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  1. Would you please give me the links or info for Sid's and St. Greg's Live reviews?
  2. What time did you head back to port? Traffic getting into port? Read it gets crazy busy.
  3. Loved MSC. Sailed on Divina a few years ago despite the awful reviews and Meraviglia last year. Most of the staff was very helpful, but we did encounter more problems than with most other cruise ship we've sailed on. The attitude was "that's how it is" with no changes. We were shocked that they cancelled the ability to purchase liquor package onboard for 3 night trips on the day of our cruise! This package was promoted before our trip by TA's, online, etc, telling people you could not prebook, but it could be done onboard at a table to the right when you entered the ship. We tried to book at embarkation and were told then about the change. Not even an apology. People were lined up at Guest Services and again, "that's how it is". Our dinnertime was changed to a very late slot without notice. Instead of our preassigned 7:30 time, when we boarded our card said 9:30! We went to maitre d' upon boarding to rectify this and were curtly told no changes. Had to really argue too get this changed. We finally were put at a table right behind the waiting line was in the very front of the restaurant. Not pleasant, but the clincher was the waiter and assistant being very rude, never introducing themselves and service was awful. On the last night they never even came by to say goodbye (and pick up their tip). They cancelled a show that we had to prepay for. We went to guest services to get refund. Told it would be sent to us. After numerous emails and calls, finally got the $ back about 3 mos. later! The bar service in general was not like what we experienced on our numerous cruises on other lines. Example...We went to the Sports Bar in the afternoon. Bartender wiping numerous glasses. No one else there. Sat there for awhile, trying to catch his attention. He totally ignored us until he completely was done wiping numerous glasses. That being said, the food was good, the shows great, the ship gorgeous. I would definitely cruise MSC again because as you note, "No cruise is perfect".
  4. I read somewhere that tax is charged on drinks purchased in Bimini. What % is this?
  5. Where can we find the times the various restaurants and bars are open?
  6. Any problem with this? Thought it might be a better view than looking at the lifeboats from above.
  7. Thanks Walter...Looking forward to seeing what shows they'll come up with!
  8. This morning I read no more NSA...disappointed. Has anyone heard what will be done instead?
  9. Thanks for all the great information. We booked our Scarlet Lady cruise and are really excited bout it.
  10. Don't remember where I read this, but does VV cancel cruises occasionally?
  11. Just booked a Virgin Voyages cruise today....Really hate driving in Miami, but best for us at this time. Should we use Park N Cruise or get a regular hotel rate and park at port? Hotel suggestions appreciated. It's been years since we've cruised out of Miami.
  12. Haven't sailed from Miami in awhile. Just remember the awful traffic! Suggestions for hotel w/parking and transportation to cruiseport appreciated. Or better to stay in hotel and take an Uber to cruiseport? Thanks
  13. I am getting ready to book a cruise on VV Scarlet Lady to Puerto Plata and Bimini. Will get a Sea Terrace balcony cabin. (Not XL or centrally located) Better to book cabin toward the front since most of the activities, restaurants are located there? Other than more rocking, any other problems to watch out for if we do book in front? Would appreciate recommendation to best cabin location. I read that Deck 14 has lots of shade which I do not want. Thanks
  14. I started booking my past cruises directly with the cruiselines because I found it easier to get answers and if needed, action re: price decreases, etc. than having to wait for responses from TA's whom I booked with years ago (especially on weekends). Does anyone here agree with this or do you find it easier to book with your TA? I know you cannot recommend a TA here, but wondering how I should book. I didn't look into the discount percentages and sailors loot yet so that could be a mind changer. Also, I tried looking at some bookings, but see lots of accommodations already sold out. How far in advance do you think I should book my non-holiday, non-spring break, etc Caribbean cruise? Thinking of a balcony, not sure if I should go regular or XL? Getting a "limited" type is scary to me because I don't think I'd like a lifeboat directly in my view. Thanks so much.
  15. We have cruised on most of the mainstream cruiseships and are thinking of trying VV in Caribbean. Would appreciate receiving input from frequent cruisers on how they liked VV Caribbean compared to the usual cruiselines. We are extremely active seniors...Husband is a personal trainer. Thanks!
  16. Still nothing, but my friend finally got a credit back for money from a mixup by MSC that happened about two months before her cruise with us. It was a much more sizable amount than the $24 due me. We didn't have good experiences with our cabin steward, the Maitre D nor our waiter and his assistant. Never had this happen before...Never did get to see our cabin steward even when disembarking to say goodbye/collect his tip. Same with waiter and assistant...Never introduced themselves or came to say goodbye. I think they were all overworked due to limited staff for the large amount of people on our cruise. From reading reviews, things went fine for cruisers on this ship with a lesser amount of people were on it. I'm hoping this situation improves since I loved the ship and the entertainment. We also now know that it is imperative to buy the drink package at the time we book our reservation if we ever rebook a 3 night cruise. Our TA, MSC, and various boards and groups indicated that we could wait to purchase these. So we and many others on our cruise were surprised to be told at embarkation that MSC changed their policy to not permitting drink packages for 3 night cruises to be bought onboard. The charges for drinks, specialty coffee and water really added up.
  17. We did try to get it taken care of on our onboard account, but MSC would not do.
  18. I cruised on the 11/6 cruise from Pt. Canaveral. Had booked Rock Circus on MSC site through my Web checkin ($12 each). Show was cancelled due to technical difficulties. Still no refund on this money. I tried writing MSC Customer Service, but no response. My friend is owed quite a bit of money back from MSC also and it hasn't been received yet. Has called MSC numerous times. Would appreciate info on best way to obtain our refunds from MSC.
  19. Snorkeled on both the right side and left side of Lighthouse Bay recently. Not too many fish, but I thought worth it to bring our own snorkels. There quite a few fish on the left side of Lighthouse Bay out to where the shark net is (not far at all to swim). I read about other snorkel spots, but we did not venture there. Best place I've ever snorkeled was St. Lucia. Totally amazing. Chankanaab was pretty good also.
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