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  1. BBC News - Coronavirus: How ghost cruise ships became a summer tourist attraction https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53720419 Interesting story about all the ships off the South coast of UK
  2. It's not perfect, but it's free to anyone who needs it, paid for mainly from taxes. The limited personal experience I have had in my own family has been excellent. For instance my husband had a very minor irregular heartbeat for a few seconds and had the full range of tests and scans until they found a blockade in one artery and inserted a stent. Total cost zero. That was five years ago, his subsequent checks and medicine is free as he is over 60. Even if he did not qualify for free drugs, the maximum for a prescription is under £10.
  3. Its not just the high price of ship excursions, often we just get off and wander around a port - if even that's not allowed it will be mighty expensive to have to pay for a ship excursion for each and every port......or not get off the ship
  4. The airline I work for requires a recent negative PCR covid-19 test before acceptance on a flight, and another for return. Private clinics are charging between £120 and £150 per test.
  5. All terminals worldwide have 'legal' minimum connecting times. But they only work if you are through checked to final destination and if the inbound flight is on time. If you are on a through ticket and the inbound carrier is late they are responsible for rebooking/rerouting you. But if you hold separate tickets the inbound carrier has no responsibility if you miss your onward connection. Personally, as someone who has worked in aviation for over 40 years, I think the minimum connection times are too tight and would want a connection of at least 2 hours. You have to go through security even thought you are airside, and even if using the same terminal, and the queues can be long.
  6. Where are you to get such a quite beach, especially in the school holidays. We have stopped going to South Coast as just too busy. We've recently had a week in Mevagissey Cornwall, visting my cousins and enjoyed some lovely coastal walks
  7. British Airways just cancelled our flights to Barcelona in September. Good for us as we cancelled the cruise already, at least I can get the flight money back now.
  8. Not only D+, but D's too. Not all UK cruisers are cheap and don't tip and I think its wrong to assume that we don't (sorry, don't want to turn this into a tipping thread 😬)
  9. Or another idea, he downloads his fav programme, TV series, movies to a tablet or laptop and listens through headphones. I often listen to music to fall asleep to through wireless headphones.
  10. Sweden still followed social distance guidelines, reduced travel, hand washing etc. They didn't lockdown but were responsible.
  11. The thing is it's been imported everywhere, (well apart from China I guess.) In every country it has come from somewhere. In the UK most of our first cases were people coming back from skiing holidays. That's why lockdown works. Gives breathing space to try and bring it under control and put procedures in place for when things start to sloooowly open up
  12. When we were newly married my husband was building hours for his commercial pilots license. The cheapest way was to hire a little 172 four seater in Waterloo Canada for two weeks and fly to Banff where our friend met us, we did that twice and had some hair raising adventures. He only has minimum hours for his private licence the first time. The confidence of youth
  13. My travel agents final payment was 10july so probably RC date would be in a week or so, UK rules
  14. Cancelled my Allure 20th Sept cruise yesterday. Even if the cruise goes ahead I'm not comfortable cruising at moment and didn't want to throw good money after bad. So I'll take the FCC for the deposit and hope to use it next year. No more cruises booked now thank goodness. If she does have a short European season I'll watch with interest how it goes
  15. Unless traveling from one of the 60+ countries in the exceptiond list https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors#countries-and-territories-with-no-self-isolation-on-return-to-england
  16. Think majority of travellers will mainly be within the EU zone. Even though things have relaxed a little in UK I think most people are still wary of travelling for pleasure. Maybe the young will.....
  17. We're also in UK and I agree its difficult with teenage children but you have the whole of Europe on your doorstep. Maybe do some road trips through France, Spain and Italy. Hire a camper van for more freedom. We are in our 60's and last year bought electric bikes that can be used on or off road and they are great fun. I watched the Larry Lamb series yesterday, he is in his 70's and is travelling all over UK on electric bikes with his adult son. They were in Pembrokeshire yesterday, it looked stunning. Short term we are off to Cornwall next week to visit family and reconnect with that beautiful part of the world
  18. Same with my dentist in UK. As I was half way through treatment when we went into lockdown I was one of the first called back. Before I went I was sent a medical questionnaire to fill in and extensive explanations about their covid precautions. I had to wait in my car until they called me in. No body else in waiting room. All staff apart from the partners (husband and wife, both dentists) were furloughed. So my dentist was assisted by her dentist husband. They both had a lot of PPE and I had to exit from a different door than the entrance. Believe they are now bringing staff back but I was very impressed with their high standard of covid preparation and precautions.
  19. Yeap, as I said, based on actual events but some of the dialogue and the way the main characters react privately is surmised. But it is a great series, I'm still only on series 2.
  20. It's a great show, but remember, though based on actual events, it is still a show and not a documentary. Sometimes it's easy to forget and think it's ALL true
  21. Wish we had the same in England. I fear our rates will go up with the easing of restrictions from tomorrow
  22. As far as I am aware European visitors including UK, were banned from entering the USA back in March by the American government. Don't think that's been lifted yet
  23. My son and partner have a holiday in Croatia booked for Aug, hoping its included in the travel corridors ex UK as they have prepaid their hotel and its non refundsble. This was booked last year. We are probably just going to stick to UK holidays this year, Cornwall or New Forest. If we were travelling abroad France and Italy are favourites
  24. I know it's the weekend but our figures for people passing in the whole of UK is 36 today, the figures have been consistently downward. But I'm happy to stay local in UK this summer, hope to make it home to Cornwall maybe in September
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