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  1. Ah ok! Thanks. mine was a different promo. I just called sailor services and it isn’t registering so I ended up cancelling and will just book with a TA for the $50 loot.
  2. Was this the loot from the $200 access code that was floating around? I don’t have much in terms of documentation 😞
  3. Thanks! When you got the $200, was there also a bar tab promotion going on? Also thank you for the tip about the add on’s. I do not see the sailor loot there.
  4. I am seeing a few reports that sailors didn’t actually get this once on board. It doesn’t help that VV does not have a way for sailors to check OBC well before their voyage. It might be because it’s not compatible with the current bar tab promo. I won’t post the key, but it’s the “AA” one that’s been floating around. It appears to work when you check out.
  5. I am glad you posted that we can avoid porters in Barcelona. That is where I am boarding next and I am extremely paranoid about porters just stealing my luggage.
  6. The minimum bids are quite high for me. Starts at 50% the cost of just booking it in the first place. I guess “high” is relative but reading through this thread, it sounds like people have been able to bid a smaller fraction.
  7. How do points work? Is it 1 point per dollar gambled?
  8. Someone please post screenshots of the room service menus from the app ❤️
  9. 5 night cruise, inside cabin in April. I only had options to bid on anywhere from obstructed balcony to deluxe balcony. There was no option for mini suite, though the minimum bids were already high for obstructed balcony. Minimum bid was $125x2 for obstructed balcony and $150x2 for deluxe obstructed balcony (Canadian dollars). I bid $5 above the minimum but don’t expect to get an upgrade anyway because the cruise looks mostly sold out.
  10. There are taxes, fees, and port expenses in addition to the room cost. If you book double occupancy, you would need the name of the second passenger and would need to pay these fees.
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