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  1. Thanks Bob. I think we may be looking at mid 2021 if we’re lucky for cruising to resume.
  2. Reports from MSC pax have stated elevators and stairways are nightmares. Only 4 people per elevator with waits up to 1 hr. Stairways are just as bad as only 1 person allowed at a time with crew monitors on each landing. These cruises were reported as reduced capacity. Also MDR dinner; you had to order before you even entered, service was extremely rushed. No self serve at buffet only 2 pax per table who were traveling together. This pax reported waiting over 90 mins to get a table for breakfast at buffet.
  3. Doesn’t look like Princess or Carnival cruising will start anytime soon due to judge’s order for 60 day halt from US ports for continued environmental violations.
  4. Since no one else looks after our climate challenges or environmental challenges it’s left up to judges. Corporate knew about this for years and has continued to pollute the oceans. Without clean oceans the Florida economy will tank. I live in Florida very near the beach and know how dire the situation of our seas is.
  5. I agree. Covid cases will increase during winter months making it impossible to put people together in confined spaces especially a cruise ship.
  6. CDC extended no sail order for 30 days. Dr Redfield requested the ban remain in place until February but was overruled by Trump administration and Florida officials. So much for the safety of passengers and crew.
  7. I would bet that all the protocols will look the same so anyone would know one cruise lines should be as safe as the other
  8. Makes sense to sell those ships. Although 20 yrs ago I loved sailing on those ships, I much prefer the newer ships.
  9. Maybe a re-naming since like you said Ruby is associated with that huge debacle in Australia
  10. I wasn’t on the Crown but just booked this on the Regal. Thx for the heads up
  11. I guess it hasn’t opened up yet as no TA are currently offered for September at all. I would rather be on Regal anyway. Hope you find it. I’m still waiting for something East to Southampton in April 21. I heard that was going to be the Sky but nothing available yet.
  12. It is on the Regal not Sky Oct 23 2021. The Sky supposedly is doing the west to East in April but it is not open yet. I just booked the Regal and will book whatever goes over in April 2021
  13. The positivity rate in Florida is 13.5 %. Go to Florida DEpt of Health and scroll down to Covid dashboard. It is updated daily.
  14. Since they seemed to have cancelled the April TA on the Crown, looks like the Island will be the only ship going to Southampton. I’ve not been on it since they chopped it up but the itinerary is different. We won’t book it for a while until Princess actually starts cruising again. Where is the Crown going?
  15. Although there is much news about vaccines, nothing to get excited about until large sample phase 3 trials. Right now all we know a that 10 people developed adequate antibodies after 2 doses of vaccine and I think that is the Astra V one.
  16. If you read what the CDC is actually looking at requiring for cruising to restart you will see what the cruise lines will need to do. And it’s just not closing buffets, masks, and social distancing. It will take more than 2 or 3 months for any cruise line to comply. CDC-2020-0087-0001.pdf
  17. Please just go out of business and put me out of my misery.
  18. All of the Carnival ships are being scraped as there is no market for used cruise ships
  19. Carnival Corp is not in great shape financially with Moody’s lowering their rating to essentially junk status. They nor other cruise line will survive extended shut down into 2021.
  20. Most of EU countries are under some type of quarantine for international visitors. I am waiting to get to friends in Dublin. I can fly there but have to register with Irish government and quarantine for 2 weeks - not allowed outside anywhere. They also make unannounced visits and fines violators. Other countries have similar restrictions. I seriously doubt cruising resumes anytime soon. I also foresee CDC extending ban as Trump’s punishment for not paying US taxes and costing so much $$ and chaos.
  21. Give me a break. With unemployment at 20% or more Princess could hire temps and get this process done in a matter of a few weeks or less. I am sick of being patient- after 2 mos I still can’t get a straight answer from them, an FCC, never mind pay back to my credit card. They are attempting to stay a float with everyone’s money. Bankruptcy will be swift and silent.
  22. Dude, way past September. My cruises in November were canceled.
  23. This thread was really magical thinking anyway.
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