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  1. Got a email from P&O with a link to your cancelled cruise that tells you what stage your refund is at and wondering why Princess can’t do the same ? It would be helpful to know that they are indeed looking at it. Cheers Carole
  2. Had finally talked my other half into the train from Perth to Sydney after the Northern Explorer on Sun in March can’t see it happening now. Cheers Carole
  3. Why have you paid for it so early Cheers Carole
  4. I got my balance that was left on my cruise card 6 weeks ago, why they don’t handle it all at the same time ???.?. Cheers Carole
  5. And which cruises would they be ? As I said in my original post they are taking money for cruises that are not happening Wish I was wrong Cheers Carole
  6. I have money outstanding now for 4 months and I finally broke today and contacted them and was told it’s in the system ready to be processed and to be patient.!! Cheers Carole
  7. Nothing new there U S always get better deals from what I have seen. Cheers Carole
  8. Ha ha, she really is, the breed is a herding dog and also used by the forces, but the only thing she herds is my 3 year old great grand daughter and friends, she likes to keep them all together, comical to watch as she gives them a nudge. Cheers Carole
  9. This is my grand dog...9 year old lab, the owner my eldest grandaughter has been up at James Cook Uni @ Townsville for 5 years, doing her Veterinary Science degree. Disregard my fat gut, too many trips to the Horizon Court Buffets on ye olde Princess ships, remember them? Love Labradors, you’ve probably earned the right to have a gut. Cheers Carole
  10. That is Porcha ,she’s a Belgian Shepherd ,only 9 months old there but around 5 now she is my Grandog.I am also waiting impatiently now for our border to open Cheers Carole
  11. I do hope for your sake it goes ahead and they don’t cancel but would be interested to know how far in advance they cancel if the worst happens Cheers Carole
  12. Rassa my FCC Expires in March so will be interesting to see if the cruise doesn’t go what happens. Hope it does go it’s Northern Explorer and was really looking forward to it. Cheers Carole
  13. No neither would I, my cruise isn’t till March but I doubt it will happen I have only paid FCD on it but also my FCC from my Majestic last Feb is sitting on it. Wondering when the time comes to pay balance and I decide not to if I should be able to keep the credit I have . Cheers Carole
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