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  1. If you head to Angelo's once you are on, there are multiple desks set up to help you book any specialty dining you want.
  2. Hey aussiebossyboots, I haven't snorkelled from Noumea, but have enjoyed the aquarium, the tchou tchou train and the hop on - hop off bus at various times. There is also a Patisserie one block to the right of the cruise terminal that will spoil you for ham and cheese croissants for life! Lifou: OMG don't miss the Jinek Bay pass! We spent about 2.5 hours in the water there, we ended up right out at the drop off, which we were told afterwards usually results in a whistle and call back but didn't for us. So many fish and critters among the coral and outcrops, it was fabulous! Mare: head for the beach and take your snorkelling gear as there are some good areas, depending on the tide you may have to head out a fair way but it's all protected inside a reef system. Isle of Pines: We were there at the beginning of May and did do the Turtle Bay and Brush Island excursion. We only saw 1 turtle in Turtle Bay but saw others along with rays and fish at Brush Island. To be honest, I would be more inclined to snorkel around the sacred rock, as long as the weather is kind, it is a nice swim to go right around it and there is plenty of wildlife to be seen. There are also local tours available for about $30 per head which give you a good tour of the island for a couple of hours. I found the old prison fascinating and could have spent lots longer exploring!
  3. I have seen it mentioned elsewhere that P&O appear to have discontinued this package, but definitely keep an eye on the planner in case it reappears. I cruised on Explorer at the beginning of May and did both "A Taste of Salt" and "Love Riot" with the meal included. Both evenings were fabulous, a lot of laughs and great food. As for snorkelling, let us know where your cruise is stopping as we did lots on ours!
  4. I'm fairly sure I was on the same cruise and I'm wondering what shows you are referring to, surely you go to watch the shows, not talk through them? I can't imagine "Rock Anthems Through the Ages" at a low level!
  5. Love the Radiance and looks like a great cruise! Tossing up between this in 2021 or Canada and Alaska, so many places to cruise, so little finance to make it happen!
  6. Embarkation day for you today, have a great cruise!!!
  7. I must agree with MicCanberra and Aus Traveller, when I lived in the Northern territory I did not miss daylight saving but in South Australia I really enjoy it.
  8. Just for the record, the end of Daylight Saving sucks when you are working nightshift. That is all.
  9. Now Holst your horses, just catching up! This will Beet hoven to cook and clean for yourselves for the week. That's about it, think I'm baching up the wrong tree for any more! Looking forward to another entertaining live review!
  10. Having enjoyed this review as always, I figure that it must nearly be time for the post-cruise additions so I'm bumping it up to the top so it can be easily found!
  11. Yay, another great review to follow! Following from a town in Australia that topped out at 48.3 C (or I believe 118 F) on Thursday, the snow photos are almost incomprehensible, I hope you get to enjoy much warmer weather on your cruise!
  12. No public holiday rates here today either Gut, time and a half and then double time for overtime is still good though and I am rostered on for Monday at public holiday rates so this fortnight will pay well. I also have two expensive addictions, one being cruising and the other horses so my earnings disappear quite quickly!
  13. Happy Australia Day everyone, I'm celebrating by spending 16 hours at work! Oh well, think of the overtime towards my next cruise which is approaching very quickly. I scored cheapish flights last night so that's another job done.
  14. Oh my goodness, I nearly melted yesterday! Little old by the sea Port Lincoln hit 48.3 degrees just before 2pm and that was next to the water, where the official temperature is taken! I'm fairly sure it was over 50 where we are, over the back of the hill. I spent the day trying to keep animals comfortable and was quite glad to start work at 4.30 and enjoy the air conditioning. Thank goodness it's back to our usual mid to high twenties today and for the foreseeable future.
  15. For me, especially at the moment, it is exactly what is on offer for children and adults. I've just had a friend ask me to find a cruise for 4, 2 adults and 2 children (all first timers) so if there is somewhere to go that shows what each ship has it would make life a little easier.
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