Best facewash for dry skin with mild acne

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Originally posted by betty em
One very important thing I see no one has mentioned is this, something my dermatologist told me 10 years ago: Change your pillow case every morning, wash your face with clean hands only, no wash cloths, and pat your face dry with cheap, clean white washcloths and never re-use towels or wash cloths on your face, and never re-use one that's been hanging in the bathroom on your face. I buy cheap bundles of white Walmart washclothes on sale and use them to pat my face dry.
Then I use Neutrogena oil-free acne wash, followed by Acne-free 3 step clear skin treatment (which is benzoyl peroxide) from Walmart and a regular moisturizer. I used to use an oil-free moisturizer as well, but as I've gotten older, it works for me to use moisturizer with some oils in it The benzoyl peroxide did dry out my skin at first, even made rough, reddened patches for the first 6 weeks, but after that my skin toughened up, I guess, and now it is normal, without pimples and acne.

Changing my pillow case daily is the key to keeping a breakout-free face for me.
On this note...I was told to use wash cloths that were made for babies for your face, as these would be the least irritating to sensitive skin.
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Originally posted by mek
Why do you think you have dry skin? Is it because you have dry flaky patches or something else? There are several symptoms of oily skin that cause many people to believe their skin is dry. Do you wear a lot of makeup to cover the acne? It has been my experience,and I have worked in the cosmetic industry for almost 40 years, that many water activated washes simply don't remove all of the makeup completely and the residue remains in the pores and aggravates acne. A good test to see how effectively you cleanser is working is to use as usual and then take a cotton ball soaked in toner and see what happens. If the cotton ball remains white, then great, but if traces of makeup come off then your cleanser is not removing everything. Seeing a dermatologist is the best move you can make.
My skin is tight after washing and there are dry patches if I do not moisturize. It also looks flaky in those areas even after moisturizing. I rarely wear any facial makeup any more.
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Since you're past 20 and are still having trouble with acne, I'm glad that you've made a dermatologist appointment. You could poke around with this-and-that drugstore item for years without success.

I started having serious skin problems just after I turned 40 (may be perimenapause related -- don't know), and I tried all sorts of things -- some inexpensive, some expensive. Some made it worse, none worked.

Finally I went to the doctor, and he "fixed" my skin in two months. My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.

One thing he told me is that as we age (and you're not in my category yet, being only half my age -- don't mean to imply that at all!) our skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. He told me to start using VaniCream cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. They're inexpensive, but not so easy to find. I can get them from my Target pharmacy; they're non-prescription, but they keep them behind the counter -- you have to know to ask for them.
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I have tried just about everything you can think of both by prescription and over the counter. I recently went organic and have noticed a marked difference. I love, love , love Bubble and Bee organics line of products and the cucumber facial cleanser for oily/acneic skin has been worked wonders for my skin!
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I love Mario Badescu products. I have rosacea and was on an antibiotic and metrogel (that made my face burn when I applied it). I heard someone talking about Mario Badescu products for rosacea and I thought what do I have to loose. At the time the only place in my area that sold it was a specialty apothecary. I purchased it and haven't used prescription treatments in over 3 years. My daughter uses the products for acne and rarely has a flare up. Check out their website. The products have great reviews.
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I would go to and see what they recommend..I buy all my products from there...high end but if you call the 800 number it is staffed by licensed esthecians who can better advise you. Not the same as a dermatologist of course but very knowledgable..and they sell all the best of the best products. I use obagi line but they sell many,many, products. At least its worth a browse.
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I'm 24, have extremely acne-prone skin and also get dry spots, so I'm going to throw in my two cents.

I use the following on a daily basis, in this order:

St. Ives Apricot Scrub in Naturally Clear - like $3, at WalMart.
Ole Henriksen Blemish Attack Daily Defense Gel - $45 at Sephora. A bottle lasts me ~2 months.
Equate (WalMart's brand) version of Aveeno's brightening moisturizer - around $3.
Mineral makeup, instead of regular makeup (Everyday Minerals) - $8 for concealer, $12 for foundation.

Since I have stuck with this plan, my skin has improved A TON. It's more even toned, no dry spots, I rarely get acne and when I do, it goes away fast and barely leaves a mark.

I should also add that I am terrible at taking care of my skin and almost never wash my face before I go to bed - I sleep in my makeup.
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  • 12th Nov 14, 8:18 AM

I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information. I feel your pain, this is what has worked for me:-

Vitamins - 1 zinc tablet per day (must be chelated I buy from H&B in the sale) and 1000mg of EPO, last lot were from Morrisons on offer.

Products are Cleanser - Cetaphil wipe off cleanser, Rose water and Glycerin toner, St Ives exfoliator and a non perfumed moisturiser, I change about but am using original Olay beauty fluid at the moment, products don't have to be expensive. If I have an odd spot I use Freederm gel on it up to 3x a day until its gone, usually a day of two but I rarely get anything at all, the zinc is amazingly good. I also have mild rosacea so I stay out of direct heat especially in the shower but I have this skin complaint under control now thanks to the above.
I have really acne-prone combination skin, so I play with the "big boys" of skin care lotion (and by that I mean the strongest stuff I can find for cheap). My routine is:Cerave AM in the morningClean & Clear 10% benzoyl peroxide in the showerCerave PM in the evening before bedIn between I'll use oil blotting sheets in the summer.HOWEVER, if you're looking for a one step all option, Cetaphil is pretty great, and it comes in bar soap form, too.On YouTube there are a lot of useful videos on a similar subject, I'll leave here one, I hope this will help someone in the future.