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  1. The Dubai Mall and the Emirates mall are brilliant. If you plan to go to Burj Khalifa pre-book on line as you will not get on on the day. Afternoon tea at the top of the Hotel Burj Al Arab is a lovely experience with great views.
  2. You can see the tower in this photo.The lift is free and you can get snacks and coffee etc at the top.There are seats all the way around. No dress code for the mall. We wore shorts. The mosques are the only places where you need to cover up.
  3. Fantastic. First time we flew Newcastle/Heathrow-Dubai Second time Newcastle-Dubai direct. Both times we arrived around midnight and stayed overnight in a hotel. Last time we flew Manchester-Dubai arriving 8.30am in Dubai and took private transfer to Port Rashid to check in. You pass the QE2 on the way to Port Rashid.
  4. We got the ships shuttle to the Marina Mall and back. The hop on hop off bus is at the terminal. There was plenty of taxi's too.
  5. Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. It is about 15 minutes drive from the port along the promenade. You get a fantastic view of the Emirates Palace from the viewing site at the top of the tower.
  6. You are welcome. We loved our 3 Emirates cruises I'm sure you will too.
  7. Yes, Ibuprofen brands are okay. Co-Codamol and Codeine are definitely illegal even though available over the counter in the UK. If anyone has a prescription for these you must take only a small amount with your prescription and doctors note.
  8. The hop on hop off bus is an excellent choice. There are 2 big shopping malls in Dubai well worth going to. The gold souks are good but haggle hard. The shopping centre in Abu Dhabi has a big tower in the centre. Take the lift to the top where there are several cafés with fantastic views. If you have any medication take your prescription with you to prove it is yours and a doctor's letter if you can. Don't drink or kiss in public places as this is illegal. Hope you have a fantastic cruise. Graham
  9. Credit cards are the best option. Dirhams handy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you go to the downtown market area's but dollars and Euro's were accepted but poor exchange rate.
  10. That is good news. We enjoyed our visits to Muscat even though we had tax charges on our seapass cards.
  11. John could you please ask . if they will include Pina Coladas ? Many thanks. Graham.
  12. We have sailed 3 time's from Dubai. January2011 Brilliance. January 2012 Brilliance. February 2017 Vision. On each occasion their was a $ tax added to our seapass cards in Muscat whether we got off the ship or not. I can't remember the exact amount but think it was about $15pp.
  13. Agree and agree. The video evidence shows he is guilty and he is lucky to be offered a plea bargain because it will end a lot worse for him. The mam and dad who have responsible jobs need to take their blinkers off because it is clear the GF was stupid or worse.
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