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  1. We are not keen on Black Pudding. I much prefer our bacon compared to the streaky foreign bacon.
  2. It would have been good PR if they honoured the perks for current bookings but stopped them for new bookings. Central Park is our favourite part of the ship but we would never book a balcony overlooking an inside area. It will be interesting to see what future bookings will be like on BW and CP balconies after these perks are withdrawn as a lot of people have said it was the perks which helped make their minds up to book these cabins. I think a lot of these balconies will end up being sold on Royal Up.
  3. Cheers Andy. We booked Epicurean on the cruise planner for 2016 because on the ship in 2015 the speciality restaurants were full.
  4. You are welcome Andy. Pauline couldn't get New Years Eve off work otherwise we would have been joining you. In 2016 we booked Epicurean for New year's Day night because at first they didn't open bookings for New year's Eve. A couple of months later they opened bookings for New year's Eve in the speciality restaurants presumably after they filled the other nights and we booked Epicurean for New Year's Eve too.
  5. We have done 2 New year's cruises on Ventura. The first in 2015 it was too windy to get into Amsterdam so we just sailed around the channel. The second time in 2016 we got into Amsterdam and stayed overnight. We stayed on the ship and there was a big new year's party in the Atrium. We sat in Red Bar for an hour either side of midnight and missed the fireworks. Priority for tables for 2 in Freedom dining in Cinnamon restaurant was given to select bookings and early bookers so we were lucky. There was Christmas trees all over the ship and beautiful garlands down the Bannister's in the Atrium. There was a Piper at midnight. You will have a fantastic time.
  6. Usually the rogue charge's after your final bill are reimbursed if you ring and complain and like you I check all our receipts against our bill. Several years ago on Arcadia in the night club the waiter gave me a bill to sign for our drinks which should have been about £20. The bill in my name was for over £100 for a bottle of champagne which I disputed and the waiter came back with a revised bill. The new iPad way with no receipts is a no no from me and I insisted on receipts on our recent Ventura cruise.
  7. The neighborhood balconies have no privacy and imo they gave the benefits to bribe people to book them. We book ocean view balconies every cruise.
  8. I hope they don't take away the DL to enhance our cruise experience!!!!!
  9. No HH is a loyalty bonus. If you are in a full Suite you can get unlimited drinks in the SL/CL but no 3 free drinks added to your sea pass for drinks in other bars.
  10. Royal Caribbean have interactive TV to check your bill,order room service,book shows,book excursions and still get you to sign a receipt where you keep 1 copy and they keep the other. On certain ships they also have a phone app that does all this. The only good thing about the P&O iPad is they don't take away your cruise card when they go for your drinks.
  11. Personally I want a receipt for everything to keep my records correct. I see a big potential for mistakes with the iPad and not signing and getting a receipt leaves you with no proof if/when mistakes happen.
  12. Signing for your drinks is proof to check if it is your signature Not getting a receipt means You don't know what you are charged for. You don't know how much the drinks were. No record for yourself.
  13. We are on Allure out of Barcelona next summer and the flights are 9pm back to Newcastle UK. For several years the flights were around 12am so we will have to sort something out for the day. We have 2 nights pre-cruise in Barcelona.
  14. As a regular flyer I can empathise with you the time you spend hanging around an airport. At least when you get through security if you want there is always the VIP lounges for more comfort.
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