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  1. I read that there is a $5 charge for wristband unless in a YC or Aurea. Do we need this or can we just use our MSC card on lanyard?
  2. The Houdini show appeared today on MSC and Me...I see that it is less expensive if we book before boarding on app. States includes a free drink...What if we already have drink package? Also wondering about booking it and then not having timing right with other things we want to do on ship. Does this show play a few times a day?
  3. I t I tried to switch my current 3 night cruise to the cruise you are going on, but since I booked my 3 nighter with Chase cc points, I was told I couldn't do that unless I paid for the entire 4 nighter in full with my Chase cc. Said they could not transfer the points.
  4. I booked a 3 night cruise using my Chase Reserve points and a small some of money charged on the Chase credit card. Yesterday, due to new circumstances I decided to book a 4 night cruise instead (Same ship). I called Chase Travel and an agent who seemed unsure of herself and asked someone else for help told me that there was no way my points could transfer to 4 night cruise. So if I wanted to book the 4 nighter I'd have to pay the whole cruise upfront which I do not want to do. I'm very disappointed and will lose the cruiseline's promotional rate and unless I book the 4 nighter today. I'm wondering if the information Chase Travel gave me is correct. Has this situation happened to anyone on these boards? Thanks
  5. We are heading soon to Ocean Cay. Love to snorkel. Would appreciate input as to best beaches to do so there. (Have our own equipment.)
  6. I understand that the Fantastica Package gives one change. However, I thought I read elsewhere that one could cancel up to 48 hours before. I'm thinking of changing the dates for my cruise, but worried if I do it now, I would lose any opportunity to change it again before the cruise if something important warranted that. Thanks.
  7. We will be driving from Land O Lakes (near Tampa) on a Thursday in November (not Thanksgiving). I remember the horrors of route 4 from past trips to Disney, etc. I see other recommended drives on Google Maps, but wonder if I should just bite the bullet and take the Rt 4 route? Suggestions appreciated.
  8. What options are available for lunch on Embarkation Day other than buffet? (non Yacht Club) Where can we get our lanyard punched?
  9. I downloaded the MS 4 Me app and it is showing "Complimentary Dining" instead of Late Dining which I requested. What does this mean? Also, although the cabin, our names, other information and itinerary are showing correctly, it shows incorrect dates on Page 1 of the app. Shows 3/22 instead of 11/22. Is this just because this app is a bit "quirky"?
  10. I downloaded the MSC for me app and it showed late dining yesterday...Today it changed to complimentary restaurant....???
  11. tbmrt


    I did not see my obc on my msc account for cruise coming up in a few months. Where does this appear? Does the obc show on the TV immediately after getting into your cabin?
  12. Thanks is there any way we could know the theme parties before we board?
  13. Nightly entertainment on 3 night Meraviglia cruise ?...White party..Rock party? Can Houdini be booked before cruise?
  14. Have Fantastica cabin. On past cruises special discounts were offered onboard and also in the weeks before cruising. Is this the case with MSC?
  15. Which beach is best to snorkel at with our own equipment?
  16. Just booked a short 3 night cruise on Meraviglia. Have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers to on the internet, and since I booked using cc points, I cannot easily get responses from their travel agency. Would appreciate your input on the following: 1. Is there a way I could tell if the sofa is by the balcony (standard balcony, deck 10). I saw a video online about 10160 and it showed bed by balcony...However, my TA told me that MSC definitely told her sofa was by balcony. 2. Read that we bring beach towel from our cabin to Ocean Cay. Do we leave wet towels there or must we bring back to ship? 3. No Meet & Mingles yet? 4. Is it possible for ships not to stop at Ocean Cay due to weather? If so, what happens on a short cruise? Thanks!
  17. I cruised with RC a few times, last being in 2021. I seem to remember reading that RC will USUALLY accommodate you to change your cabin if you are assigned an awful guarantee balcony cabin. Is this correct? (I understand that if I book a guarantee it may not be able to be changed so I'd have to take whatever I'm assigned)
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