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  1. Reminds me of a good friend in her 70's who says she's a 36 long!
  2. I would consider a family veranda since there are two bedrooms - unfortunately they sell out very fast since there are only 4 per ship.
  3. Not much to know, other than a little more up and down movement than in mid-ship and more exercise walking up to the main elevator to get to any restaurant or all the way forward to get to the theatre, spa or fitness center.
  4. There is no wall on M-class ships, but normally the elevators make little noise on any ship.
  5. Same here. Last I checked, an A2 on my Sep Reflection cruise was about $100 pp per night more than my 1A (1B loyalty fare) with a much better location (slant hump cabin with large balcony.)
  6. Don't know if Aperol liqueur is available on Celebrity, but it is not listed on the Classic or Premium lists. So if Aperol liqueur is available, it would still not be available on the Classic; and if an Aperol Spritz is available on the Classic, then it is being made with something other than Aperol!
  7. On the NCL Joy: inside cabins range from 129 to 151 sq ft oceanview cabins are 161 sq ft balcony cabins are 172 sq ft So yes, pay more for an oceanview or balcony and you can get a larger cabin.
  8. On the US site 7286 is $819 with NR 0 perks, $1134 with R 2 perks and $1379 with R 4 perks.
  9. Prices were increased late last year. 12N is now $378 pp - $31.50 per meal, rather than $26!
  10. Same number of decks, but not the same amount of space on decks 14 and 15. Reflection has a full deck 14, while all the other S-class ships have large open spaces on deck 14. On Reflection you can walk from end to end on deck 15 while on the other S-class ships there is no connection between the forward and aft sections of deck 15. Reflection is 6 feet longer, can carry 194 more passengers, but has 5 less crew space!
  11. Minor clarification - suite passengers can also eat in Blu when seating is available. IMO, Blu has significantly better food than the MDR but not as good as a for-fee specialty restaurant; and it is definitely quieter than the MDR with more attentive service. Unlimited access to the Persian Garden is quite nice on S-class ships like Solstice - seven or eight heated lounges in a room with floor to ceiling windows; along with a separate sauna room and aroma room. However, can be quite busy - users are asked to limit their time on one of the lounges to 20 or 30 minutes (not sure of the number) but unfortunately it is not enforced.
  12. Staying on the ship is always a fun option - have most of the pool to yourself! However, it is also very easy to just get off and negotiate a price with a local for a tour of the island.
  13. Which Ports are designated for Visiting by Males only?
  14. This may be the case from East Coast ports, but from West Coast ports they are repositioning cruises transitioning from Alaska cruises to NZ/Aus cruises.
  15. On Reflection and Silhouette, the Lawn Club Grill and The Porch are generally open for lunch - LCG with I believe only Gourmet Burgers and The Porch with the full menu. Here's a link to The Porch menu: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/eat-and-drink/restaurants-and-cafes/the-porch And Murano is often open for lunch on one or more of the sea days; here is a link to Celebrity's picture menu of lunch in Murano: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/eat-and-drink/restaurants-and-cafes/murano
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