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  1. 1605 has a much larger balcony than 1599 and the bed is by the bath
  2. Unfortunately, if the cancellations persist into mid 2021 or later, they may not have enough funds to create an inventory of any single malts! Cheers Bo
  3. Actually, the true measure of effectiveness is whether or not the developed antibodies prevent acquiring the disease. That's why much of the U or Oxford phase III is being done in South Africa and Brazil where there is broader exposure to the virus.
  4. Moral of this story is: Do not make non-refundable deposits and do not take out insurance until you are sure you will be making the final payment!
  5. And if you decide to combine a VIA rail trip with a cruise be sure to do the cruise first followed by the eastbound rail trip from Vancouver to Jasper rather than taking a westbound rail trip from Jasper to Vancouver followed by a cruise. Reason being that the westbound train can be as much as 15 to 20 hours late due to the fact that it originates in Toronto and freight trains have priority over passenger trains. The eastbound VIA trains are generally not significantly late since they originate in Vancouver.
  6. We have not taken the Rocky Mountaineer rail tour, but have seriously considered it and know that there are multiple levels of service. The lowest price when booked directly with Rocky Mountaineer is currently $2004 (USD) pp for summer 2021. Suggest you look at www.rockymountaineer.com to see what is available at different price levels.
  7. Unfortunately the problem of what happens if and when there is just one probable case of onboard COVID-19 still exists and will presumably cause the cruise's itinerary to be interrupted: COVID-19: EU guidance for cruise ship operations In the event that a possible, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified on board (see ECDC annex for case definitions), the ship should be diverted to the nearest port where testing for SARS-CoV-2 can take place and where local public health authorities can be consulted to further manage the situation including the provision of specialist care, and where necessary, carrying out contact tracing. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/COVID-19-cruise-guidance-27-07-2020
  8. I have little confidence in an article that starts off by stating that phase III testing started 2 weeks ago and fails to note that the U of Oxford phase III test in South America started back on June 23rd. Nor is my confidence improved by the article bringing up live vaccine problems with the Salk vaccine, when the current vaccines under development have nothing to do with a live vaccine.
  9. It was unrealistic to think that they would upgrade you from a 1A on Reflection to a Concierge class cabin on the Constellation.
  10. The 2021/2022 winter deployments (including December of 2021) for Asia opened on 11/19/19. So possibly, the 2022/2023 winter deployments, including December 2022, may open again in late November of this year. Of course with COVID-19 impacts, who really knows.
  11. I note that your graph indicates that Phase III will not start until sometime after today. However, Phase III of the U of Oxford work actually started over one month ago! Yes, it is still uncertain when and if any vaccines will be effective; but I believe the level of safety will not be a major concern. It is possible to do things safely in a well planned accelerated manner. In any event, my preference is to be vaccinated as soon as an effective one becomes available, rather than waiting until 2033, when I would be 90 years old if I should live that long!
  12. 7163 has a slightly larger balcony because of the additional triangular area.
  13. That's why the U. of Oxford phase III testing started in Brazil and South Africa over a month ago. By the way, the phase II testing in the UK was with over 10,000.
  14. Just to clarify, the OV bar does not serve the full menu of specialty coffee drinks offered by al Bacio. And when we were on the Reflection last September they did not even have the full range of flavored syrups offered by al Bacio.
  15. I cancelled a July 24, 2020 cruise back around April 9th (couple of days before our TA's final payment date.) Just got an email directly from Celebrity today with the FCC receipt for the NR Deposit. So took about 109 days.
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