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  1. Sorry for off topic question: after adding second sailor details, how does that second sailor then see the sailing on their account?
  2. Whenever I price a cruise on any other line, once I factor in gratuities and wifi and loot, the VV sailings that I have chosen (which admittedly are among the lowest cost per day) always cost way less. Right now, especially with DBE and MNVV, it’s hard to go with another line because VV offers a better product for a lower price.
  3. Sorry for extra post, but you can cancel within 7 days. Hopefully the price hasn’t gone up since yesterday, but you should really rebook. It’s $850 usd difference when you factor in sailor loot. You can ask on Reddit or some of the more popular TA run fb groups for a TA with MNVV.
  4. Might want to cancel and rebook with another agent that has an MNVV certificate to transfer to you. That gets you an additional $300 off your cruise fare and $700 OBC (if they are a VV gold first mate) instead of $150 OBC, and you still get the 10% off.
  5. That’s a bummer. With interest rates these days, that would have been $400 in a GIC. Even after the refund, you will have $4k credit on your credit card. Not sure your spending habits but it might take a while to spend that much or you might have to ask for a cheque.
  6. I booked specialty dining one night and hope it’s not the night that they serve prime rib in the MDR.
  7. Yes, I’ve seen a few TA’s do this, especially when they are trying to form a circle and are a few cabins short. I wonder what the price will be if it ever does get released again though. From what I’ve seen, TA’s who have a few holds have not been having an issue selling them at all!
  8. I finally got in after a week of getting Aw Dang. I think it takes a few days after they process your changes, at least that was the case for me. Stressful week not being 100% sure if my sailings were booked though.
  9. Hi, have you ever ordered multiple bottles of San Pelegrino to your cabin at once? I have the premier package and drink carbonated water exclusively, so I will need at least 4 bottles a day. Is this also available at any bar?
  10. I got the rebooking confirmation earlier this week but was finally able to access the website and see the Add-ons. My original booking just had $600 loot from MNVV and $100 bar tab from DBE. The rebooking got an additional $600 loot and $600 bar tab (current promo).
  11. That is an interesting fact! I guess that’s why I cannot access the website.
  12. I called and was told a lot of people couldn’t access their account so they think it’s a website problem on their end and to give it a few days. I got them to pay my deposit over the phone though.
  13. I have the same concerns. I received the email saying I am rebooked, but it was just the text email so I am unable to see if it’s actually booked and not just a hold. In addition, I have another cruise that I need to pay the deposit for. However, I cannot access my account on the website to make the full deposit. My TA put down the MNVV for me, but it’s not quite 20%. I guess I will call them.
  14. I have heard that in order to maximize sailor loot, try to buy things while at sea and not while in port to save on taxes. Local taxes are charged on purchases when the ship is in port. I hope that VV increases the number of shore things they offer throughout the next year. I think most people have loot from lift and shift and/or MNVV. I like how it’s all inclusive and there isn’t much you have to worry about in terms of cabin charges, but I’m also not interested in overpriced retail that I would need to lug home.
  15. What sailing did you pick? Is your cabin category sold out?
  16. Submitted it around noon on Sept 7. I will wait a few days, the sailing is over a year from now anyway 😂 Edit: found a bunch of posts on FB. It seems to be showing as Bar Tab instead of loot for a lot of people. I’m sure they will sort it out.
  17. The website keeps crashing, but I got in through the app. It’s showing my $600 MNVV and $600 bar tab (which should be sailor loot). Question for anyone who has been successfully rebooked with the $600 sailor loot compensation: does it show up on your account yet? I know they are working hard on getting it all sorted out, so I don’t want to contact my busy TA yet.
  18. I just got an email confirming I have been booked on the new voyage I selected from the form. However, the email said: We’ve kept your previous voyage fare and promotions, including your free Bar Tab of $600. I didn’t have a bar tab, but I had $700 in sailor loot (600 MNVV and $100 from TA). Do you think this is just a generic email?
  19. So… what are the call centre wait times like right now?
  20. Wow, the price of the Rome to Miami TA is pretty high for Day 1 $4270 USD for a sea terrace for 2, after pay in full. Nearly $2000 more than the past TA’s when first listed, but everything, including cruise fares, have been going up consistently. I think this one will be popular among those moving their voyages (including me 😊).
  21. You have to be careful with those random access keys. as per the VV terms and conditions: This Bar Tab Bonus offer is per cabin, and DOES NOT APPLY TO Promotional Access Keys or those Access Keys that reduce the booking’s Voyage Fare.
  22. Agreed. That’s as good as it gets. VV doesn’t jack up prices just so people can find secret access codes online. I think enough of us have tried looking already. Their price is already really good when you factor in thar it’s all inclusive. Other than that, 10% pay in full if you are booking 6 months ahead or wait for a better promo. that being said, wait until next week. Not sure what the rules are around changing names on bookings, but a lot of people paid less than $7000 CAD and might be cancelling. VV is pretty strict about FVC but not sure what the rules are around this lift and shift. Maybe you can work with someone who is cancelling a sea terrace that they paid $5k CAD for.
  23. Oh if you are getting a sea terrace, you should get a TA that has an MNVV they can transfer to you. You get 300 USD off the price and $600 USD sailor loot. This is in addition to any other promotions. They usually also add $100 more in sailor loot. Join some Facebook groups and ask if any TA has an MNVV to transfer, there will usually be a few that do. The only issue I had was the travel agent (first mate) only had the MNVV in USD so I had to pay for the entire voyage in USD. This isn’t an issue if you use a no FX credit card though. There is no cost associated with using a TA. It’s really preferred because they help you out and you still have full control of your booking online.
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