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  1. Prayers for FF Thomas Royds family and friends who you mentioned on your care list Roy who has sadly passed away yesterday. Graham.
  2. I'm very sorry to hear that. I suspected that might be the case if you had went to hospital but was hoping for the best for you both. Graham.
  3. We always get room service breakfast and eat it on our balcony so cannot help but I would expect to see shorts worn. On our RCG, Princess,P&O and NCL cruises I have worn long shorts at lunchtime but always long trousers at dinner. Graham.
  4. Lovely photos and nice cabin Joy. Sorry to hear Allen had heatstroke during your cruise. I hope he was allowed to continue the cruise after his hospital visit. Graham
  5. That is wonderful news Marietta. Congratulations to your granddaughter and her team. Graham.
  6. We always had our steaks well done. Pauline still does but several years ago I started getting my steaks Medium and always get steaks Medium cooked now.
  7. Birthday wishes for your daughter tomorrow Carol and belated birthday wishes for your son in law last Thursday. Graham.
  8. Thank you for today's daily and care reports. I will pass on today's meal and drink selections. Both Pauline and I had wonderful parents who are sadly no longer with us. Paulines dad's memory is Thursday 29th July and David our reverend read out Roy's memory in church today. After church we sat at our local beach for an hour then went to a garden centre for more plants for the garden and now Pauline is planting them in pots and also in the garden. It is currently 70°F cloudy and quite close. Prayers for everyone on the care list's. Take care and stay safe eve
  9. We watched Explorer 2 sailing from Newcastle tonight from South Shields beach where we had been all day. VID_20210724_183208.mp4
  10. It has been a lot cooler today. 18°C and mainly sunny. We spent 6 hours at the beach today. We had salmon and Prawn sandwiches, crisps,cakes and yoghurt in our picnic. Tui Explorer 2 is due to leave North Shields at 6pm tonight. Stay safe everyone and wear your mask. Graham.
  11. Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned Michelle. Best wishes Graham.
  12. Good afternoon. It is 16.30pm and we have been at the beach for 4 hours. 65°F and sunny. We had salmon and Prawn sandwiches, cakes, crisps etc for a snack lunch Tui Explorer is due to sail past us at 18.00pm.
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