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  1. Actually Aqua is the same. A1 is higher than A2 just as 7 is higher than 8.
  2. Similarly, some online TA websites also allow you to filter down to an individual ship on any cruise line.
  3. CORRECT The only cabins with truly regular verandahs are suites and aft SVs
  4. CR does try to sell additional products and services. I guess I would label them as mildly hard sell rather than super hard sell.
  5. At $129 pp, the 3-night package is not much of a deal: $8 discount at Murano, $2 discount at Tuscan Grille and a "negative discount" at the Porch.
  6. Many of the Specialty Coffees are included in the Classic Package. Last September on the Reflection it included many of the alcoholic coffees since they were priced at or below $9
  7. And if you do not like sparkling wine, you can ask your attendant to switch it to a red or white still wine.
  8. The bags of free laundry are per person, so the cabin will have 2 bags
  9. Perhaps it depends on the state you live in. We had a CA Chardonnay from The Seeker on the Classic Beverage Package on our cruise last September. It sells at a wine store chain in NC for $13.99. Have also seen it advertised online at $9.99 at a NYC discount store!
  10. Deck 10 extends about 10 feet beyond your balcony railing and about 15 feet out from the sliding doors. Since the overhang is about 20 feet above the floor of your balcony, when the sun is straight out from your balcony and about 53 or less degrees above the horizon, you will have sun on your entire balcony.
  11. Not sure that the difference plus gratuity applies to non-alcoholic drinks. Did you actually do so; and if so, what was the price of the sparkling and was the difference based on the price of still water or on the $9 CBP ceiling price?
  12. Note that the CBP has a $9 per drink price ceiling. If you order a drink in excess of $9 - e.g. a $14 drink at the Martini Bar - you will be charged the difference plus a 20% gratuity: ($14 - $9) x 1.20 = $6.
  13. The multiple night specialty restaurants packages include the Porch for either dinner or lunch, so I would assume that the 2 dinners and 1 lunch package will also. Call Captain's Club and see if they know for sure.
  14. At $125 pp, the 3-night package ($41.67 per night) is not much of a discount. You might get better negotiated discounts on board.
  15. If you are happy with grocery store wines in the $12 to $15 per bottle, then you will probably be fine with the classic; if not, then consider upgrading on board.
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