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  1. We bided om our B2B Brilliance in the RoyalUp program.For our Trans Atlantic on November 3rd we won the bid of $250 each to go from an Oceanview on Deck 4 to an Aft Starboard balcony in the 856 range.I don't want to post our cabin# For $500 we are very happy at $36 per night. As balconies were going for way more I think we did very well. So what if there is a slight obstruction.We have a sofa bed better than a Pullman. There are no venues above us or below us and we're close to the stairs and not near the elevators. I love being aft or forward as not many people will walk down the hall.Also there is a wall separating the port and Starboard Cabins. In addition we are following the POSH method of Starboard home for the sun.As we are on a Southern Crossing going by Key West and around FL the balcony will be used a lot. I did the same $250 for OV balcony and Spacious OV balcony and $60 for Oceanview as we are still on aZI interior guarantee. Please give me feedback on this winning bid in terms of location,cost savings etc. On our last year TA cruise my Father and I were on Deck 8 in an Interior cabin.i would have picked deck 8 over Deck 4 for location to the venues. I'm super happy! The Happy Dance continues.Its better than we bargained for. Thanks everyone for your help! I could not do it without Host Clarea and all of you.Please send us pixie dust for our first cruise.A balcony would be nice.
  2. We got upgraded on our Brilliance TA Barcelona to Tampa from an Oceanview on deck 4 to a Balcony on Deck 8 for $500 for 3 of us.We are in the aft 8600 range on Starboard side.
  3. They can't cancel your dinner and charge you more for it.
  4. You could ask for a Future Cruise Credit compensating you for the two days of the missed cruise and rebook a redo cryise.
  5. On the Trans Atlantics I have done an Oceanview or Interior stateroom. For the upcoming Med and Trans Atlantic B2B I assigned my Parents and I an Interior Guarantee (so far no stateroom has been assigned) and an Ocean View. I then went ahead and did the RoyalUp Bid for both cruises from an Interior to an Oceanview or Oceanview Balcony and on the Trans Atlantic a standard Oceanview Balcony and the Spacious Oceanview Balcony. My theory is to book in the least expensive cabins that meets our requirements and then pay to upgrade! I would hate to spend more on a cabin unless its a Suite well then I would go all out!
  6. I think there should be Agent Commission protection for instances like this or if a passenger cancels within the penalty period.Its unfair to the travel agents to lose out on the commission for an issue beyond their control.
  7. Royal did not book the hotel and even if they did they are not responsible for the lost or stolen items nor is the hotel.
  8. I am the exact opposite. I love gambling and playing this awesome game called RoyalUP. We started with an Interior Guarantee then bid for an Oceanview and OV Balcony on our first cruise as part of a B2B Med/Trans Atlantic Cruise. I mean how bad can it really get? For the second portion as anyways we have to move I put in a bid for the Standard OV Balcony and Superior OV Balcony again how bad can it get? So what if its an obstructed view that I am prepared for. Plus were saving money. I went ahead and bid on the first cruise around the minimum bid as we are in a Guarantee Cabin so the chances of Royal moving us up would be higher. On the second cruise I placed in the Bid in the strong range. I mean if they place us up with the Captain near his Bridge with the same view he gets that would be awesome! I'll take fresh air over Obstructed view any day! Pulling into Villefrane in a Balcony Cabin would be a dream for me as well as pulling into Palermo, Livorno, Lisbon, In and out of Barcelona etc. Now I may never go back to a standard insider room again! I may go for the higher categories.
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