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  1. You must have been the coordinator for the meet and greet on every ship you’ve been on; otherwise, how would you know
  2. Thank you copper004 for the icebreaker!
  3. Me too. I just did the “math” last week and realized we won’t be home for Parkin plus on a cruise ship on Ash Wednesday. Oops. Didn’t think to check the calendar when we booked two years ago!
  4. It is my understanding that while this happens sometimes, it’s not a given. It depends upon the HD.
  5. I’m going to wait til we board. How big of a deal can getting new cards be? I want to make sure I can get Veuve plus, we have some OBC which will help pay for it.
  6. It is COMPLETELY unreasonable to hold NCL accountable. Our middle names are on our travel documentation and on our NCL account.
  7. Travel insurance isn’t going to pay for the insurers mistake. And in no no way is this NCLs fault and they have no reason to “forgive” the OP. No other cruise line would have reimbursed him. My travel agent (a real one) reminds me every trip to check my passport.
  8. Any chance you have anything with the opening times of restaurants, bars, coffee? Thanks.
  9. I won’t have a meltdown but they will hear from me every single day. I think safes are vital
  10. Yes! That’s me!!!!😂💜😂💜😂💜😂💜
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