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  1. They just change the prizes and odds, and sometimes reset the prizes available in case someone already won the grand prize. It will reset with new dates as it has in the past.
  2. To make matters more complicated regarding pizza on OceanNow, another thread here has reported that the pizza that was $3, and then changed to free, is being removed and replaced with $8.50 pizza with specialty toppings.
  3. It was a recent change. I saw a screenshot from the Crown, but they only had cheese or pepperoni. Prof cruise made a post about it and their screenshot had more options https://profcruise.com/princess-oceannow-food-delivery-menu/ Photo from prof cruise’s post:
  4. I am surprised it’s $12 a pizza. A whole pizza on ocean now delivery used to be $3, and recently changed to free (though with limited options). I wonder if Alfredo’s will now be treated like a specialty restaurant and listed in Ocean Now for a La carte delivery.
  5. It’s an Austrailia requirement, not a Princess requirement. It actually works, because that is how I found out I had Covid the day I was supposed to board in Sydney. I ended up missing the cruise but Princess gave me FCC because of their Cruise with Confidence policy.
  6. saw it a few places (screenshots). what gets me is that this isn’t just about food. You order towels through ocean now as well, which you can no longer use unless you pay the $15. I suppose you can just ask your stateroom attendant when you see them though.
  7. I do not believe that has been addressed yet. Note: im not a TA, I just saw a bunch of screenshots from the presentation Princess gave them. is a mini-bar change out considered a room service order?
  8. Yes there has been some clarification since this first came out to the TAs The $5 room service fee is only when you order from the phone. The $15 ocean now fee covers ordering from the app or TV to your cabin.
  9. Thank you sooo much for posting and so quickly too. I would have totally expected the lobster Mac to be one of the more expensive items, not among least expensive. I might eat there twice considering it’s the only “casual dining” option available on the Crown Princess. Anxiously awaiting their new menus.
  10. Ooh that’s interesting. I am trying to find the a la carte menu online, but the site only shows the $18 option.
  11. I’ve always felt that way about Princess Premier and the 2 speciality dinners as well. I got the premier package, but only because it was a 3 day cruise, so I was getting $78 value for an additional $60.
  12. I will correct my earlier statement saying that there is no additional or new benefit for Plus or Premier. Some of the casual dining restaurants that were previously not free are now part of the 2 free meals for Plus, and unlimited for Premier. I am anxiously awaiting the new menus with prices for these casual eateries. We can presume that it would be $15 for an app, entree, and dessert. However, prix fixe does not always mean that you can pick any entree on the menu. It could be a subset of options, usually the cheaper ones. Since there would be an a la carte menu, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an upcharge for certain entrees that aren’t part of the prix fixe. For example, Salty Dog GastroPub (not grill) already had a prix fixe of $18. I doubt that this will go down to $15 with all the same options. I anticipate that the lobster Mac and Cheese would be a $3 upcharge.
  13. This is just awful. You would think they would at least offer something more to make up for how much they are taking away. Princess Plus often means doubling the cost of the initial cruise fare. I think this might lead to less tips for room service too, as people who pay $5 for delivery may be less inclined to give an additional tip. People with the standard package might drink less instead if they don’t pay the $15 and have to wait in line at the bar for a drink, though I think most people who drink would just pay the $15. I do realize that a lot of delivered food gets wasted and can be resource heavy, but it’s not like they are passing any savings onto the cruiser.
  14. Essentially, if you pay for Princess Premier, you get NOTHING more than you had before. If you pay for Princess Plus, you are now limited to free casual dining at Alfredo’s twice, so you get LESS than what you had before. If you are Princess Standard, you now have to pay a one time/voyage fee of $15 to get food or drinks delivered to wherever you are, a $5 delivery fee each time for room service, $15 each time for casual dining. That is insane considering they just increased their package rates, internet rates, and gratuities not long ago.
  15. The days of flight compensation for cancelled cruises is over, with a few exceptions for cruises cancelled within a few days or weeks of the sailing date. I travel a lot and pretty much never get anything refundable because it’s so much more expensive. I’ve lost money a few times (e.g. snow storm), but overall far less than if I always paid for refundable fares. I also don’t get trip insurance. I get the health insurance in case I need to be air lifted, but not the kind that covers the cruise fare. Premium credit cards have some coverage.
  16. When you say “again”, do you know if it was removed before?
  17. That is so interesting! So they have Oct 2024, May 2025, and Oct 2025 booked at Funchal, but not April 2024!!! Those bastards! Well then it’s May 2025 for me then.
  18. Thanks Ulsteinvik, That’s what I was looking for. I guess I won’t be booking flights after all 😞
  19. I had noticed Brilliant Lady TA not appearing on those port schedules a few weeks ago, but I wonder what data source is used to populate those sites. I would like to believe that VV booked those ports at some point and wouldn’t just cancel them until they were sure they were cancelling the TA. If they are sure, what’s stopping them from telling us? It’s not like they have been shy about cancelling their other voyages, albeit sometimes weeks after they have chartered it.
  20. Not sure if this matters to you, but the Burrata Caprese is different. At Cucina Del Capital, it’s actually proper fresh burrata, whereas at Sabbatinis, it’s more of a fresh mozzarella. Some people might prefer the mozzarella, but they shouldn’t call it Burrata if it’s not real Burrata.
  21. With the way VV has been going, they seemingly haven’t even finalized Q1-Q3 of 2024. They recently changed a bunch of Austrailia sailings and are probably figuring out where to sail Brilliant Lady after April. As much as I am impatiently waiting for the late 2024/ early 2025 itineraries, it’s probably better they don’t release them until they get a better idea. I noticed the transatlantic style routes around Athens/Dubai/Singapore were selling well though, even with the higher nightly rates. The Caribbean sailings out of Miami are pretty solid as well. I also speculate that the prices will go up significantly and I’m afraid of being priced out as a solo sailor.
  22. It’s really closer to 1/4, unless you are staying in a suite.
  23. Cancel the reservation. Not sure why you aren’t able to via the app. They will refund your credit card. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. My app recognized the 2 dining credits and I was able to apply it when booking in advance.
  24. That’s where I saw it (in a video)! It was a Princess cruise food review couple and they were on a long cruise on the Crown in April. I am a Costco fanatic so I recognize kirkland anywhere. I even have ostentatiously branded Kirkland clothing.
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