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  1. Never seen any chips in the game rooms on S-class
  2. But even with the port day discounts, they are much more expensive than what you would pay at home.
  3. Actually, RCI (Royal Caribbean International) is a subsidiary of RCCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.) which is the holding company of Azamara and the other entities mentioned.
  4. Agree it is a wonderful view on S-class ships, unfortunately the OP will not get to see it on the Infinity.
  5. Yes; when you are looking at Delta flights on Celebrity Air, Celebrity Air shows it as Premium Economy regardless of the flight - you have to check the flight itself to see whether it is Premium Economy or Comfort Plus
  6. If you cancel you do not fully lose the entire deposit. You lose $100pp and receive the remainder of the deposit as a future cruise credit - thus if you can make use of the future cruise credit you only lose the $100pp. This is essentially the same as moving to another ship/date; just a deferred move!
  7. If the only difference is refundable vs. non-refundable (same perks if any) then taking the non-refundable without travel insurance would be a better deal than taking the N-R with travel insurance since with the non-refundable you only lose $200 per cabin if you cancel (assuming that you can make use of the future cruise credit for the remainder of the deposit.) Insurance is bound to cost more than $200. That's why I only take out insurance at the time of final payment.
  8. You can use OBC in either the slots or tables. However, you cannot cash in the OBC - just have to play it until it is gone. Hopefully, you will win a bunch before it is gone. Simple example. You set up $20 of OBC in a slot and play $10 per pull. On the first pull you win $20 and now have $20 cash and $20 OBC, if you cash out now, you will only get the $20 cash and lose all of the OBC. On the second pull you lose $10 OBC - left with $20 cash and $10 OBC On the third pull you win $5 - left with $25 cash and $10 OBC On the fourth pull you lose $10 OBC - left with $25 cash which you can take if you cash out now.
  9. Agree; each of you just book the same Restaurant and Time and it will be fine.
  10. The Celebrity Air website allows you to select Premium Economy/Comfort Plus. When we booked it, you could also select the airline (Delta in our case) and seats.
  11. Happy Hour shared makes for Happy Friends 😎
  12. Don't know if TAs have access to the pre-sale itineraries, but they should be able to handle a booking change to a specific newly released cruise by contacting Celebrity; worst case might require a 3-way phone call.
  13. All of the posted questions for TAs are great. But first you need to ask yourself some questions to identify what services are important to you. Personally, I do all of my own research and only need a TA to: - make the booking - when I wish to make the booking, - at a significantly lower net price (cruise line price minus the value of any incentives, - be they price discounts, OBC, cash, gift cards, specialty restaurants, etc.) than that of a direct purchase through the cruise line - without any added fees. My warehouse store's travel division meets my needs and provides about an 8% incentive in the form of a gift card - which is as good as cash to me. I probably could occasionally get 2% or 3% more by shopping around with other large TAs, but the time spent is not worth it to me. If you wish or need additional services, make a list of what is important to you and make sure your TA can indeed provide them. Such services may well be worth receiving a few percentage points less in monetary incentives.
  14. If you like the lobster dinners in the MDR you may want to omit day 6 which is often the lobster night. Day 7 is in conflict with packing chores. There are usually discounts on Day 1, although that is often the prime rib night in the MDR.
  15. Least crowded pool decks are Antarctic Cruises and April or October Baltic Cruises
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