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  1. It's a two hour trip because once you get on 595, it is interstate all the way there and traffic MOVES on I75. That said, can you stay an extra day and leave the day after your disembarkation? You could take your time getting to Fort Myers and maybe spend the day on the beach. The Gulf Coast has some of the best beaches on the planet.
  2. Okay that makes sense. Keep in mind we have all kinds of delivery services here like Postmates, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes etc that can deliver anything to your hotel. Might be better than a microwaved meal. Good luck!
  3. Hi Kenato! I tip everyone so this is what I do. Restaurants: 20%+ (my family is in the business) Taxi: I usually round up. If the fare is $8, I'll do $10. It is is $12 I'll give them $15, and so on. Housekeeping: $3-$5 per day depending. Bartender: $1 per drink Porters: $1-$2 per bag Hairdresser: 20% Nails: 20%
  4. Did you take a look at Silver Airways? I think they fly in and out of Destin pretty inexpensively.
  5. I would book a day room at a nice hotel, order lunch poolside, and have a great pool day.
  6. Call the hotel and ask for the concierge on the concierge level. Since you are flying in Sunday afternoon and leaving Monday morning I probably would not unless you don't want to leave the resort. I love dinner at Disney Springs. The Boathouse and Morimoto are both excellent.
  7. Honestly this sounds revolting. Why don't you just walk outside your hotel and find somewhere to eat? We have tens of thousands of really good restaurants here in South Florida and I cannot think of a single scenario where a microwaved hotel meal would be a good choice. Have a snack while in the air and eat later. 8PM on a Saturday night is actually kind of early for South Florida. I think you'll be happy you did.
  8. Try Davie Boat & Trailer Storage. If they can't help you they can probably direct you to someone who can. Good luck!
  9. FOP, that's where all the yachties do their laundry!
  10. This. Unless we have a cool front roll through, Miami will be warm and humid by day and about ten degrees cooler at night. Because the ocean temps don't fall below 70 degrees, it is hard for the air temps to hold any cooler temps.
  11. The big part of this that you are missing is that the people behind Brightline could care less whether it makes money or not. Firstly, they are developers and own hundreds of acres of land around the Brightline stations they are developing. Live/Work/Play high rises. The land around the train stations was very depressed when they bought and is now worth a fortune. Secondly, Virgin is stepping in to oversee the actual train operations. It will make money eventually. Everyone who rides on it loves the Brightline. It is a great experience.
  12. Carol, you'll most likely find live music down on the beach. South Florida is more of a DJ scene. I know Cafe Del Mar used to have live music but you'd have to check. Someone said Duffys is serving Thanksgiving dinner and that is right behind your hotel.
  13. I think the logistics of this would be a nightmare. They'd be better off just run a bus shuttle back and forth between the Miami Station and the cruise port.
  14. Take a look at The Loews, The Surfcomber, The Catalina, The Essex House, The South Seas, The Delano, The Shore Club, The Hotel Of South Beach to name a few. All are excellent locations in South Beach which would be perfectly safe to stay in.
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