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  1. Holy ***** 44 nights!!! Finally, Resilient Lady will set off on a 44-night repositioning from Athens to Australia in October 2024, making stops in bucket-list destinations like Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Bali along the way. Once Down Under, Sailors have the option of 15 brand new itineraries and nine new ports including Broome, Albany, Adelaide, Newcastle, Mooloolaba, Port Douglas, Brisbane, Eden and Kangaroo Island.
  2. Bonus Sailor Loot: Upon moving their booking, customers will receive an additional $300 in sailor loot. Moreover, those booked on the Mermaiden will receive an extra $500 in onboard credit. $300 OBC for rebooking?! that’s the smallest amount of compensation I’ve seen so far, especially since a lot of these BL sailings are so soon.
  3. Things are definitely happening! Can’t book Resilient Lady Greece cruises after mid August 24. As previously posted, they are moving RL to Portsmouth
  4. I’m surprised they would use Resilient Lady instead of Brilliant Lady if true. BL doesn’t currently have anything scheduled/booked after April 20 so they could do this without cancelling on anyone. I guess it is about a year out though, so it wouldn’t be too bad. The Athens cruises didn’t seem to be selling well, though they cost more per night on average.
  5. This is correct. Full refund including deposit within 7 days for cruises more than 120 days out. However, VV has cancelled a few cruises this year (charters and Austrailia itineraries) and the compensation was full refund (nothing more), or 125% - 150% FVC of what you’ve paid so far. It hasn’t been 2x in a while.
  6. I wasn’t sure if they allowed it in case they thought you were sharing with someone, like other posters talking about not being able to order multiple drinks at a bar.
  7. What if I am cruising solo and want to order drinks delivered to my room. Can I order more than one drink (non alcoholic if that matters)? I do plan to leave a tip so I don’t want to order drinks multiple times.
  8. This would be great! I wish they opened Salty Dog for lunch too though.
  9. But RL is scheduled to be in Athens on Aug11 and Aug 18 Aug 11 is “sold out” but Aug 18 is still for sale
  10. There was a code before for $200 off but it didn’t work. you can call sailor services to see if they can see if you will get the credit. Using an access code like this means not getting the bar tab though.
  11. If it’s the Ardner one, it won’t work.
  12. Interesting. Both BL and RL are scheduled to stop in Zeebruges next summer.
  13. I thought there were rumours/reports that BL is pretty much done and they are just decorating. I really regret not booking the SL TA from Miami to BCN instead. I wanted to go to Lisbon, but I could have just taken a short flight or train, especially since TAP has a free stopover program.
  14. If you put half on red and half on black, there is a 4% chance you lose all your money every round.
  15. While I have been checking almost daily as well, I also follow a ton of VV Facebook groups and I’m sure there will be a lot of posts once new sailings are up.
  16. This might not be enough for recovering alcoholics, though I guess almost everything on a cruise might be tempting for alcoholics. I’m alcohol intolerant, but I’ll still check out GB. Thanks for the tip of letting the server know.
  17. Recent reports say that the Brilliant Lady is on schedule and is being decorated now.
  18. https://www.virginvoyages.com/health-safety Before the voyage: If you test positive for COVID, or were exposed to COVID within 10 days of departure, Virgin Voyages will allow you to change your voyage date, or provide a full future voyage credit to use toward a booking at a later time. Taxes and fees and bookable amounts are refunded to the original form of payment.
  19. Still no announcement, but I really think it will be this month. They are going to lose business as people will be booking other cruises.
  20. Where did you see Iceland? I couldn’t find those port schedules for 2024 edit: found it! It’s there in June!
  21. Board in LA so you don’t need to fly in the day before the cruise, don’t need to get a hotel, and don’t need to worry about delays or lost luggage.
  22. Another random thing I noticed is that staff seem to be extra friendly/helpful/smiley on camera in Princess videos compared to VV videos. I watch a lot of the buffet tour videos and the staff seem to purposely look at the camera, wave and say hi with smile big, as if their manager is watching the videos. Maybe they are like that all the time though, in which case I feel bad for them because that is exhausting, but I’m probably just projecting because I have RBF. In VV videos, crew seem more relaxed and chill. I feel more comfortable in environments where the crew/staff are more like equals, versus environments where they act/feel like they are your servants and worried about losing their jobs or needing tips.
  23. I was able to book it in advance using the dining credits in the app! That being said, as a Canadian, $39 USD per person (+ an additional $10 up-charge for a lobster tail) seems a bit high considering the MDR is included and also has similar food items. I know there is a whole thread about whether it’s worth it, which was a really interesting read. I don’t think I would upgrade from Standard to Plus or Premier in most cases, but this is my first Princess cruise and I am testing it out on a 3 night stay. I’m also sharing my wifi with my travel mates who got Standard in another cabin. also: hi GTA neighbour! Markham here 🙂
  24. Well said Lustate! I love CruisingWalter and am surprised how few subscribers he has on YouTube. However, that doesn’t mean cruise lines don’t know about him. Cruise companies scour the internet, especially YouTube, for videos about their cruise line. Maybe they didn’t know about him the first time, but they certainly have him on a list now. That doesn’t mean Walter is biased or that he even gets anything special, but I think they would respond quicker to him if he had an issue. There is another YouTuber with about 10k subs who made a long video about not liking his solo experience on VV. What surprised me was that he showed up late to an excursion and missed it, and VV still gave him a refund, even though it was his fault. He cited confusion about how to get there and bimini food service staff not being able to give him directions, but everyone else made it on time. I wonder if it is because he was a YouTuber.
  25. I’m on a 3 day cruise so the upgrade to premier was definitely worth it.
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