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  1. https://vvinsider.com/full-itinerary-details-2024-2025-sailings-virgin-voyages/ but there will be more on Monday
  2. Probably not dry dock since SL is dry docking November 2024, right before the Rome to Miami TA. I guess VV is still deciding where to put SL for the summer of 2025. I think it will go to Northern Europe/Iceland.
  3. Thanks Where does Scarlet go after April 2025? the list from VV insider ends 19 April 2025 https://vvinsider.com/full-itinerary-details-2024-2025-sailings-virgin-voyages/ You mentioned the document has sailings to 12/2025 does it have a gap in the summer?
  4. Could you please check if there are transatlantic itineraries for around April 2025? USA to Europe?
  5. How did you get the sailing club discount applied retroactively? I thought it was for new bookings.
  6. Exactly!!! Burgers and other pub style food are more suited for lunch.
  7. I’ve been following various cruise news over the past year and Celebrity and Royal have both had to cancel on a lot of passengers due to charters, moving a ship while dry docking another, overbooking, etc. The offers have varied from Lift and Shift to nothing. At least VV is covering up to $500 in cancellation fees this time, though with the price of travel these days, that might not cover non-refundable flights. I don’t think this offer from VV is bad, there are probably more winners than losers because you can book a longer cruise. It’s just that in most cases, people will have to spend more money on other aspects outside of the cruise fare to make travel changes and rearrange their plans. $600 sailor loot is not really useful to everyone on such an all inclusive cruise line. The base product is already so good that you can easily depart without spending any money. Plus, a lot of people already have bar tab and sailor loot. On other cruise lines, I like OBC because I use it to cover the automatic gratuities. I guess I’ll buy a hammock? Hopefully things are still well stocked with so many people trying to use up their Sailor Loot. Also difficult to use for shore things since they might be booked up by the time you board. In the past, FVC was nice because you could upgrade your cabin, but I can see why they didn’t do it this time. Cruise fares have gone up so much since a lot of people initially booked, so it might not even cover alternate sailings.
  8. Hi all, sorry new to this I’ll be on the Crown is there more than one sensor? More than one light that is controlled by the sensor? I want some light for going to the bathroom at night, but I don’t want the whole room to light up. I was thinking of using Post-it notes
  9. My interpretation is that they you will still need to fill in the form, even after the 11th. You can submit the form now, and they will process it on the 11th if you are sure that is the cruise you want to take and you aren’t interested in any of the new sailings. https://vvinsider.com/full-itinerary-details-2024-2025-sailings-virgin-voyages/ Since that NYE sailing is so popular, maybe submit it now. Who knows now they will determine your spot. If you booked with a TA, you should get them to switch you now, as I’ve seen reports that TA’s can switch you on any currently listed sailing now, like the NY one, and it’s quite popular.
  10. I heard it was a mistake and it’s not 14 days. It’s actually 8 days.
  11. Depends if they release the itineraries this year. Should you decide not to rebook at this time, you have the option to request a full refund, or we will automatically process your refund after December 28th
  12. Someone on FB posted that they cancelled and got a full refund, and VV offered additional loot and bar tab for an existing sailing. She sailed 6 times before so maybe that’s why.
  13. thanks for the info. I had some other cruises booked but didn’t use MNVV so I regret missing out on the 300 discount and 600 loot, which would have been in addition to the rebooking loot. I was going to cancel and rebook with a TA who had MNVV, but I guess I missed my chance. I’m sure I’m in the minority for this situation though. I think for the most part, it works out for most people.
  14. Go to this link and look near the bottom where it says “select your desired voyage” you can see the start date and estimate the end date by looking at the next sailing for that ship The stops are not really available though. https://virginvoyages.my.salesforce-sites.com/rebookNreimbursement
  15. No, it only lists up to March 2025, and they are all AU and NZ area cruises up to then.
  16. This is the first time VV didn’t offer any FVC. Overall, the people who got their cruise for a super low price potentially benefit the most as they can book Sydney to Singapore or one of those other $10k+ cruises. Those who booked at more recent prices and are switching to something similar get $300-$600 in loot depending on when they book. I still hope VV offers a FVC option in the coming weeks to add some flexibility with newer promotions and changing cabin categories.
  17. No, I checked. The options are already listed on the form when you click on the link in the email to rebook. they break up the 44 day repositioning into smaller cruises.
  18. I see it too! Not a lot of detail and not too organized. Still interesting!
  19. So essentially, those who managed to book for a low fare benefit the most.
  20. it won’t be double, but you might get a lift and shift with bonus loot, which would be better for you in this case.
  21. In the last few months, it’s been 125% to 150% FVC. this time, I am seeing reports of $300 to $600 sailor loot. No FVC so far, but things can change, maybe if more of us complain.
  22. Yes, that is correct. The Valiant will not be replacing Brilliant for the TA from PR to Lisbon.
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