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  1. " I arrived at Bimini island in the Bahamas around 7:30 AM. Everything shuts down on board from 11 to 6 because the crew leaves the ship to serve you at the beach club. " Hope this isn't true because we were planning to spend half a day relaxing onboard.
  2. tbmrt

    Horse Race?

    Thanks...I definitely don't get the 6 people only thing, but whatever.
  3. I watched video on horse race and not sure how this works....Auction for one of 6 horses usually gets really expensive...Do the "spectators" bid on horses or are the people who one a horse the only ones who get to win?
  4. How does bingo work? Usually one card per person? How many games? Cost/Can you use your ship loot?
  5. I like to sit and watch the ocean if it's too cold/hot on the balcony so usually ask for the bed near the bathroom. However, on SL I think having the bed by the balcony would be better since the bed in a Sea Terrace cabin can be converted to a couch Will it be too much of a pain for the cabin steward to change it back and forth daily? Can I do this myself?
  6. How does this first day schedule sound? Too hectic? After boarding go to cabin to choose events, unpack, muster. Then to the Dock for tapas. Next go to sailaway, dinner at 7:30?, Grog Walk and pj party. Or rather than going to dinner, perhaps just relaxing on balcony w/dinner from Ship Eats? Probably schedule will change so I know we'll have to be open, but thinking above plan might be a start. What have you done/intend to do on embarkation day?
  7. I remember having a light sweater and being really cold when the ship was sailing in November and December....Very windy. Wondering if it will be the same way in June?
  8. I like to get up around 5 AM. I know I can get coffee early, but are any muffins or danish available then?
  9. How many people are at a table? Do you get seated at whatever table is open when you enter according to your reservation time or are the seats preassigned? I'm hoping that some of the younger people will groan when they see that they are seated with us! We're older than most of the SL passengers, but very young at heart. Husband is an 80 year old personal trainer!
  10. Since we have to drop our dog off at petsitter and cannot do so until 10:30 AM if we drive straight to Miami the day before our cruise that will put us there about 3:30 on a Thursday. Dread Miami traffic. Should we plan on getting there at 3:30 or leaving Tampa/arriving Miami later? Thinking of staying in a park/cruise hotel but taking Uber instead of free shuttle. I've read that the LaQuinta Inn Miami Airport East is OK. Has anyone done that? Other suggestions appreciated.
  11. I think the PJ Party on the first night of cruise from Miami would be fun, but not sure I can stay awake for it considering traveling to ship, enjoying champagne at sailaway party, dinner and grog walk.... Did you attend or did you intend to go to PJ Party and just couldn't make it?
  12. We have cruised quite a bit, but never in early June from Miami. I remember freezing on deck in the evenings in Nov and early December. Should I prepare for being cold on deck on early June evenings?
  13. First time I've heard of anything except champagne....Do you happen to know other drinks?
  14. We were thinking of dropping bags off early, taking shuttle to Bayside and returning to ship afterward. Read that traffic is absolutely awful coming into the parking lot for VV (Lot G?) and shuttles are often full causing one to wait to return. Thinking taking an Uber is better. Has anyone done this? Any problem getting an Uber from Bayside?
  15. I read something about people not being allowed to bring small scissors on Carnival. Any problems on VV?
  16. Saw something from an April schedule about Sailaway being at the Athletic Club. Do they still have the Happenings crew, music and champagne on pool deck?
  17. If we stay at a hotel near the Miami cruiseport and want to Uber back and forth to the port, how does that work? Have you done this? About how much does an Uber cost from a hotel near Miami cruiseport to port and return trip? I read something about surge pricing and do not understand it. If I take an Uber from the hotel to the cruiseport and get a certain rate (at a non-popular date/time), would it be that much more to take an Uber back to hotel if I need it when all the cruisepassengers disembark? (Is that a surge time?) I wanted to avoid time involved in using hotel shuttle service. If I get a quote on the Uber app, how much higher could it go if the return trip to the airport is at a very busy time?
  18. Read this somewhere...wondering if this is still subject to order a drink/do not pay this fee
  19. In the past we drove to Miami and stayed at a Park and Ride Hotel the day before our cruise departs. Every time it's a complete nightmare trafficwise. Tried flying from Tampa to Miami also and too much waiting around for flights. We are thinking of driving to Naples, staying there overnight and then driving to Miami port after "rush hour" (ha ha). OR Driving to Fort Lauderdale the day before our cruise and taking some type of shuttle to Miami port the next day. Suggestions as to best way to do this appreciated!
  20. Husband is a "dirty martini with just a touch of vermouth and one olive, Kettle One or Stoli guy". Hope he finds a great one onboard SL.
  21. Is there a charge for the Ship Show dinner?
  22. So many choices...We love sailaway party on deck ("champagne"), but also thinking of dinner (wine), grog walk and pj party on first day of cruise. Thinking that's alot for embarkation day. What do you do on embarkation day?
  23. So many choices...We love sailaway party on deck ("champagne"), but also thinking of dinner (wine), grog walk and pj party on first day of cruise. Thinking that's alot for embarkation day. What do you do on embarkation day?
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