. The YC Divina in February was seriously underwhelming. As though no chef in charge. Fillets that were so poorly cut as to be inedible (well, not really, but not YC quality), cold dishes, when asked for a “double” given two plates instead of being replaced as one …cold risotto The service is wonderful. Mehmet is amazing. But the chef is totally absent.
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