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  1. You can always sit at the bar to eat in Extra Virgin - not sure if that’s a thing at Pink Agave or not - maybe someone else can confirm.
  2. @Eric&Pam I read your summary of your MRS experience with Ruchelle with interest as she was our MRS agent last year. We had the complete opposite experience with her that you did - so much so that for the first time ever we had to speak to the MRS Supervisor to express our dissatisfaction. I am very glad to hear that she has obviously stepped up her game and made your experience onboard such a great one! (as it should be when you pay that much for MRS cabins!)
  3. I have used my Dyson Airwrap on all three ships with zero issues. I actually have 2 Airwraps - one that is 50 hz for use in Europe and 1 that is 60hz for use in the US. I have used them both on board in their respective plugs and have had no problems doing so.
  4. Hello! I am in the same situation as you - married and my husband prefers land vacations to cruises so I often cruise solo. Virgin does a REALLY great job of getting solos together (if that's what you want). The first day there will be a note in your cabin explaining when and where the first solo gathering is and explaining about the first solo dinner (in Razzle Dazzle). There will be someone from the Happenings Cast (like a cruise director) at that event and they will facilitate a whatsapp group for solos. I found that really helpful for ex if you have a dinner reservation but don't feel like eating alone you can just post "heh anyone want to meet up for dinner at the Wake at 7" type thing and you will usually get some takers. There are so many solos on Virgin and people are usually super friendly so it's quite easy to meet people. I am doing a solo in July and another one in August - it's a great way to vacation! You will love it!
  5. Enjoy every moment as a MRS! We are sailing in a gorgeous suite on Sunday from Barcelona. Once you go RS its VERY difficult to go back!
  6. May I ask were you playing tables or slots? And was that 1-2K per day ?
  7. Same here - doing the RL t/a next year, did the Singapore to Sydney and first t/a too! See you on the Rooftop 🙂
  8. Yeah they really needed another ship in the Caribbean to do the longer itineraries - its great that Resilient will be doing those in the fall. We were lucky enough to sail on RL for 14 nights from Singapore to Sydney and we really loved having all that time to enjoy the ship. I got a great deal as well for a RS suite! If anyone wants to still do this cruise I saw a couple postings since yesterday of people that can't make it and the prices were excellent!
  9. Hello! I will be on this same cruise as well and will be following your thoughts as a first timer on VV (it is my 9th VV but first transatlantic). From everything I've read the 8 sea days will be a relaxing time with lots of activities onboard! Look forward to all of your comments!
  10. The casino will be open on sea days and when the ship is not in port. It usually opens about an hour after the ship leaves the dock and stays open late if its busy
  11. I’m on that sailing too. You can stay on til 10:30 or so and the gym is definitely available for use. yes on the soap shampoo and conditioner. No body lotion unless you’re in a suite.
  12. Yes scan your medallion every time you sit down at a new machine. The VP machine sill track your play for you. You can use cash or withdraw money to play against your onboard account but depending on your status with the cruise line and or the type of room you’re in you may get charged a convenience fee to do so. You May also want to look into matching any existing land offers to your cruise line to see if you can get a comped cruise to start.
  13. I've done all the Edge ships and while they are beautiful the clientele they cater to is older than I enjoy. It is a casino trip so yes that is why i would consider it first and foremost but also just to see it and live to tell the tale 🙂
  14. Its been 20 years since I've been on Royal when my kids were little. I am just starting my research into possibly trying Royal and I saw that the Icon has a beautiful looking adult only pool area in the aft - does anyone know if this is specific to Icon or do other Oasis class ships have this as well? I read that the solarium is adults only but don't really like indoor pools.
  15. Hi - does anyone remember seeing this slot onboard their ship? Im trying to find it for a friend who loves it
  16. I am waiting for pricing as well - currently booked on the May 3/25 T/A on Scarlet but am considering switching to this one
  17. I dined solo in Luminae also last night around 8:15 and lets just say there was no lack of attentiveness there!
  18. I too will be onboard starting Sunday - got my cruise comped through the casino but then was able to upgrade for next to nothing to a Sky Suite (deck 10 too) during that crazy price offering so long ago. I am traveling solo this time as my husband is still catching up work wise from the month long trip I coerced him into doing in December. I am also booked for Nachi Cocum based on what I have read on these boards about it. Looking forward to a great week!
  19. Actually we often take a bottle or two from the bar to the pool to set up a bar there for the day. We have never had an issue with it not being replaced.
  20. We are sailing on this same cruise - also Rockstars. Between my husband and myself we have 13 Virgin cruises behind us so on the other side of the coin from you. I also sailed on this ship a few weeks ago (Adriatic Gems in October). So the single biggest thing we have noticed is that this is not the typical VV clients on board which we knew going in. What we didn't count on and are somewhat disappointed in is that VV has changed the music to appease the large group onboard and we think in doing so have kind of changed the experience of their normal clients. Having said that today by the pool they do seem to have gone back to louder more upbeat music which is a very welcome change. I am hoping once we hit Sydney and the regular shorter non-repositioning cruises they will be back to their younger at heart crowd and music. Regardless this certainly hasn't put us off VV cruises - if anything we are are looking forward to our next one even more knowing that it will be the fun, happy upbeat vibe we have come to know and love. We are just really hoping that all the Negative Nancys on this cruise don't go home and write horrible reviews about being on a cruise ship that they did zero research on and clearly aren't meant for. One other important thing (to some) to note is that due to Australian restrictions, the casino and shops were closed after we left Darwin for the night, are open today but then closed again for 3 consecutive days until the last sea day. Glad you are enjoying your cruise so far and that your step-daughter was able to rectify the visa situation.
  21. Yes for sure a multi city ticket is another way to go. I don't live in a city with direct international flights from either Athens or Barcelona (business class is my preference) so I just assume I am going to have to make a connection somewhere. YMMV
  22. Hi - I just booked my flights using points - if you have any of those you can get some good deals this far in advance. If not, my advice would be to do a round trip to Barcelona and then a one way from Athens to Barcelona rather than 2 one ways it will be much cheaper. Book it yourself rather than through a T/A but be sure to book directly with the airline rather than through expedia or other third party OTA. While you might pay slightly more it will be worth it if you ever have to make a change or cancellation it is 100x easier to deal directly with the airline.
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