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  1. If you go into "print cruise documents", it will show there. Mine was on the second page underneath the box that said "itemized charges". I even got an extra $50, but I'm not sure how.
  2. Great question - Just speculating. Do the ships have to pay some sort of "rent" when they are taking up dock space? As to why they seem to anchor near a dock, then move...No idea? I wonder if the Coast Guard requires them to move every so often?
  3. Carnival will stay AFLOAT - Love it!
  4. At this point, I think I am hoping for a cancellation of my Norway cruise. I don't really feel like getting on an airplane right now and arriving in London which is a hotbed of activity. I'd rather re-group and go next year when this virus (hopefully) calms down.
  5. I only remember two CDs and it was because of their accents.... We had an Australian CD who began her morning announcements wit "Good Morning Lovelies". I overhead somebody comment that she needs to change it up one morning and say, "Wake up B!tch3s". For the rest of the cruise I giggled every time she began morning announcements.. The other one was a CD from Liverpool England. I just remember her because I spent time trying to figure out the accent. I would love to be on a cruise where the CD made it a standout experience.
  6. With the discounted gift cards, does Carnival get full price on those? Does AARP pay the difference? I can't imagine it would be cost effective for Carnival or AARP. But I am glad they do it!
  7. Good surprise - An engagement with a large family watching. So sweet! Bad surprise - Kid sticking his mouth under the ice cream machine and dispensing ice cream directly into his mouth. Both were on the same cruise
  8. Thanks - I finally cleared my cookies and got in. Today was the day they were drawing for the $5000 Carnival gift card and I wanted to make sure my name was listed as the winner.
  9. Anyone else having difficulty logging into their site today? I can't log into my account or my husbands account?
  10. ^^^This^^^ I would not be responsible for anybody else paying. We have had similar situation, not on a cruise, but group sports tickets. We put the tickets on our credit card, but when the event arrived, ppl started canceling and/or not paying. Never again.
  11. We loved our Alaska cruise let year. In contrast to previous cruises, the average age of cruiser seemed to be.a little older. There seemed to be fewer children on board. There also seemed to be more multi-generation family groups (all wearing matching t-shirts). On the Tracy Arm fjord day, they lined chairs facing the windows so people could sit and watch the scenery. There was a naturalist on the bridge who would spot pods of whales. When he spotted them, everyone would go to the window and look for them. I don't remember many people in the pool except a few brave children.
  12. I took my first cruise on the Sunshine. I must have liked it because I came back! I can only remember two negatives. First, the comedy club was small. We had to arrive really early for seats. Second, it listed really badly one day. The Captain came over the loud speaker to tell us he had put the stabilizers out. Since it was my first cruise, it was a little scary.
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