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  1. Good day that was not my experience on our last 2 sailings. Did not see or was lead to a special queue- had to have a reservation.
  2. Not to be bougie - but one of the perks with Mega Rock Star was your roadie to get u into anything. Wonder what happens there, or another lost perk for MRS.
  3. Good day We did the Go Lounge on our recent Sky Princess Cruise - lovely, and very VIP, almost ridiculous but was fantastic, after dropped off at Pier we were on the ship in less than 2 minutes cutting every single line along the way. I can assure you that they will book the Sanctuary for you - We had them book 2 days in a Cabana and was confirmed. When on board, we went to look at the Sanctuary and he confirmed our reservation and even showed us the Cabanas that were reserved for us.....fantastic - That being said, we were disappointed in the service in the Santuary and would not pay for this again. We are excited about our reservation on the new Sun Princess, in a suite, which includes access the the Santuary for no fee - not going to argue FREE! and better yet, is aft on the Ship which is where it should be to cut the wind issue. - Enjoy the Go Lounge, - I still do not understand the concept and why they do it, as there is great waste as you will see... but enjoy - we did!!!!
  4. not sure where u are looking but 100% they are selling on the costa site
  5. It does work on Canadian phones
  6. Fingers crossed - we are on the reverse in March. I heard NCL is dead-heading their ship to Dubai in the fall - as the middle east market is very popular. We are eagerly watching ur sailing. They are selling it still. Fingers crossed
  7. Hi All. I have read some details and I’m very confused about the sky princess and the retreat pool area. Are there cabanas that you can rent? I understand if so, you rent them through the sanctuary. Is the cost the same as the sanctuary? And what is the cost and the inclusions if you can rent the retreat pool cabanas? Thank you and all in advance.
  8. anyone invited to this off site - suite check-in in Fort Lauderdale recently?
  9. Good day. Thank u did the advise - were u in one of the corner suites? If so - besides the issues u had - how was the suite / perks etc. ?
  10. Have not been on Costa for 40 Years. Loving an itinerary - looking of amenities / comments on suites aboard Costa. Looking at Smeralda. - club dining etc. feel free to give any advice. Thank u
  11. On sky princess: -how many can enjoy the Cabana? -is there areas of sun in the Santuary - in essence, can u rent a cabana but still get some sun around you thanking you in advance
  12. Thank you. It has been a number of years since being back on Princess. So coffees, sodas, water don’t go against package, just anything with Alcohol?
  13. Good day all I realize there is a 15 drink limit per day - I am a generous person and like to buy drinks for friends, especially with no drink package. Question, say I wanted a bottle of water along the way, can I choose to pay (add to my ship board account) for this item and not use 1 of my 15 credits per day? If premium upto $20 per drink seems a waste to have water credited against u. Thanking u in advance.
  14. Will be great to hook up for a cocktail or 2😘. We are boarding Dubai and off in Barcelona. Leave Monday for Dubai
  15. @Beamafar did we not meet on the Meraviglia the end of October 2019? Were u not in the YC
  16. Good day. With the online visa - if you completed all channels and paid the fees - the visa will be approved 2 days prior to arriving in Jeddah. The ship apparently helps to print them off for you. So all good. Just print out your application
  17. @Beamafar did we not meet on the Meraviglia in the fall of 2019? Are u on the World Europa grand voyage?
  18. I think the grand voyages and works cruises seem to still have very high requirements still
  19. Yes. For the Middle East ports - Italy we are winging it as have been there many times - so going to do things there according to weather.
  20. If you mean the Saudi visa - then no - that is way too much. Transit via is more like 15-20 pounds.
  21. You cannot skip the insurance section. Must pick one. The cheapest is fine. Good luck
  22. @2dolly Yes had the same issue. I eventually did on my laptop as mobile devices or iPads would not work. After a few hours - got all completed. Had same issues - thrn with payments. But all good now. Try again and make sure doing from laptop.
  23. I have booked with the 10% discount and normal cancellations apply - so prior to normal final payment, the 20% would be a FCV and the balance refunded....
  24. You 100% can cancel with refund. Any add in can be cancelled prior to sailing. I would escalate to get refund if u want. When u got your vouchers with tickets - what does the voucher say ?
  25. @Maikell I can certainly guarantee that bumper cars will be a charge. This is where a pre-purchased fun pass would come in handy. One pass - about a 40% bonus and fully transferable on the same sailing Buy all the time when bowling is onboard-but looks like Europa will not have. Will be in for 20 nights on the 25 March. Cant wait
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