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  1. For sure you have lots of time to get to the Highland Village... https://highlandvillage.novascotia.ca/ You'll need to rent a car; better get started on that soon. I suggest you look at Enterprise as it is closest to cruise terminal. Others are at the airport.
  2. Call Air Canada and see whether they can adjust your flight tickets/purchase so it's all on one ticket number.
  3. What Highland Village are you referring to? Baddeck?
  4. Sounds OK to me for a seven day cruise in July out of the US.
  5. Probably. Me personally, I'd trust those reviews about as much as Trip Advisor reviews.
  6. We did a TA earlier this year and went to Madrid for a few days (with a day trip to Toledo). An excellent choice and a location you'll not see on any cruise itinerary. We stayed at Room Mate Alba; great location and close to trains, local transport, sites and easy access to MAD. https://room-matehotels.com/en/alba/
  7. Likely as true as the Tripadvisor reviews and ratings. Since the poster came to Cruise Critic looking for advice, he/she ought to have full faith in the CC Editor review(s). Oh.... 5/5 doesn't necessarily mean 'the best'; after all, the CC Editor review wasn't a comparison between ships.
  8. Eastern entrance to Prinz Christian Sund is at approx 60N 43W. Plenty of ice in Cape Farewell area and it's being blown offshore of SE Greenland at the moment. Doubt if there is much shipping in the area without ice strengthened hull. chart1_CapeFarewell_202407160915_Colour.pdf
  9. If Tripadvisor doesn't give you a 'feel good', go here.... evidently a source you trust! https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruise/celebrity/celebrity-apex
  10. I don't know about Scenic although I suspect they do offer a transfer service, which I would opt for if arriving at ZRH the day of the cruise. Otherwise, you can take trains from ZRH to Basel. Mostly, there is a change at Zurich main station although there are some direct to Basel train station. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get from ZRH to Basel train station. https://www.sbb.ch/en Presumably, you'd stay in an hotel for at least one night then take a taxi to the cruise dock(s).
  11. Are you planning on taking trains and will you be arriving in Basel the day your cruise departs?
  12. Taking a photo or a screenshot of the contact info is a handy way to keep it available without requiring anyinternet/wi-fi access.
  13. I always say 'No, thank you.' and never offer any type of explanation or reaction. I wouldn't spend any time or effort following up with Celebrity either onboard or later; I dismiss this sort of behaviour and let it go immediately.
  14. Sure you are. We weren't advised about who needs to have NEXUS when traveling together (not traveling at same time as individuals). We were told not to travel together (with me using my NEXUS card) through a crossing until my wife's NEXUS enrollment through CBP is complete. From a CBP perspective, I don't know what they consider to be traveling together, but I think I get the picture... wait until my wife's card is fully activated before using mine unless I am traveling entirely by myself.
  15. No, you are OK. I was told not to use my NEXUS while we travel together UNTIL my wife completes her enrollment process with US CBP.
  16. Yes, I was aware of that. My comment/question was more to highlight that closed-looped cruises out of the US may require a passport depending on the itinerary. I believe a lot of (new) cruisers might conclude that birth certificates, EDLs and passport cards may be fully satisfactory for any closed-loop cruise.
  17. I believe this is the current version of the HAL alcohol policy: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/ca/faq/cruise-planning/general-information/alcoholic-non-alcoholic-beverages-brought-onboard
  18. My wife went through this earlier in the week. She had to schedule a CBSA interview at YOW. Then, two choices: 1. drive to a border crossing (in our case - Ogdensburg) and complete things with CBP there, or 2. wait until we take a flight to US and ask the CBP agent to do the 'interview' during pre-clearance. We chose option 2 since our next flight to US leaves from YOW and CBP is usually not so busy that they can't take a few minutes to do this. The CBSA officer in Ottawa told her that it may not be a good idea to try this on connecting flight to USA through (for example) YYZ or YUL unless there is a three hour window or so since things are usually much busier at those airports. Finally, I was told that if we are travelling together I must not use my NEXUS card until she has completed her enrollment with CBP.
  19. What about closed loop cruises with stops in Panama and/or Colombia?
  20. That is correct; the last line was my interpretation of the policy's application. I believe RCI went to some pains to define and discriminate the difference between 'adults' and 'young adults'. IMO, there is no wiggle room in the policy to permit anybody to declare a young adult a 'responsible adult'. The potential liabilities of permitting that sort of flexibility/interpretation could be substantial.
  21. Wasn't the original question about age and the ability to leave the ship with a secondary question of having a minor accompany an 18 year old? Nothing about booking cabins or who is in charge of who on the ship. An 18 (and 19 and 20) year old is considered a 'young adult'; not a minor nor an adult in the context of your question (s).
  22. From the Guest Health, Safety and Conduct Policy: Parental and Guardian Responsibility For purposes of this Policy, a minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. A young adult is defined as anyone ages 18, 19 or 20. Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior and appropriate supervision of their accompanying minor(s) and young adult(s) throughout their vacation. This obligation applies during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports of call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. This responsibility applies at all times, regardless of whether the parents and guardians are physically in the company of their minor(s) and young adult(s). Under no circumstances should the parent or guardian of a minor debark the ship without their accompanying minor(s) unless they made arrangements for the accompanying minor(s) to have responsible adult supervision on the ship during their absence. Parents or guardians must not permit any minor in their care to leave a ship while in port without responsible adult supervision. So, a young adult can go off the ship without adult supervision. But a young adult is not 'qualified' to provide 'responsible adult supervision' for minors; a 16 year old cannot leave the ship with an 18 year old.
  23. You are allowed to bring three bottles of alcohol up to 760 ml each into Japan.
  24. I suspect most residents of Juneau, Barcelona, Venice, Bar Harbor, etc.... don't cruise much and have little sympathy for cruisers who don't stay long enough to take hotel rooms, dine in restaurants, attend evening entertainment and all those other things that generate tourism dollars without having to endure crowds of cruisers.
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