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  1. Very risky. RC might put you down as a no show and allocate your cabin to someone else. Barcelona is a lovely city and well worth getting there a couple of days early.
  2. The waiter spoke perfect English and there was no misunderstanding he tried to rip us off but fortunately I had the DP list in the cabin safe. In the DL the waiters know exactly what is included in the cocktail hours as do the waiters in the bars.
  3. Thanks Bob. I knew the sparkling water was included but didn't have the list of drinks with me in chops whereas the waiter was adamant it was not included so I paid because I knew it would be sorted later at GS in the morning and we cruise to enjoy ourselves not to get into confrontations. A lesson for everyone that is to have your evidence for everything ie obc,pre-paid tips,pre paid dining what's included in the DP etc with your paperwork for the cruise. The next 6 nights of that cruise we went to Giovanni's and no problems whatsoever.
  4. We had the Deluxe Drinks Package on Freedom out of Barcelona last year and when we were in Chops Grill the waiter insisted the San Pellegrino sparkling water was chargeable as was the extra on our glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. Rather than cause a fuss we let it ride but fortunately I had printed off what was included and had it in the safe. Next morning I went to Guest Services and at first they said the sparkling water was not in the package but when I produced the evidence that it is in the package they wrote off all the drinks charges from chops.
  5. We have sailed twice from Venice on Splendour and on each occasion we got off the ship and jumped straight into a taxi and within 25 minutes we were at the airport.
  6. Cheers Andy. I'll make you an honoury Mackem.
  7. We are football daft in the North East and I am hoping my team Sunderland get promoted. 30,000+ home crowds in league 1 last season smashed the record.
  8. Good luck and I hope both events are successful.
  9. If you have a Santander debit card they should be able to offer you a credit card account. With a credit card you usually have up to 6 weeks to pay and any purchase over £100 even if you only pay £1 on your credit card gets you section 75 cover which is fantastic. Always pay your credit card in full to avoid any charges.
  10. It is understandable speculation based on the age of these ships.
  11. Thanks. The suites were nice plus we got CL access and Pauline's mam loved the chocolate strawberries with a glass of champagne.
  12. The bath caused a problem for Ruth but she could walk a little and Pauline managed to wash her mam. The bigger bathroom and bigger suite gave us all more room and privacy.
  13. Personally I would book another cabin in case the cabin is requested for a disabled person and you risk losing the cabin and not having your choice as a replacement cabin. We brought Pauline's late mam and her wheelchair on 6 cruises with us and had a disabled cabin once but the other times we booked suites and junior suites for more space.
  14. These rooms are specially adapted for disabled people and in short supply and would be surprised if they were sold to someone who is not disabled.
  15. Sounds like a balcony guarantee only which usually means you get what's left. We always book select because we can pick our cabin, dining option and get obc too.
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