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  1. If a pharmacy tech is discussing drug interactions with customers that is beyond their scope and illegal
  2. I read an article about this on CNN today. They interviewed people who sold their homes and were stuck in Istanbul waiting for the cruise to start. I feel sorry for them but I don’t understand why you would sell you homes and travel when the company doesn’t have a ship yet and the company has no prior history of making this work yet. Makes no sense.
  3. I agree with this as retired pharmacist. Scopolamine does indeed has many side effects. I would stay with oral meds. If your friend has a hard time they can always go to the medical center and get a shot of an anti-enmetic in the butt worse case scenario
  4. It doesn’t? If they are doing so well financially they probably aren’t likely to feel like they need to change.
  5. Not sure when you booked but I think this may be a case of the fact that it’s May 2023 and I’m assuming this is for a Jan 2024 World Cruise? I think most of the OBC and promotions are for when they first go on sale.
  6. I believe this indeed partially true. However, they keep experiencing record sales every quarter so their bottom line doesn’t appear to be suffering.
  7. I’m a travel agent and I completely agree
  8. Looks like this already failed miserably. I don’t understand the people mentioned in this article who sold their house and their possessions when this was a new idea that has never been done before. I also don’t understand why I would want to be on a 19000 gross ton ship with 1000 people. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/three-year-cruise-crisis
  9. I am not surprised to to hear this. I think Viking delivers an excellent product but think they can be extremely difficult to deal with. Their demand for full payment in full so much further in advance then others really bothers me. I have an Great Lakes expedition cruise coming up with them in June with my mother, but just to get it booked was such a bad experience I’m not sure I’ll sail them again.
  10. Misunderstood. I’m sorry.
  11. Viator and TripAdvisor are the same company. If you book with one you are booking with both.
  12. ‘I’m not posting my agency information or recruiting business. That is what gets you banned. Not worried at all. This is copied from the Forum Guidelines so you don’t worry about me. Participation of Travel Agents Travel agents (and their associates, employees or designated representative) are encouraged to participate in the discussions on the Cruise Board and establish themselves as experts on a particular topic by responding to members' inquiries with useful answers. You are welcome to sign your first name and note your professional business as long as you comply with the following: You may not use your business name as your Cruise Critic user name. You may sign your posts with your first name only. You may include your company name in your signature. No phone numbers, business location (city or state), web site address, contact info or e-mail address are allowed either in signatures or your Cruise Critic profile. Responding to member's inquiries on the boards with an ad for your services is not allowed. Only items of a general nature may be discussed on the forums by any travel agent. Travel agents are not allowed to solicit for tours on Roll Calls. Yes they do answer the phones quickly. And they don’t outsource their call center overseas which is a huge plus. But there are other things that make them difficult. And again the only thing that makes your TA make more in one cruise than multiple others is because of the price. Not knocking their prices. They are a premium cruise line. It’s a good product.
  13. Completely agree with this. Most of the time a good TA can be very valuable.
  14. I am a travel agent and this is complete nonsense. TA’s don’t love Viking any more or less than any other cruise lines. As a matter of fact my agency finds them a little difficult to deal with. Of course we would rather have clients book Viking then Carnival because yes the commission is much higher because the prices are higher. Most of the money we make is on the cruise. We aren’t making that much on air or anything else from Viking.
  15. I was in Florida a few years ago and spoke to some of the Royal Caribbean employees who worked in the cruise terminal in Miami. They told me there is usually people who show up too late to board the cruise either they are stupid by being late or because the airlines messed up. In the case of them just being late Royal Caribbean instructs them to stay and try to help the people find a hotel or flights or both. Not at Royal’s expense, but just helping out for customer service. That’s something that Cunard should be doing here. I’m not saying they should be financially responsible. Stuff happens and people should have travel insurance if they feel they need to. But it just a decent thing for Cunard to do. It’s why I generally don’t like the Carnival brand in general.
  16. The airlines are heavily regulated by Government and are required to. Cruise lines? Not so much. Not saying I agree with it. But that’s the way it is.
  17. Unfortunately most of the time I hear about canceled cruises, 20% FCC is the standard. I don’t think the cruise company takes into consideration when you book the cruise or when they cancel it. Hopefully Cunard will do more to help but I dunno if they will.
  18. I’m going on my first Viking cruise in June and I don’t drink. I have the Silver Spirits package only because it was included in a promotion so thanks for this. Nice to see some mocktail options
  19. When it was announced I said I don’t think it would ever happen and I still don’t
  20. I have not seen a hard copy catalog from Azamara in years.
  21. Meclizine is a completely different drug than ondansetron. Meclizine is an antihistamine that is now OTC that was developed in the 1950’s. It is usally the generic of Bonnie. It is used all the time for motion sickness. Ondansetron is prescription only. The brand is Zofran and was delevoped in the 1990’s for chemotherapy and radiotherapy nausea and vomiting. Later it was found to be helpful in general nausea and vomiting, especially with morning sickness due to pregnancy. Because ondansetron has no sedation or sleepiness with it, lots of people try to take it with all types of nausea and vomiting. But unfortunately like I said before, it does not work with motion sickness.
  22. The patch works great for seasickness but it has side effects which is why it isn’t usally available OTC anymore. Makes your pupils huge and can effect your ability to read. And makes you have dry mouth. I spoke to a physician once on Royal Caribbean and he said they don’t like to recommend them to people. But it may have been just one doctor’s opinion. It was a while ago.
  23. ‘If the ship is rocking and rolling have some ginger candies available. You may not be crazy about the taste, but they really do work!
  24. I knew you meant 6 hours. LOL. But I’m glad you clarified.
  25. I wouldn’t worry about the Dramamine being expired by 6 months. Expired meds still work for a long time after the expiration date. Use oceanweather.com to check for ocean conditions.
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